Afrikaans Clearspeak Character tests. Locale: af, Style: Verbose.

10๐€bold cap Avetgedruk hoofletter Aclearspeak
11๐bold cap Bvetgedruk hoofletter Bclearspeak
12๐‚bold cap Cvetgedruk hoofletter Cclearspeak
13๐ƒbold cap Dvetgedruk hoofletter Dclearspeak
14๐„bold cap Evetgedruk hoofletter Eclearspeak
15๐…bold cap Fvetgedruk hoofletter Fclearspeak
16๐†bold cap Gvetgedruk hoofletter Gclearspeak
17๐‡bold cap Hvetgedruk hoofletter Hclearspeak
18๐ˆbold cap Ivetgedruk hoofletter Iclearspeak
19๐‰bold cap Jvetgedruk hoofletter Jclearspeak
20๐Šbold cap Kvetgedruk hoofletter Kclearspeak
21๐‹bold cap Lvetgedruk hoofletter Lclearspeak
22๐Œbold cap Mvetgedruk hoofletter Mclearspeak
23๐bold cap Nvetgedruk hoofletter Nclearspeak
24๐Žbold cap Ovetgedruk hoofletter Oclearspeak
25๐bold cap Pvetgedruk hoofletter Pclearspeak
26๐bold cap Qvetgedruk hoofletter Qclearspeak
27๐‘bold cap Rvetgedruk hoofletter Rclearspeak
28๐’bold cap Svetgedruk hoofletter Sclearspeak
29๐“bold cap Tvetgedruk hoofletter Tclearspeak
30๐”bold cap Uvetgedruk hoofletter Uclearspeak
31๐•bold cap Vvetgedruk hoofletter Vclearspeak
32๐–bold cap Wvetgedruk hoofletter Wclearspeak
33๐—bold cap Xvetgedruk hoofletter Xclearspeak
34๐˜bold cap Yvetgedruk hoofletter Yclearspeak
35๐™bold cap Zvetgedruk hoofletter Zclearspeak
36๐šbold avetgedruk aclearspeak
37๐›bold bvetgedruk bclearspeak
38๐œbold cvetgedruk cclearspeak
39๐bold dvetgedruk dclearspeak
40๐žbold evetgedruk eclearspeak
41๐Ÿbold fvetgedruk fclearspeak
42๐ bold gvetgedruk gclearspeak
43๐กbold hvetgedruk hclearspeak
44๐ขbold ivetgedruk iclearspeak
45๐ฃbold jvetgedruk jclearspeak
46๐คbold kvetgedruk kclearspeak
47๐ฅbold lvetgedruk lclearspeak
48๐ฆbold mvetgedruk mclearspeak
49๐งbold nvetgedruk nclearspeak
50๐จbold ovetgedruk oclearspeak
51๐ฉbold pvetgedruk pclearspeak
52๐ชbold qvetgedruk qclearspeak
53๐ซbold rvetgedruk rclearspeak
54๐ฌbold svetgedruk sclearspeak
55๐ญbold tvetgedruk tclearspeak
56๐ฎbold uvetgedruk uclearspeak
57๐ฏbold vvetgedruk vclearspeak
58๐ฐbold wvetgedruk wclearspeak
59๐ฑbold xvetgedruk xclearspeak
60๐ฒbold yvetgedruk yclearspeak
61๐ณbold zvetgedruk zclearspeak
62๐•ฌbold fraktur cap Avetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Aclearspeak
63๐•ญbold fraktur cap Bvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Bclearspeak
64๐•ฎbold fraktur cap Cvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Cclearspeak
65๐•ฏbold fraktur cap Dvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Dclearspeak
66๐•ฐbold fraktur cap Evetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Eclearspeak
67๐•ฑbold fraktur cap Fvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Fclearspeak
68๐•ฒbold fraktur cap Gvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Gclearspeak
69๐•ณbold fraktur cap Hvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Hclearspeak
70๐•ดbold fraktur cap Ivetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Iclearspeak
71๐•ตbold fraktur cap Jvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Jclearspeak
72๐•ถbold fraktur cap Kvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Kclearspeak
73๐•ทbold fraktur cap Lvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Lclearspeak
74๐•ธbold fraktur cap Mvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Mclearspeak
75๐•นbold fraktur cap Nvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Nclearspeak
76๐•บbold fraktur cap Ovetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Oclearspeak
77๐•ปbold fraktur cap Pvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Pclearspeak
78๐•ผbold fraktur cap Qvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Qclearspeak
79๐•ฝbold fraktur cap Rvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Rclearspeak
80๐•พbold fraktur cap Svetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Sclearspeak
81๐•ฟbold fraktur cap Tvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Tclearspeak
82๐–€bold fraktur cap Uvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Uclearspeak
83๐–bold fraktur cap Vvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Vclearspeak
84๐–‚bold fraktur cap Wvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Wclearspeak
85๐–ƒbold fraktur cap Xvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Xclearspeak
86๐–„bold fraktur cap Yvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Yclearspeak
87๐–…bold fraktur cap Zvetgedruk fraktur hoofletter Zclearspeak
88๐–†bold fraktur avetgedruk fraktur aclearspeak
89๐–‡bold fraktur bvetgedruk fraktur bclearspeak
90๐–ˆbold fraktur cvetgedruk fraktur cclearspeak
91๐–‰bold fraktur dvetgedruk fraktur dclearspeak
92๐–Šbold fraktur evetgedruk fraktur eclearspeak
93๐–‹bold fraktur fvetgedruk fraktur fclearspeak
94๐–Œbold fraktur gvetgedruk fraktur gclearspeak
95๐–bold fraktur hvetgedruk fraktur hclearspeak
96๐–Žbold fraktur ivetgedruk fraktur iclearspeak
97๐–bold fraktur jvetgedruk fraktur jclearspeak
98๐–bold fraktur kvetgedruk fraktur kclearspeak
99๐–‘bold fraktur lvetgedruk fraktur lclearspeak
100๐–’bold fraktur mvetgedruk fraktur mclearspeak
101๐–“bold fraktur nvetgedruk fraktur nclearspeak
102๐–”bold fraktur ovetgedruk fraktur oclearspeak
103๐–•bold fraktur pvetgedruk fraktur pclearspeak
104๐––bold fraktur qvetgedruk fraktur qclearspeak
105๐–—bold fraktur rvetgedruk fraktur rclearspeak
106๐–˜bold fraktur svetgedruk fraktur sclearspeak
107๐–™bold fraktur tvetgedruk fraktur tclearspeak
108๐–šbold fraktur uvetgedruk fraktur uclearspeak
109๐–›bold fraktur vvetgedruk fraktur vclearspeak
110๐–œbold fraktur wvetgedruk fraktur wclearspeak
111๐–bold fraktur xvetgedruk fraktur xclearspeak
112๐–žbold fraktur yvetgedruk fraktur yclearspeak
113๐–Ÿbold fraktur zvetgedruk fraktur zclearspeak
114๐‘จbold italic cap Avetgedruk kursief hoofletter Aclearspeak
115๐‘ฉbold italic cap Bvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Bclearspeak
116๐‘ชbold italic cap Cvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Cclearspeak
117๐‘ซbold italic cap Dvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Dclearspeak
118๐‘ฌbold italic cap Evetgedruk kursief hoofletter Eclearspeak
119๐‘ญbold italic cap Fvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Fclearspeak
120๐‘ฎbold italic cap Gvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Gclearspeak
121๐‘ฏbold italic cap Hvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Hclearspeak
122๐‘ฐbold italic cap Ivetgedruk kursief hoofletter Iclearspeak
123๐‘ฑbold italic cap Jvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Jclearspeak
124๐‘ฒbold italic cap Kvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Kclearspeak
125๐‘ณbold italic cap Lvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Lclearspeak
126๐‘ดbold italic cap Mvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Mclearspeak
127๐‘ตbold italic cap Nvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Nclearspeak
128๐‘ถbold italic cap Ovetgedruk kursief hoofletter Oclearspeak
129๐‘ทbold italic cap Pvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Pclearspeak
130๐‘ธbold italic cap Qvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Qclearspeak
131๐‘นbold italic cap Rvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Rclearspeak
132๐‘บbold italic cap Svetgedruk kursief hoofletter Sclearspeak
133๐‘ปbold italic cap Tvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Tclearspeak
134๐‘ผbold italic cap Uvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Uclearspeak
135๐‘ฝbold italic cap Vvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Vclearspeak
136๐‘พbold italic cap Wvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Wclearspeak
137๐‘ฟbold italic cap Xvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Xclearspeak
138๐’€bold italic cap Yvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Yclearspeak
139๐’bold italic cap Zvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Zclearspeak
140๐’‚bold italic avetgedruk kursief aclearspeak
141๐’ƒbold italic bvetgedruk kursief bclearspeak
142๐’„bold italic cvetgedruk kursief cclearspeak
143๐’…bold italic dvetgedruk kursief dclearspeak
144๐’†bold italic evetgedruk kursief eclearspeak
145๐’‡bold italic fvetgedruk kursief fclearspeak
146๐’ˆbold italic gvetgedruk kursief gclearspeak
147๐’‰bold italic hvetgedruk kursief hclearspeak
148๐’Šbold italic ivetgedruk kursief iclearspeak
149๐’‹bold italic jvetgedruk kursief jclearspeak
150๐’Œbold italic kvetgedruk kursief kclearspeak
151๐’bold italic lvetgedruk kursief lclearspeak
152๐’Žbold italic mvetgedruk kursief mclearspeak
153๐’bold italic nvetgedruk kursief nclearspeak
154๐’bold italic ovetgedruk kursief oclearspeak
155๐’‘bold italic pvetgedruk kursief pclearspeak
156๐’’bold italic qvetgedruk kursief qclearspeak
157๐’“bold italic rvetgedruk kursief rclearspeak
158๐’”bold italic svetgedruk kursief sclearspeak
159๐’•bold italic tvetgedruk kursief tclearspeak
160๐’–bold italic uvetgedruk kursief uclearspeak
161๐’—bold italic vvetgedruk kursief vclearspeak
162๐’˜bold italic wvetgedruk kursief wclearspeak
163๐’™bold italic xvetgedruk kursief xclearspeak
164๐’šbold italic yvetgedruk kursief yclearspeak
165๐’›bold italic zvetgedruk kursief zclearspeak
166๐“bold script cap Avetgedruk skrif hoofletter Aclearspeak
167๐“‘bold script cap Bvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Bclearspeak
168๐“’bold script cap Cvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Cclearspeak
169๐““bold script cap Dvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Dclearspeak
170๐“”bold script cap Evetgedruk skrif hoofletter Eclearspeak
171๐“•bold script cap Fvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Fclearspeak
172๐“–bold script cap Gvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Gclearspeak
173๐“—bold script cap Hvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Hclearspeak
174๐“˜bold script cap Ivetgedruk skrif hoofletter Iclearspeak
175๐“™bold script cap Jvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Jclearspeak
176๐“šbold script cap Kvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Kclearspeak
177๐“›bold script cap Lvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Lclearspeak
178๐“œbold script cap Mvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Mclearspeak
179๐“bold script cap Nvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Nclearspeak
180๐“žbold script cap Ovetgedruk skrif hoofletter Oclearspeak
181๐“Ÿbold script cap Pvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Pclearspeak
182๐“ bold script cap Qvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Qclearspeak
183๐“กbold script cap Rvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Rclearspeak
184๐“ขbold script cap Svetgedruk skrif hoofletter Sclearspeak
185๐“ฃbold script cap Tvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Tclearspeak
186๐“คbold script cap Uvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Uclearspeak
187๐“ฅbold script cap Vvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Vclearspeak
188๐“ฆbold script cap Wvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Wclearspeak
189๐“งbold script cap Xvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Xclearspeak
190๐“จbold script cap Yvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Yclearspeak
191๐“ฉbold script cap Zvetgedruk skrif hoofletter Zclearspeak
192๐“ชbold script avetgedruk skrif aclearspeak
193๐“ซbold script bvetgedruk skrif bclearspeak
194๐“ฌbold script cvetgedruk skrif cclearspeak
195๐“ญbold script dvetgedruk skrif dclearspeak
196๐“ฎbold script evetgedruk skrif eclearspeak
197๐“ฏbold script fvetgedruk skrif fclearspeak
198๐“ฐbold script gvetgedruk skrif gclearspeak
199๐“ฑbold script hvetgedruk skrif hclearspeak
200๐“ฒbold script ivetgedruk skrif iclearspeak
201๐“ณbold script jvetgedruk skrif jclearspeak
202๐“ดbold script kvetgedruk skrif kclearspeak
203๐“ตbold script lvetgedruk skrif lclearspeak
204๐“ถbold script mvetgedruk skrif mclearspeak
205๐“ทbold script nvetgedruk skrif nclearspeak
206๐“ธbold script ovetgedruk skrif oclearspeak
207๐“นbold script pvetgedruk skrif pclearspeak
208๐“บbold script qvetgedruk skrif qclearspeak
209๐“ปbold script rvetgedruk skrif rclearspeak
210๐“ผbold script svetgedruk skrif sclearspeak
211๐“ฝbold script tvetgedruk skrif tclearspeak
212๐“พbold script uvetgedruk skrif uclearspeak
213๐“ฟbold script vvetgedruk skrif vclearspeak
214๐”€bold script wvetgedruk skrif wclearspeak
215๐”bold script xvetgedruk skrif xclearspeak
216๐”‚bold script yvetgedruk skrif yclearspeak
217๐”ƒbold script zvetgedruk skrif zclearspeak
218๐”ธdouble struck cap Ahoofletter A dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
219๐”นdouble struck cap Bhoofletter B dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
220โ„‚double struck cap Choofletter C dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
221๐”ปdouble struck cap Dhoofletter D dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
222๐”ผdouble struck cap Ehoofletter E dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
223๐”ฝdouble struck cap Fhoofletter F dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
224๐”พdouble struck cap Ghoofletter G dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
225โ„double struck cap Hhoofletter H dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
226๐•€double struck cap Ihoofletter I dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
227๐•double struck cap Jhoofletter J dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
228๐•‚double struck cap Khoofletter K dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
229๐•ƒdouble struck cap Lhoofletter L dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
230๐•„double struck cap Mhoofletter M dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
231โ„•double struck cap Nhoofletter N dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
232๐•†double struck cap Ohoofletter O dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
233โ„™double struck cap Phoofletter P dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
234โ„šdouble struck cap Qhoofletter Q dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
235โ„double struck cap Rhoofletter R dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
236๐•Šdouble struck cap Shoofletter S dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
237๐•‹double struck cap Thoofletter T dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
238๐•Œdouble struck cap Uhoofletter U dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
239๐•double struck cap Vhoofletter V dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
240๐•Ždouble struck cap Whoofletter W dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
241๐•double struck cap Xhoofletter X dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
242๐•double struck cap Yhoofletter Y dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
243โ„คdouble struck cap Zhoofletter Z dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
244๐•’double struck aa dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
245๐•“double struck bb dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
246๐•”double struck cc dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
247๐••double struck dd dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
248๐•–double struck ee dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
249๐•—double struck ff dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
250๐•˜double struck gg dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
251๐•™double struck hh dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
252๐•šdouble struck ii dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
253๐•›double struck jj dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
254๐•œdouble struck kk dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
255๐•double struck ll dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
256๐•ždouble struck mm dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
257๐•Ÿdouble struck nn dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
258๐• double struck oo dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
259๐•กdouble struck pp dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
260๐•ขdouble struck qq dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
261๐•ฃdouble struck rr dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
262๐•คdouble struck ss dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
263๐•ฅdouble struck tt dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
264๐•ฆdouble struck uu dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
265๐•งdouble struck vv dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
266๐•จdouble struck ww dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
267๐•ฉdouble struck xx dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
268๐•ชdouble struck yy dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
269๐•ซdouble struck zz dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
270๐”„fraktur cap Afraktur hoofletter Aclearspeak
271๐”…fraktur cap Bfraktur hoofletter Bclearspeak
272โ„ญfraktur cap Cfraktur hoofletter Cclearspeak
273๐”‡fraktur cap Dfraktur hoofletter Dclearspeak
274๐”ˆfraktur cap Efraktur hoofletter Eclearspeak
275๐”‰fraktur cap Ffraktur hoofletter Fclearspeak
276๐”Šfraktur cap Gfraktur hoofletter Gclearspeak
277โ„Œfraktur cap Hfraktur hoofletter Hclearspeak
278โ„‘fraktur cap Ifraktur hoofletter Iclearspeak
279๐”fraktur cap Jfraktur hoofletter Jclearspeak
280๐”Žfraktur cap Kfraktur hoofletter Kclearspeak
281๐”fraktur cap Lfraktur hoofletter Lclearspeak
282๐”fraktur cap Mfraktur hoofletter Mclearspeak
283๐”‘fraktur cap Nfraktur hoofletter Nclearspeak
284๐”’fraktur cap Ofraktur hoofletter Oclearspeak
285๐”“fraktur cap Pfraktur hoofletter Pclearspeak
286๐””fraktur cap Qfraktur hoofletter Qclearspeak
287โ„œfraktur cap Rfraktur hoofletter Rclearspeak
288๐”–fraktur cap Sfraktur hoofletter Sclearspeak
289๐”—fraktur cap Tfraktur hoofletter Tclearspeak
290๐”˜fraktur cap Ufraktur hoofletter Uclearspeak
291๐”™fraktur cap Vfraktur hoofletter Vclearspeak
292๐”šfraktur cap Wfraktur hoofletter Wclearspeak
293๐”›fraktur cap Xfraktur hoofletter Xclearspeak
294๐”œfraktur cap Yfraktur hoofletter Yclearspeak
295โ„จfraktur cap Zfraktur hoofletter Zclearspeak
296๐”žfraktur afraktur aclearspeak
297๐”Ÿfraktur bfraktur bclearspeak
298๐” fraktur cfraktur cclearspeak
299๐”กfraktur dfraktur dclearspeak
300๐”ขfraktur efraktur eclearspeak
301๐”ฃfraktur ffraktur fclearspeak
302๐”คfraktur gfraktur gclearspeak
303๐”ฅfraktur hfraktur hclearspeak
304๐”ฆfraktur ifraktur iclearspeak
305๐”งfraktur jfraktur jclearspeak
306๐”จfraktur kfraktur kclearspeak
307๐”ฉfraktur lfraktur lclearspeak
308๐”ชfraktur mfraktur mclearspeak
309๐”ซfraktur nfraktur nclearspeak
310๐”ฌfraktur ofraktur oclearspeak
311๐”ญfraktur pfraktur pclearspeak
312๐”ฎfraktur qfraktur qclearspeak
313๐”ฏfraktur rfraktur rclearspeak
314๐”ฐfraktur sfraktur sclearspeak
315๐”ฑfraktur tfraktur tclearspeak
316๐”ฒfraktur ufraktur uclearspeak
317๐”ณfraktur vfraktur vclearspeak
318๐”ดfraktur wfraktur wclearspeak
319๐”ตfraktur xfraktur xclearspeak
320๐”ถfraktur yfraktur yclearspeak
321๐”ทfraktur zfraktur zclearspeak
322๏ผกcap Ahoofletter Aclearspeak
323๏ผขcap Bhoofletter Bclearspeak
324๏ผฃcap Choofletter Cclearspeak
325๏ผคcap Dhoofletter Dclearspeak
326๏ผฅcap Ehoofletter Eclearspeak
327๏ผฆcap Fhoofletter Fclearspeak
328๏ผงcap Ghoofletter Gclearspeak
329๏ผจcap Hhoofletter Hclearspeak
330๏ผฉcap Ihoofletter Iclearspeak
331๏ผชcap Jhoofletter Jclearspeak
332๏ผซcap Khoofletter Kclearspeak
333๏ผฌcap Lhoofletter Lclearspeak
334๏ผญcap Mhoofletter Mclearspeak
335๏ผฎcap Nhoofletter Nclearspeak
336๏ผฏcap Ohoofletter Oclearspeak
337๏ผฐcap Phoofletter Pclearspeak
338๏ผฑcap Qhoofletter Qclearspeak
339๏ผฒcap Rhoofletter Rclearspeak
340๏ผณcap Shoofletter Sclearspeak
341๏ผดcap Thoofletter Tclearspeak
342๏ผตcap Uhoofletter Uclearspeak
343๏ผถcap Vhoofletter Vclearspeak
344๏ผทcap Whoofletter Wclearspeak
345๏ผธcap Xhoofletter Xclearspeak
346๏ผนcap Yhoofletter Yclearspeak
347๏ผบcap Zhoofletter Zclearspeak
374๐ดitalic cap Akursief hoofletter Aclearspeak
375๐ตitalic cap Bkursief hoofletter Bclearspeak
376๐ถitalic cap Ckursief hoofletter Cclearspeak
377๐ทitalic cap Dkursief hoofletter Dclearspeak
378๐ธitalic cap Ekursief hoofletter Eclearspeak
379๐นitalic cap Fkursief hoofletter Fclearspeak
380๐บitalic cap Gkursief hoofletter Gclearspeak
381๐ปitalic cap Hkursief hoofletter Hclearspeak
382๐ผitalic cap Ikursief hoofletter Iclearspeak
383๐ฝitalic cap Jkursief hoofletter Jclearspeak
384๐พitalic cap Kkursief hoofletter Kclearspeak
385๐ฟitalic cap Lkursief hoofletter Lclearspeak
386๐‘€italic cap Mkursief hoofletter Mclearspeak
387๐‘italic cap Nkursief hoofletter Nclearspeak
388๐‘‚italic cap Okursief hoofletter Oclearspeak
389๐‘ƒitalic cap Pkursief hoofletter Pclearspeak
390๐‘„italic cap Qkursief hoofletter Qclearspeak
391๐‘…italic cap Rkursief hoofletter Rclearspeak
392๐‘†italic cap Skursief hoofletter Sclearspeak
393๐‘‡italic cap Tkursief hoofletter Tclearspeak
394๐‘ˆitalic cap Ukursief hoofletter Uclearspeak
395๐‘‰italic cap Vkursief hoofletter Vclearspeak
396๐‘Šitalic cap Wkursief hoofletter Wclearspeak
397๐‘‹italic cap Xkursief hoofletter Xclearspeak
398๐‘Œitalic cap Ykursief hoofletter Yclearspeak
399๐‘italic cap Zkursief hoofletter Zclearspeak
400๐‘Žitalic akursief aclearspeak
401๐‘italic bkursief bclearspeak
402๐‘italic ckursief cclearspeak
403๐‘‘italic dkursief dclearspeak
404๐‘’italic ekursief eclearspeak
405๐‘“italic fkursief fclearspeak
406๐‘”italic gkursief gclearspeak
407โ„Žitalic hkursief hclearspeak
408๐‘–italic ikursief iclearspeak
409๐‘—italic jkursief jclearspeak
410๐‘˜italic kkursief kclearspeak
411๐‘™italic lkursief lclearspeak
412๐‘šitalic mkursief mclearspeak
413๐‘›italic nkursief nclearspeak
414๐‘œitalic okursief oclearspeak
415๐‘italic pkursief pclearspeak
416๐‘žitalic qkursief qclearspeak
417๐‘Ÿitalic rkursief rclearspeak
418๐‘ italic skursief sclearspeak
419๐‘กitalic tkursief tclearspeak
420๐‘ขitalic ukursief uclearspeak
421๐‘ฃitalic vkursief vclearspeak
422๐‘คitalic wkursief wclearspeak
423๐‘ฅitalic xkursief xclearspeak
424๐‘ฆitalic ykursief yclearspeak
425๐‘งitalic zkursief zclearspeak
426๐™ฐmonospace cap Amonospasie hoofletter Aclearspeak
427๐™ฑmonospace cap Bmonospasie hoofletter Bclearspeak
428๐™ฒmonospace cap Cmonospasie hoofletter Cclearspeak
429๐™ณmonospace cap Dmonospasie hoofletter Dclearspeak
430๐™ดmonospace cap Emonospasie hoofletter Eclearspeak
431๐™ตmonospace cap Fmonospasie hoofletter Fclearspeak
432๐™ถmonospace cap Gmonospasie hoofletter Gclearspeak
433๐™ทmonospace cap Hmonospasie hoofletter Hclearspeak
434๐™ธmonospace cap Imonospasie hoofletter Iclearspeak
435๐™นmonospace cap Jmonospasie hoofletter Jclearspeak
436๐™บmonospace cap Kmonospasie hoofletter Kclearspeak
437๐™ปmonospace cap Lmonospasie hoofletter Lclearspeak
438๐™ผmonospace cap Mmonospasie hoofletter Mclearspeak
439๐™ฝmonospace cap Nmonospasie hoofletter Nclearspeak
440๐™พmonospace cap Omonospasie hoofletter Oclearspeak
441๐™ฟmonospace cap Pmonospasie hoofletter Pclearspeak
442๐š€monospace cap Qmonospasie hoofletter Qclearspeak
443๐šmonospace cap Rmonospasie hoofletter Rclearspeak
444๐š‚monospace cap Smonospasie hoofletter Sclearspeak
445๐šƒmonospace cap Tmonospasie hoofletter Tclearspeak
446๐š„monospace cap Umonospasie hoofletter Uclearspeak
447๐š…monospace cap Vmonospasie hoofletter Vclearspeak
448๐š†monospace cap Wmonospasie hoofletter Wclearspeak
449๐š‡monospace cap Xmonospasie hoofletter Xclearspeak
450๐šˆmonospace cap Ymonospasie hoofletter Yclearspeak
451๐š‰monospace cap Zmonospasie hoofletter Zclearspeak
452๐šŠmonospace amonospasie aclearspeak
453๐š‹monospace bmonospasie bclearspeak
454๐šŒmonospace cmonospasie cclearspeak
455๐šmonospace dmonospasie dclearspeak
456๐šŽmonospace emonospasie eclearspeak
457๐šmonospace fmonospasie fclearspeak
458๐šmonospace gmonospasie gclearspeak
459๐š‘monospace hmonospasie hclearspeak
460๐š’monospace imonospasie iclearspeak
461๐š“monospace jmonospasie jclearspeak
462๐š”monospace kmonospasie kclearspeak
463๐š•monospace lmonospasie lclearspeak
464๐š–monospace mmonospasie mclearspeak
465๐š—monospace nmonospasie nclearspeak
466๐š˜monospace omonospasie oclearspeak
467๐š™monospace pmonospasie pclearspeak
468๐ššmonospace qmonospasie qclearspeak
469๐š›monospace rmonospasie rclearspeak
470๐šœmonospace smonospasie sclearspeak
471๐šmonospace tmonospasie tclearspeak
472๐šžmonospace umonospasie uclearspeak
473๐šŸmonospace vmonospasie vclearspeak
474๐š monospace wmonospasie wclearspeak
475๐šกmonospace xmonospasie xclearspeak
476๐šขmonospace ymonospasie yclearspeak
477๐šฃmonospace zmonospasie zclearspeak
478Acap Ahoofletter Aclearspeak
479Bcap Bhoofletter Bclearspeak
480Ccap Choofletter Cclearspeak
481Dcap Dhoofletter Dclearspeak
482Ecap Ehoofletter Eclearspeak
483Fcap Fhoofletter Fclearspeak
484Gcap Ghoofletter Gclearspeak
485Hcap Hhoofletter Hclearspeak
486Icap Ihoofletter Iclearspeak
487Jcap Jhoofletter Jclearspeak
488Kcap Khoofletter Kclearspeak
489Lcap Lhoofletter Lclearspeak
490Mcap Mhoofletter Mclearspeak
491Ncap Nhoofletter Nclearspeak
492Ocap Ohoofletter Oclearspeak
493Pcap Phoofletter Pclearspeak
494Qcap Qhoofletter Qclearspeak
495Rcap Rhoofletter Rclearspeak
496Scap Shoofletter Sclearspeak
497Tcap Thoofletter Tclearspeak
498Ucap Uhoofletter Uclearspeak
499Vcap Vhoofletter Vclearspeak
500Wcap Whoofletter Wclearspeak
501Xcap Xhoofletter Xclearspeak
502Ycap Yhoofletter Yclearspeak
503Zcap Zhoofletter Zclearspeak
530๐’œscript cap Askrif hoofletter Aclearspeak
531โ„ฌscript cap Bskrif hoofletter Bclearspeak
532๐’žscript cap Cskrif hoofletter Cclearspeak
533๐’Ÿscript cap Dskrif hoofletter Dclearspeak
534โ„ฐscript cap Eskrif hoofletter Eclearspeak
535โ„ฑscript cap Fskrif hoofletter Fclearspeak
536๐’ขscript cap Gskrif hoofletter Gclearspeak
537โ„‹script cap Hskrif hoofletter Hclearspeak
538โ„script cap Iskrif hoofletter Iclearspeak
539๐’ฅscript cap Jskrif hoofletter Jclearspeak
540๐’ฆscript cap Kskrif hoofletter Kclearspeak
541โ„’script cap Lskrif hoofletter Lclearspeak
542โ„ณscript cap Mskrif hoofletter Mclearspeak
543๐’ฉscript cap Nskrif hoofletter Nclearspeak
544๐’ชscript cap Oskrif hoofletter Oclearspeak
545๐’ซscript cap Pskrif hoofletter Pclearspeak
546๐’ฌscript cap Qskrif hoofletter Qclearspeak
547โ„›script cap Rskrif hoofletter Rclearspeak
548๐’ฎscript cap Sskrif hoofletter Sclearspeak
549๐’ฏscript cap Tskrif hoofletter Tclearspeak
550๐’ฐscript cap Uskrif hoofletter Uclearspeak
551๐’ฑscript cap Vskrif hoofletter Vclearspeak
552๐’ฒscript cap Wskrif hoofletter Wclearspeak
553๐’ณscript cap Xskrif hoofletter Xclearspeak
554๐’ดscript cap Yskrif hoofletter Yclearspeak
555๐’ตscript cap Zskrif hoofletter Zclearspeak
556๐’ถscript askrif aclearspeak
557๐’ทscript bskrif bclearspeak
558๐’ธscript cskrif cclearspeak
559๐’นscript dskrif dclearspeak
560โ„ฏscript eskrif eclearspeak
561๐’ปscript fskrif fclearspeak
562โ„Šscript gskrif gclearspeak
563๐’ฝscript hskrif hclearspeak
564๐’พscript iskrif iclearspeak
565๐’ฟscript jskrif jclearspeak
566๐“€script kskrif kclearspeak
567๐“script lskrif lclearspeak
568๐“‚script mskrif mclearspeak
569๐“ƒscript nskrif nclearspeak
570โ„ดscript oskrif oclearspeak
571๐“…script pskrif pclearspeak
572๐“†script qskrif qclearspeak
573๐“‡script rskrif rclearspeak
574๐“ˆscript sskrif sclearspeak
575๐“‰script tskrif tclearspeak
576๐“Šscript uskrif uclearspeak
577๐“‹script vskrif vclearspeak
578๐“Œscript wskrif wclearspeak
579๐“script xskrif xclearspeak
580๐“Žscript yskrif yclearspeak
581๐“script zskrif zclearspeak
582๐– sans serif cap Asans serif hoofletter Aclearspeak
583๐–กsans serif cap Bsans serif hoofletter Bclearspeak
584๐–ขsans serif cap Csans serif hoofletter Cclearspeak
585๐–ฃsans serif cap Dsans serif hoofletter Dclearspeak
586๐–คsans serif cap Esans serif hoofletter Eclearspeak
587๐–ฅsans serif cap Fsans serif hoofletter Fclearspeak
588๐–ฆsans serif cap Gsans serif hoofletter Gclearspeak
589๐–งsans serif cap Hsans serif hoofletter Hclearspeak
590๐–จsans serif cap Isans serif hoofletter Iclearspeak
591๐–ฉsans serif cap Jsans serif hoofletter Jclearspeak
592๐–ชsans serif cap Ksans serif hoofletter Kclearspeak
593๐–ซsans serif cap Lsans serif hoofletter Lclearspeak
594๐–ฌsans serif cap Msans serif hoofletter Mclearspeak
595๐–ญsans serif cap Nsans serif hoofletter Nclearspeak
596๐–ฎsans serif cap Osans serif hoofletter Oclearspeak
597๐–ฏsans serif cap Psans serif hoofletter Pclearspeak
598๐–ฐsans serif cap Qsans serif hoofletter Qclearspeak
599๐–ฑsans serif cap Rsans serif hoofletter Rclearspeak
600๐–ฒsans serif cap Ssans serif hoofletter Sclearspeak
601๐–ณsans serif cap Tsans serif hoofletter Tclearspeak
602๐–ดsans serif cap Usans serif hoofletter Uclearspeak
603๐–ตsans serif cap Vsans serif hoofletter Vclearspeak
604๐–ถsans serif cap Wsans serif hoofletter Wclearspeak
605๐–ทsans serif cap Xsans serif hoofletter Xclearspeak
606๐–ธsans serif cap Ysans serif hoofletter Yclearspeak
607๐–นsans serif cap Zsans serif hoofletter Zclearspeak
608๐–บsans serif asans serif aclearspeak
609๐–ปsans serif bsans serif bclearspeak
610๐–ผsans serif csans serif cclearspeak
611๐–ฝsans serif dsans serif dclearspeak
612๐–พsans serif esans serif eclearspeak
613๐–ฟsans serif fsans serif fclearspeak
614๐—€sans serif gsans serif gclearspeak
615๐—sans serif hsans serif hclearspeak
616๐—‚sans serif isans serif iclearspeak
617๐—ƒsans serif jsans serif jclearspeak
618๐—„sans serif ksans serif kclearspeak
619๐—…sans serif lsans serif lclearspeak
620๐—†sans serif msans serif mclearspeak
621๐—‡sans serif nsans serif nclearspeak
622๐—ˆsans serif osans serif oclearspeak
623๐—‰sans serif psans serif pclearspeak
624๐—Šsans serif qsans serif qclearspeak
625๐—‹sans serif rsans serif rclearspeak
626๐—Œsans serif ssans serif sclearspeak
627๐—sans serif tsans serif tclearspeak
628๐—Žsans serif usans serif uclearspeak
629๐—sans serif vsans serif vclearspeak
630๐—sans serif wsans serif wclearspeak
631๐—‘sans serif xsans serif xclearspeak
632๐—’sans serif ysans serif yclearspeak
633๐—“sans serif zsans serif zclearspeak
634๐˜ˆsans serif italic cap Asans serif kursief hoofletter Aclearspeak
635๐˜‰sans serif italic cap Bsans serif kursief hoofletter Bclearspeak
636๐˜Šsans serif italic cap Csans serif kursief hoofletter Cclearspeak
637๐˜‹sans serif italic cap Dsans serif kursief hoofletter Dclearspeak
638๐˜Œsans serif italic cap Esans serif kursief hoofletter Eclearspeak
639๐˜sans serif italic cap Fsans serif kursief hoofletter Fclearspeak
640๐˜Žsans serif italic cap Gsans serif kursief hoofletter Gclearspeak
641๐˜sans serif italic cap Hsans serif kursief hoofletter Hclearspeak
642๐˜sans serif italic cap Isans serif kursief hoofletter Iclearspeak
643๐˜‘sans serif italic cap Jsans serif kursief hoofletter Jclearspeak
644๐˜’sans serif italic cap Ksans serif kursief hoofletter Kclearspeak
645๐˜“sans serif italic cap Lsans serif kursief hoofletter Lclearspeak
646๐˜”sans serif italic cap Msans serif kursief hoofletter Mclearspeak
647๐˜•sans serif italic cap Nsans serif kursief hoofletter Nclearspeak
648๐˜–sans serif italic cap Osans serif kursief hoofletter Oclearspeak
649๐˜—sans serif italic cap Psans serif kursief hoofletter Pclearspeak
650๐˜˜sans serif italic cap Qsans serif kursief hoofletter Qclearspeak
651๐˜™sans serif italic cap Rsans serif kursief hoofletter Rclearspeak
652๐˜šsans serif italic cap Ssans serif kursief hoofletter Sclearspeak
653๐˜›sans serif italic cap Tsans serif kursief hoofletter Tclearspeak
654๐˜œsans serif italic cap Usans serif kursief hoofletter Uclearspeak
655๐˜sans serif italic cap Vsans serif kursief hoofletter Vclearspeak
656๐˜žsans serif italic cap Wsans serif kursief hoofletter Wclearspeak
657๐˜Ÿsans serif italic cap Xsans serif kursief hoofletter Xclearspeak
658๐˜ sans serif italic cap Ysans serif kursief hoofletter Yclearspeak
659๐˜กsans serif italic cap Zsans serif kursief hoofletter Zclearspeak
660๐˜ขsans serif italic asans serif kursief aclearspeak
661๐˜ฃsans serif italic bsans serif kursief bclearspeak
662๐˜คsans serif italic csans serif kursief cclearspeak
663๐˜ฅsans serif italic dsans serif kursief dclearspeak
664๐˜ฆsans serif italic esans serif kursief eclearspeak
665๐˜งsans serif italic fsans serif kursief fclearspeak
666๐˜จsans serif italic gsans serif kursief gclearspeak
667๐˜ฉsans serif italic hsans serif kursief hclearspeak
668๐˜ชsans serif italic isans serif kursief iclearspeak
669๐˜ซsans serif italic jsans serif kursief jclearspeak
670๐˜ฌsans serif italic ksans serif kursief kclearspeak
671๐˜ญsans serif italic lsans serif kursief lclearspeak
672๐˜ฎsans serif italic msans serif kursief mclearspeak
673๐˜ฏsans serif italic nsans serif kursief nclearspeak
674๐˜ฐsans serif italic osans serif kursief oclearspeak
675๐˜ฑsans serif italic psans serif kursief pclearspeak
676๐˜ฒsans serif italic qsans serif kursief qclearspeak
677๐˜ณsans serif italic rsans serif kursief rclearspeak
678๐˜ดsans serif italic ssans serif kursief sclearspeak
679๐˜ตsans serif italic tsans serif kursief tclearspeak
680๐˜ถsans serif italic usans serif kursief uclearspeak
681๐˜ทsans serif italic vsans serif kursief vclearspeak
682๐˜ธsans serif italic wsans serif kursief wclearspeak
683๐˜นsans serif italic xsans serif kursief xclearspeak
684๐˜บsans serif italic ysans serif kursief yclearspeak
685๐˜ปsans serif italic zsans serif kursief zclearspeak
686๐—”sans serif bold cap Asans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Aclearspeak
687๐—•sans serif bold cap Bsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Bclearspeak
688๐—–sans serif bold cap Csans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Cclearspeak
689๐——sans serif bold cap Dsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Dclearspeak
690๐—˜sans serif bold cap Esans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Eclearspeak
691๐—™sans serif bold cap Fsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Fclearspeak
692๐—šsans serif bold cap Gsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Gclearspeak
693๐—›sans serif bold cap Hsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Hclearspeak
694๐—œsans serif bold cap Isans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Iclearspeak
695๐—sans serif bold cap Jsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Jclearspeak
696๐—žsans serif bold cap Ksans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Kclearspeak
697๐—Ÿsans serif bold cap Lsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Lclearspeak
698๐— sans serif bold cap Msans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Mclearspeak
699๐—กsans serif bold cap Nsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Nclearspeak
700๐—ขsans serif bold cap Osans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Oclearspeak
701๐—ฃsans serif bold cap Psans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Pclearspeak
702๐—คsans serif bold cap Qsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Qclearspeak
703๐—ฅsans serif bold cap Rsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Rclearspeak
704๐—ฆsans serif bold cap Ssans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Sclearspeak
705๐—งsans serif bold cap Tsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Tclearspeak
706๐—จsans serif bold cap Usans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Uclearspeak
707๐—ฉsans serif bold cap Vsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Vclearspeak
708๐—ชsans serif bold cap Wsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Wclearspeak
709๐—ซsans serif bold cap Xsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Xclearspeak
710๐—ฌsans serif bold cap Ysans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Yclearspeak
711๐—ญsans serif bold cap Zsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Zclearspeak
712๐—ฎsans serif bold asans serif vetgedruk aclearspeak
713๐—ฏsans serif bold bsans serif vetgedruk bclearspeak
714๐—ฐsans serif bold csans serif vetgedruk cclearspeak
715๐—ฑsans serif bold dsans serif vetgedruk dclearspeak
716๐—ฒsans serif bold esans serif vetgedruk eclearspeak
717๐—ณsans serif bold fsans serif vetgedruk fclearspeak
718๐—ดsans serif bold gsans serif vetgedruk gclearspeak
719๐—ตsans serif bold hsans serif vetgedruk hclearspeak
720๐—ถsans serif bold isans serif vetgedruk iclearspeak
721๐—ทsans serif bold jsans serif vetgedruk jclearspeak
722๐—ธsans serif bold ksans serif vetgedruk kclearspeak
723๐—นsans serif bold lsans serif vetgedruk lclearspeak
724๐—บsans serif bold msans serif vetgedruk mclearspeak
725๐—ปsans serif bold nsans serif vetgedruk nclearspeak
726๐—ผsans serif bold osans serif vetgedruk oclearspeak
727๐—ฝsans serif bold psans serif vetgedruk pclearspeak
728๐—พsans serif bold qsans serif vetgedruk qclearspeak
729๐—ฟsans serif bold rsans serif vetgedruk rclearspeak
730๐˜€sans serif bold ssans serif vetgedruk sclearspeak
731๐˜sans serif bold tsans serif vetgedruk tclearspeak
732๐˜‚sans serif bold usans serif vetgedruk uclearspeak
733๐˜ƒsans serif bold vsans serif vetgedruk vclearspeak
734๐˜„sans serif bold wsans serif vetgedruk wclearspeak
735๐˜…sans serif bold xsans serif vetgedruk xclearspeak
736๐˜†sans serif bold ysans serif vetgedruk yclearspeak
737๐˜‡sans serif bold zsans serif vetgedruk zclearspeak
738๐˜ผsans serif bold italic cap Asans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Aclearspeak
739๐˜ฝsans serif bold italic cap Bsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Bclearspeak
740๐˜พsans serif bold italic cap Csans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Cclearspeak
741๐˜ฟsans serif bold italic cap Dsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Dclearspeak
742๐™€sans serif bold italic cap Esans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Eclearspeak
743๐™sans serif bold italic cap Fsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Fclearspeak
744๐™‚sans serif bold italic cap Gsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Gclearspeak
745๐™ƒsans serif bold italic cap Hsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Hclearspeak
746๐™„sans serif bold italic cap Isans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Iclearspeak
747๐™…sans serif bold italic cap Jsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Jclearspeak
748๐™†sans serif bold italic cap Ksans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Kclearspeak
749๐™‡sans serif bold italic cap Lsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Lclearspeak
750๐™ˆsans serif bold italic cap Msans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Mclearspeak
751๐™‰sans serif bold italic cap Nsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Nclearspeak
752๐™Šsans serif bold italic cap Osans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Oclearspeak
753๐™‹sans serif bold italic cap Psans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Pclearspeak
754๐™Œsans serif bold italic cap Qsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Qclearspeak
755๐™sans serif bold italic cap Rsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Rclearspeak
756๐™Žsans serif bold italic cap Ssans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Sclearspeak
757๐™sans serif bold italic cap Tsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Tclearspeak
758๐™sans serif bold italic cap Usans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Uclearspeak
759๐™‘sans serif bold italic cap Vsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Vclearspeak
760๐™’sans serif bold italic cap Wsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Wclearspeak
761๐™“sans serif bold italic cap Xsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Xclearspeak
762๐™”sans serif bold italic cap Ysans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Yclearspeak
763๐™•sans serif bold italic cap Zsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Zclearspeak
764๐™–sans serif bold italic asans serif vetgedruk kursief aclearspeak
765๐™—sans serif bold italic bsans serif vetgedruk kursief bclearspeak
766๐™˜sans serif bold italic csans serif vetgedruk kursief cclearspeak
767๐™™sans serif bold italic dsans serif vetgedruk kursief dclearspeak
768๐™šsans serif bold italic esans serif vetgedruk kursief eclearspeak
769๐™›sans serif bold italic fsans serif vetgedruk kursief fclearspeak
770๐™œsans serif bold italic gsans serif vetgedruk kursief gclearspeak
771๐™sans serif bold italic hsans serif vetgedruk kursief hclearspeak
772๐™žsans serif bold italic isans serif vetgedruk kursief iclearspeak
773๐™Ÿsans serif bold italic jsans serif vetgedruk kursief jclearspeak
774๐™ sans serif bold italic ksans serif vetgedruk kursief kclearspeak
775๐™กsans serif bold italic lsans serif vetgedruk kursief lclearspeak
776๐™ขsans serif bold italic msans serif vetgedruk kursief mclearspeak
777๐™ฃsans serif bold italic nsans serif vetgedruk kursief nclearspeak
778๐™คsans serif bold italic osans serif vetgedruk kursief oclearspeak
779๐™ฅsans serif bold italic psans serif vetgedruk kursief pclearspeak
780๐™ฆsans serif bold italic qsans serif vetgedruk kursief qclearspeak
781๐™งsans serif bold italic rsans serif vetgedruk kursief rclearspeak
782๐™จsans serif bold italic ssans serif vetgedruk kursief sclearspeak
783๐™ฉsans serif bold italic tsans serif vetgedruk kursief tclearspeak
784๐™ชsans serif bold italic usans serif vetgedruk kursief uclearspeak
785๐™ซsans serif bold italic vsans serif vetgedruk kursief vclearspeak
786๐™ฌsans serif bold italic wsans serif vetgedruk kursief wclearspeak
787๐™ญsans serif bold italic xsans serif vetgedruk kursief xclearspeak
788๐™ฎsans serif bold italic ysans serif vetgedruk kursief yclearspeak
789๐™ฏsans serif bold italic zsans serif vetgedruk kursief zclearspeak
790ฮ‘cap Alphahoofletter Alfaclearspeak
791ฮ’cap Betahoofletter Betaclearspeak
792ฮ“cap Gammahoofletter Gammaclearspeak
794ฮ•cap Epsilonhoofletter Epsilonclearspeak
795ฮ–cap Zetahoofletter Zetaclearspeak
796ฮ—cap Etahoofletter Etaclearspeak
797ฮ˜cap Thetahoofletter Thetaclearspeak
798ฮ™cap Iotahoofletter Iotaclearspeak
799ฮšcap Kappahoofletter Kappaclearspeak
800ฮ›cap Lamdahoofletter Lambdaclearspeak
801ฮœcap Muhoofletter Myclearspeak
802ฮcap Nuhoofletter Nyclearspeak
803ฮžcap Xihoofletter Xiclearspeak
804ฮŸcap Omicronhoofletter Omikronclearspeak
805ฮ cap Pihoofletter Piclearspeak
806ฮกcap Rhohoofletter Rhoclearspeak
807ฯดcap Thetahoofletter Thetaclearspeak
808ฮฃcap Sigmahoofletter Sigmaclearspeak
809ฮคcap Tauhoofletter Tauclearspeak
810ฮฅcap Upsilonhoofletter Ypsilonclearspeak
811ฮฆcap Phihoofletter Phiclearspeak
812ฮงcap Chihoofletter Chiclearspeak
813ฮจcap Psihoofletter Psiclearspeak
814ฮฉcap Omegahoofletter Omegaclearspeak
833ฯ‚final sigmaabschlieรŸendes sigmaclearspeak
841โˆ‚partial differentialpartiรซle afgeleideclearspeak
848๐šจbold cap Alphavetgedruk hoofletter Alfaclearspeak
849๐šฉbold cap Betavetgedruk hoofletter Betaclearspeak
850๐šชbold cap Gammavetgedruk hoofletter Gammaclearspeak
851๐šซbold cap Deltavetgedruk hoofletter Deltaclearspeak
852๐šฌbold cap Epsilonvetgedruk hoofletter Epsilonclearspeak
853๐šญbold cap Zetavetgedruk hoofletter Zetaclearspeak
854๐šฎbold cap Etavetgedruk hoofletter Etaclearspeak
855๐šฏbold cap Thetavetgedruk hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
856๐šฐbold cap Iotavetgedruk hoofletter Iotaclearspeak
857๐šฑbold cap Kappavetgedruk hoofletter Kappaclearspeak
858๐šฒbold cap Lamdavetgedruk hoofletter Lambdaclearspeak
859๐šณbold cap Muvetgedruk hoofletter Myclearspeak
860๐šดbold cap Nuvetgedruk hoofletter Nyclearspeak
861๐šตbold cap Xivetgedruk hoofletter Xiclearspeak
862๐šถbold cap Omicronvetgedruk hoofletter Omikronclearspeak
863๐šทbold cap Pivetgedruk hoofletter Piclearspeak
864๐šธbold cap Rhovetgedruk hoofletter Rhoclearspeak
865๐šนbold cap Thetavetgedruk hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
866๐šบbold cap Sigmavetgedruk hoofletter Sigmaclearspeak
867๐šปbold cap Tauvetgedruk hoofletter Tauclearspeak
868๐šผbold cap Upsilonvetgedruk hoofletter Ypsilonclearspeak
869๐šฝbold cap Phivetgedruk hoofletter Phiclearspeak
870๐šพbold cap Chivetgedruk hoofletter Chiclearspeak
871๐šฟbold cap Psivetgedruk hoofletter Psiclearspeak
872๐›€bold cap Omegavetgedruk hoofletter Omegaclearspeak
873๐›bold nablavetgedruk nablaclearspeak
874๐›‚bold alphavetgedruk alfaclearspeak
875๐›ƒbold betavetgedruk betaclearspeak
876๐›„bold gammavetgedruk gammaclearspeak
877๐›…bold deltavetgedruk deltaclearspeak
878๐›†bold epsilonvetgedruk epsilonclearspeak
879๐›‡bold zetavetgedruk zetaclearspeak
880๐›ˆbold etavetgedruk etaclearspeak
881๐›‰bold thetavetgedruk thetaclearspeak
882๐›Šbold iotavetgedruk iotaclearspeak
883๐›‹bold kappavetgedruk kappaclearspeak
884๐›Œbold lamdavetgedruk lambdaclearspeak
885๐›bold muvetgedruk myclearspeak
886๐›Žbold nuvetgedruk nyclearspeak
887๐›bold xivetgedruk xiclearspeak
888๐›bold omicronvetgedruk omikronclearspeak
889๐›‘bold pivetgedruk piclearspeak
890๐›’bold rhovetgedruk rhoclearspeak
891๐›“bold final sigmavetgedruk abschlieรŸendes sigmaclearspeak
892๐›”bold sigmavetgedruk sigmaclearspeak
893๐›•bold tauvetgedruk tauclearspeak
894๐›–bold upsilonvetgedruk ypsilonclearspeak
895๐›—bold phivetgedruk phiclearspeak
896๐›˜bold chivetgedruk chiclearspeak
897๐›™bold psivetgedruk psiclearspeak
898๐›šbold omegavetgedruk omegaclearspeak
899๐››bold partial differentialvetgedruk partiรซle afgeleideclearspeak
900๐›œbold epsilonvetgedruk epsilonclearspeak
901๐›bold thetavetgedruk thetaclearspeak
902๐›žbold kappavetgedruk kappaclearspeak
903๐›Ÿbold phivetgedruk phiclearspeak
904๐› bold rhovetgedruk rhoclearspeak
905๐›กbold pivetgedruk piclearspeak
906๐›ขitalic cap Alphakursief hoofletter Alfaclearspeak
907๐›ฃitalic cap Betakursief hoofletter Betaclearspeak
908๐›คitalic cap Gammakursief hoofletter Gammaclearspeak
909๐›ฅitalic cap Deltakursief hoofletter Deltaclearspeak
910๐›ฆitalic cap Epsilonkursief hoofletter Epsilonclearspeak
911๐›งitalic cap Zetakursief hoofletter Zetaclearspeak
912๐›จitalic cap Etakursief hoofletter Etaclearspeak
913๐›ฉitalic cap Thetakursief hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
914๐›ชitalic cap Iotakursief hoofletter Iotaclearspeak
915๐›ซitalic cap Kappakursief hoofletter Kappaclearspeak
916๐›ฌitalic cap Lamdakursief hoofletter Lambdaclearspeak
917๐›ญitalic cap Mukursief hoofletter Myclearspeak
918๐›ฎitalic cap Nukursief hoofletter Nyclearspeak
919๐›ฏitalic cap Xikursief hoofletter Xiclearspeak
920๐›ฐitalic cap Omicronkursief hoofletter Omikronclearspeak
921๐›ฑitalic cap Pikursief hoofletter Piclearspeak
922๐›ฒitalic cap Rhokursief hoofletter Rhoclearspeak
923๐›ณitalic cap Thetakursief hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
924๐›ดitalic cap Sigmakursief hoofletter Sigmaclearspeak
925๐›ตitalic cap Taukursief hoofletter Tauclearspeak
926๐›ถitalic cap Upsilonkursief hoofletter Ypsilonclearspeak
927๐›ทitalic cap Phikursief hoofletter Phiclearspeak
928๐›ธitalic cap Chikursief hoofletter Chiclearspeak
929๐›นitalic cap Psikursief hoofletter Psiclearspeak
930๐›บitalic cap Omegakursief hoofletter Omegaclearspeak
931๐›ปitalic nablakursief nablaclearspeak
932๐›ผitalic alphakursief alfaclearspeak
933๐›ฝitalic betakursief betaclearspeak
934๐›พitalic gammakursief gammaclearspeak
935๐›ฟitalic deltakursief deltaclearspeak
936๐œ€italic epsilonkursief epsilonclearspeak
937๐œitalic zetakursief zetaclearspeak
938๐œ‚italic etakursief etaclearspeak
939๐œƒitalic thetakursief thetaclearspeak
940๐œ„italic iotakursief iotaclearspeak
941๐œ…italic kappakursief kappaclearspeak
942๐œ†italic lamdakursief lambdaclearspeak
943๐œ‡italic mukursief myclearspeak
944๐œˆitalic nukursief nyclearspeak
945๐œ‰italic xikursief xiclearspeak
946๐œŠitalic omicronkursief omikronclearspeak
947๐œ‹italic pikursief piclearspeak
948๐œŒitalic rhokursief rhoclearspeak
949๐œitalic final sigmakursief abschlieรŸendes sigmaclearspeak
950๐œŽitalic sigmakursief sigmaclearspeak
951๐œitalic taukursief tauclearspeak
952๐œitalic upsilonkursief ypsilonclearspeak
953๐œ‘italic phikursief phiclearspeak
954๐œ’italic chikursief chiclearspeak
955๐œ“italic psikursief psiclearspeak
956๐œ”italic omegakursief omegaclearspeak
957๐œ•italic partial differentialkursief partiรซle afgeleideclearspeak
958๐œ–italic epsilonkursief epsilonclearspeak
959๐œ—italic thetakursief thetaclearspeak
960๐œ˜italic kappakursief kappaclearspeak
961๐œ™italic phikursief phiclearspeak
962๐œšitalic rhokursief rhoclearspeak
963๐œ›italic pikursief piclearspeak
964๐œœbold italic cap Alphavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Alfaclearspeak
965๐œbold italic cap Betavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Betaclearspeak
966๐œžbold italic cap Gammavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Gammaclearspeak
967๐œŸbold italic cap Deltavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Deltaclearspeak
968๐œ bold italic cap Epsilonvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Epsilonclearspeak
969๐œกbold italic cap Zetavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Zetaclearspeak
970๐œขbold italic cap Etavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Etaclearspeak
971๐œฃbold italic cap Thetavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
972๐œคbold italic cap Iotavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Iotaclearspeak
973๐œฅbold italic cap Kappavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Kappaclearspeak
974๐œฆbold italic cap Lamdavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Lambdaclearspeak
975๐œงbold italic cap Muvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Myclearspeak
976๐œจbold italic cap Nuvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Nyclearspeak
977๐œฉbold italic cap Xivetgedruk kursief hoofletter Xiclearspeak
978๐œชbold italic cap Omicronvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Omikronclearspeak
979๐œซbold italic cap Pivetgedruk kursief hoofletter Piclearspeak
980๐œฌbold italic cap Rhovetgedruk kursief hoofletter Rhoclearspeak
981๐œญbold italic cap Thetavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
982๐œฎbold italic cap Sigmavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Sigmaclearspeak
983๐œฏbold italic cap Tauvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Tauclearspeak
984๐œฐbold italic cap Upsilonvetgedruk kursief hoofletter Ypsilonclearspeak
985๐œฑbold italic cap Phivetgedruk kursief hoofletter Phiclearspeak
986๐œฒbold italic cap Chivetgedruk kursief hoofletter Chiclearspeak
987๐œณbold italic cap Psivetgedruk kursief hoofletter Psiclearspeak
988๐œดbold italic cap Omegavetgedruk kursief hoofletter Omegaclearspeak
989๐œตbold italic nablavetgedruk kursief nablaclearspeak
990๐œถbold italic alphavetgedruk kursief alfaclearspeak
991๐œทbold italic betavetgedruk kursief betaclearspeak
992๐œธbold italic gammavetgedruk kursief gammaclearspeak
993๐œนbold italic deltavetgedruk kursief deltaclearspeak
994๐œบbold italic epsilonvetgedruk kursief epsilonclearspeak
995๐œปbold italic zetavetgedruk kursief zetaclearspeak
996๐œผbold italic etavetgedruk kursief etaclearspeak
997๐œฝbold italic thetavetgedruk kursief thetaclearspeak
998๐œพbold italic iotavetgedruk kursief iotaclearspeak
999๐œฟbold italic kappavetgedruk kursief kappaclearspeak
1000๐€bold italic lamdavetgedruk kursief lambdaclearspeak
1001๐bold italic muvetgedruk kursief myclearspeak
1002๐‚bold italic nuvetgedruk kursief nyclearspeak
1003๐ƒbold italic xivetgedruk kursief xiclearspeak
1004๐„bold italic omicronvetgedruk kursief omikronclearspeak
1005๐…bold italic pivetgedruk kursief piclearspeak
1006๐†bold italic rhovetgedruk kursief rhoclearspeak
1007๐‡bold italic final sigmavetgedruk kursief abschlieรŸendes sigmaclearspeak
1008๐ˆbold italic sigmavetgedruk kursief sigmaclearspeak
1009๐‰bold italic tauvetgedruk kursief tauclearspeak
1010๐Šbold italic upsilonvetgedruk kursief ypsilonclearspeak
1011๐‹bold italic phivetgedruk kursief phiclearspeak
1012๐Œbold italic chivetgedruk kursief chiclearspeak
1013๐bold italic psivetgedruk kursief psiclearspeak
1014๐Žbold italic omegavetgedruk kursief omegaclearspeak
1015๐bold italic partial differentialvetgedruk kursief partiรซle afgeleideclearspeak
1016๐bold italic epsilonvetgedruk kursief epsilonclearspeak
1017๐‘bold italic thetavetgedruk kursief thetaclearspeak
1018๐’bold italic kappavetgedruk kursief kappaclearspeak
1019๐“bold italic phivetgedruk kursief phiclearspeak
1020๐”bold italic rhovetgedruk kursief rhoclearspeak
1021๐•bold italic pivetgedruk kursief piclearspeak
1022๐–sans serif bold cap Alphasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Alfaclearspeak
1023๐—sans serif bold cap Betasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Betaclearspeak
1024๐˜sans serif bold cap Gammasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Gammaclearspeak
1025๐™sans serif bold cap Deltasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Deltaclearspeak
1026๐šsans serif bold cap Epsilonsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Epsilonclearspeak
1027๐›sans serif bold cap Zetasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Zetaclearspeak
1028๐œsans serif bold cap Etasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Etaclearspeak
1029๐sans serif bold cap Thetasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
1030๐žsans serif bold cap Iotasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Iotaclearspeak
1031๐Ÿsans serif bold cap Kappasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Kappaclearspeak
1032๐ sans serif bold cap Lamdasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Lambdaclearspeak
1033๐กsans serif bold cap Musans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Myclearspeak
1034๐ขsans serif bold cap Nusans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Nyclearspeak
1035๐ฃsans serif bold cap Xisans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Xiclearspeak
1036๐คsans serif bold cap Omicronsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Omikronclearspeak
1037๐ฅsans serif bold cap Pisans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Piclearspeak
1038๐ฆsans serif bold cap Rhosans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Rhoclearspeak
1039๐งsans serif bold cap Thetasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
1040๐จsans serif bold cap Sigmasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Sigmaclearspeak
1041๐ฉsans serif bold cap Tausans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Tauclearspeak
1042๐ชsans serif bold cap Upsilonsans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Ypsilonclearspeak
1043๐ซsans serif bold cap Phisans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Phiclearspeak
1044๐ฌsans serif bold cap Chisans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Chiclearspeak
1045๐ญsans serif bold cap Psisans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Psiclearspeak
1046๐ฎsans serif bold cap Omegasans serif vetgedruk hoofletter Omegaclearspeak
1047๐ฏsans serif bold nablasans serif vetgedruk nablaclearspeak
1048๐ฐsans serif bold alphasans serif vetgedruk alfaclearspeak
1049๐ฑsans serif bold betasans serif vetgedruk betaclearspeak
1050๐ฒsans serif bold gammasans serif vetgedruk gammaclearspeak
1051๐ณsans serif bold deltasans serif vetgedruk deltaclearspeak
1052๐ดsans serif bold epsilonsans serif vetgedruk epsilonclearspeak
1053๐ตsans serif bold zetasans serif vetgedruk zetaclearspeak
1054๐ถsans serif bold etasans serif vetgedruk etaclearspeak
1055๐ทsans serif bold thetasans serif vetgedruk thetaclearspeak
1056๐ธsans serif bold iotasans serif vetgedruk iotaclearspeak
1057๐นsans serif bold kappasans serif vetgedruk kappaclearspeak
1058๐บsans serif bold lamdasans serif vetgedruk lambdaclearspeak
1059๐ปsans serif bold musans serif vetgedruk myclearspeak
1060๐ผsans serif bold nusans serif vetgedruk nyclearspeak
1061๐ฝsans serif bold xisans serif vetgedruk xiclearspeak
1062๐พsans serif bold omicronsans serif vetgedruk omikronclearspeak
1063๐ฟsans serif bold pisans serif vetgedruk piclearspeak
1064๐ž€sans serif bold rhosans serif vetgedruk rhoclearspeak
1065๐žsans serif bold final sigmasans serif vetgedruk abschlieรŸendes sigmaclearspeak
1066๐ž‚sans serif bold sigmasans serif vetgedruk sigmaclearspeak
1067๐žƒsans serif bold tausans serif vetgedruk tauclearspeak
1068๐ž„sans serif bold upsilonsans serif vetgedruk ypsilonclearspeak
1069๐ž…sans serif bold phisans serif vetgedruk phiclearspeak
1070๐ž†sans serif bold chisans serif vetgedruk chiclearspeak
1071๐ž‡sans serif bold psisans serif vetgedruk psiclearspeak
1072๐žˆsans serif bold omegasans serif vetgedruk omegaclearspeak
1073๐ž‰sans serif bold partial differentialsans serif vetgedruk partiรซle afgeleideclearspeak
1074๐žŠsans serif bold epsilonsans serif vetgedruk epsilonclearspeak
1075๐ž‹sans serif bold thetasans serif vetgedruk thetaclearspeak
1076๐žŒsans serif bold kappasans serif vetgedruk kappaclearspeak
1077๐žsans serif bold phisans serif vetgedruk phiclearspeak
1078๐žŽsans serif bold rhosans serif vetgedruk rhoclearspeak
1079๐žsans serif bold pisans serif vetgedruk piclearspeak
1080๐žsans serif bold italic cap Alphasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Alfaclearspeak
1081๐ž‘sans serif bold italic cap Betasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Betaclearspeak
1082๐ž’sans serif bold italic cap Gammasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Gammaclearspeak
1083๐ž“sans serif bold italic cap Deltasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Deltaclearspeak
1084๐ž”sans serif bold italic cap Epsilonsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Epsilonclearspeak
1085๐ž•sans serif bold italic cap Zetasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Zetaclearspeak
1086๐ž–sans serif bold italic cap Etasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Etaclearspeak
1087๐ž—sans serif bold italic cap Thetasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
1088๐ž˜sans serif bold italic cap Iotasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Iotaclearspeak
1089๐ž™sans serif bold italic cap Kappasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Kappaclearspeak
1090๐žšsans serif bold italic cap Lamdasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Lambdaclearspeak
1091๐ž›sans serif bold italic cap Musans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Myclearspeak
1092๐žœsans serif bold italic cap Nusans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Nyclearspeak
1093๐žsans serif bold italic cap Xisans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Xiclearspeak
1094๐žžsans serif bold italic cap Omicronsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Omikronclearspeak
1095๐žŸsans serif bold italic cap Pisans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Piclearspeak
1096๐ž sans serif bold italic cap Rhosans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Rhoclearspeak
1097๐žกsans serif bold italic cap Thetasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Thetaclearspeak
1098๐žขsans serif bold italic cap Sigmasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Sigmaclearspeak
1099๐žฃsans serif bold italic cap Tausans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Tauclearspeak
1100๐žคsans serif bold italic cap Upsilonsans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Ypsilonclearspeak
1101๐žฅsans serif bold italic cap Phisans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Phiclearspeak
1102๐žฆsans serif bold italic cap Chisans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Chiclearspeak
1103๐žงsans serif bold italic cap Psisans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Psiclearspeak
1104๐žจsans serif bold italic cap Omegasans serif vetgedruk kursief hoofletter Omegaclearspeak
1105๐žฉsans serif bold italic nablasans serif vetgedruk kursief nablaclearspeak
1106๐žชsans serif bold italic alphasans serif vetgedruk kursief alfaclearspeak
1107๐žซsans serif bold italic betasans serif vetgedruk kursief betaclearspeak
1108๐žฌsans serif bold italic gammasans serif vetgedruk kursief gammaclearspeak
1109๐žญsans serif bold italic deltasans serif vetgedruk kursief deltaclearspeak
1110๐žฎsans serif bold italic epsilonsans serif vetgedruk kursief epsilonclearspeak
1111๐žฏsans serif bold italic zetasans serif vetgedruk kursief zetaclearspeak
1112๐žฐsans serif bold italic etasans serif vetgedruk kursief etaclearspeak
1113๐žฑsans serif bold italic thetasans serif vetgedruk kursief thetaclearspeak
1114๐žฒsans serif bold italic iotasans serif vetgedruk kursief iotaclearspeak
1115๐žณsans serif bold italic kappasans serif vetgedruk kursief kappaclearspeak
1116๐žดsans serif bold italic lamdasans serif vetgedruk kursief lambdaclearspeak
1117๐žตsans serif bold italic musans serif vetgedruk kursief myclearspeak
1118๐žถsans serif bold italic nusans serif vetgedruk kursief nyclearspeak
1119๐žทsans serif bold italic xisans serif vetgedruk kursief xiclearspeak
1120๐žธsans serif bold italic omicronsans serif vetgedruk kursief omikronclearspeak
1121๐žนsans serif bold italic pisans serif vetgedruk kursief piclearspeak
1122๐žบsans serif bold italic rhosans serif vetgedruk kursief rhoclearspeak
1123๐žปsans serif bold italic final sigmasans serif vetgedruk kursief abschlieรŸendes sigmaclearspeak
1124๐žผsans serif bold italic sigmasans serif vetgedruk kursief sigmaclearspeak
1125๐žฝsans serif bold italic tausans serif vetgedruk kursief tauclearspeak
1126๐žพsans serif bold italic upsilonsans serif vetgedruk kursief ypsilonclearspeak
1127๐žฟsans serif bold italic phisans serif vetgedruk kursief phiclearspeak
1128๐Ÿ€sans serif bold italic chisans serif vetgedruk kursief chiclearspeak
1129๐Ÿsans serif bold italic psisans serif vetgedruk kursief psiclearspeak
1130๐Ÿ‚sans serif bold italic omegasans serif vetgedruk kursief omegaclearspeak
1131๐Ÿƒsans serif bold italic partial differentialsans serif vetgedruk kursief partiรซle afgeleideclearspeak
1132๐Ÿ„sans serif bold italic epsilonsans serif vetgedruk kursief epsilonclearspeak
1133๐Ÿ…sans serif bold italic thetasans serif vetgedruk kursief thetaclearspeak
1134๐Ÿ†sans serif bold italic kappasans serif vetgedruk kursief kappaclearspeak
1135๐Ÿ‡sans serif bold italic phisans serif vetgedruk kursief phiclearspeak
1136๐Ÿˆsans serif bold italic rhosans serif vetgedruk kursief rhoclearspeak
1137๐Ÿ‰sans serif bold italic pisans serif vetgedruk kursief piclearspeak
1138โฐsuper 0super 0clearspeak
1139ยนsuper 1super 1clearspeak
1140ยฒsquaredsuper 2clearspeak
1141ยณcubedsuper 3clearspeak
1142โดsuper 4super 4clearspeak
1143โตsuper 5super 5clearspeak
1144โถsuper 6super 6clearspeak
1145โทsuper 7super 7clearspeak
1146โธsuper 8super 8clearspeak
1147โนsuper 9super 9clearspeak
1148โ‚€sub 0sub 0clearspeak
1149โ‚sub 1sub 1clearspeak
1150โ‚‚sub 2sub 2clearspeak
1151โ‚ƒsub 3sub 3clearspeak
1152โ‚„sub 4sub 4clearspeak
1153โ‚…sub 5sub 5clearspeak
1154โ‚†sub 6sub 6clearspeak
1155โ‚‡sub 7sub 7clearspeak
1156โ‚ˆsub 8sub 8clearspeak
1157โ‚‰sub 9sub 9clearspeak
1158โ“ชcircled 0omkringde 0clearspeak
1159โ‘ circled 1omkringde 1clearspeak
1160โ‘กcircled 2omkringde 2clearspeak
1161โ‘ขcircled 3omkringde 3clearspeak
1162โ‘ฃcircled 4omkringde 4clearspeak
1163โ‘คcircled 5omkringde 5clearspeak
1164โ‘ฅcircled 6omkringde 6clearspeak
1165โ‘ฆcircled 7omkringde 7clearspeak
1166โ‘งcircled 8omkringde 8clearspeak
1167โ‘จcircled 9omkringde 9clearspeak
1168โ‘ฉcircled 10omkringde 10clearspeak
1169โ‘ชcircled 11omkringde 11clearspeak
1170โ‘ซcircled 12omkringde 12clearspeak
1171โ‘ฌcircled 13omkringde 13clearspeak
1172โ‘ญcircled 14omkringde 14clearspeak
1173โ‘ฎcircled 15omkringde 15clearspeak
1174โ‘ฏcircled 16omkringde 16clearspeak
1175โ‘ฐcircled 17omkringde 17clearspeak
1176โ‘ฑcircled 18omkringde 18clearspeak
1177โ‘ฒcircled 19omkringde 19clearspeak
1178โ‘ณcircled 20omkringde 20clearspeak
1179ใ‰‘circled 21omkringde 21clearspeak
1180ใ‰’circled 22omkringde 22clearspeak
1181ใ‰“circled 23omkringde 23clearspeak
1182ใ‰”circled 24omkringde 24clearspeak
1183ใ‰•circled 25omkringde 25clearspeak
1184ใ‰–circled 26omkringde 26clearspeak
1185ใ‰—circled 27omkringde 27clearspeak
1186ใ‰˜circled 28omkringde 28clearspeak
1187ใ‰™circled 29omkringde 29clearspeak
1188ใ‰šcircled 30omkringde 30clearspeak
1189ใ‰›circled 31omkringde 31clearspeak
1190ใ‰œcircled 32omkringde 32clearspeak
1191ใ‰circled 33omkringde 33clearspeak
1192ใ‰žcircled 34omkringde 34clearspeak
1193ใ‰Ÿcircled 35omkringde 35clearspeak
1194ใŠฑcircled 36omkringde 36clearspeak
1195ใŠฒcircled 37omkringde 37clearspeak
1196ใŠณcircled 38omkringde 38clearspeak
1197ใŠดcircled 39omkringde 39clearspeak
1198ใŠตcircled 40omkringde 40clearspeak
1199ใŠถcircled 41omkringde 41clearspeak
1200ใŠทcircled 42omkringde 42clearspeak
1201ใŠธcircled 43omkringde 43clearspeak
1202ใŠนcircled 44omkringde 44clearspeak
1203ใŠบcircled 45omkringde 45clearspeak
1204ใŠปcircled 46omkringde 46clearspeak
1205ใŠผcircled 47omkringde 47clearspeak
1206ใŠฝcircled 48omkringde 48clearspeak
1207ใŠพcircled 49omkringde 49clearspeak
1208ใŠฟcircled 50omkringde 50clearspeak
1209โ‘ดparenthesized 1in hakkies 1clearspeak
1210โ‘ตparenthesized 2in hakkies 2clearspeak
1211โ‘ถparenthesized 3in hakkies 3clearspeak
1212โ‘ทparenthesized 4in hakkies 4clearspeak
1213โ‘ธparenthesized 5in hakkies 5clearspeak
1214โ‘นparenthesized 6in hakkies 6clearspeak
1215โ‘บparenthesized 7in hakkies 7clearspeak
1216โ‘ปparenthesized 8in hakkies 8clearspeak
1217โ‘ผparenthesized 9in hakkies 9clearspeak
1218โ‘ฝparenthesized 10in hakkies 10clearspeak
1219โ‘พparenthesized 11in hakkies 11clearspeak
1220โ‘ฟparenthesized 12in hakkies 12clearspeak
1221โ’€parenthesized 13in hakkies 13clearspeak
1222โ’parenthesized 14in hakkies 14clearspeak
1223โ’‚parenthesized 15in hakkies 15clearspeak
1224โ’ƒparenthesized 16in hakkies 16clearspeak
1225โ’„parenthesized 17in hakkies 17clearspeak
1226โ’…parenthesized 18in hakkies 18clearspeak
1227โ’†parenthesized 19in hakkies 19clearspeak
1228โ’‡parenthesized 20in hakkies 20clearspeak
1229๐Ÿ„€0 period0 puntclearspeak
1230โ’ˆ1 period1 puntclearspeak
1231โ’‰2 period2 puntclearspeak
1232โ’Š3 period3 puntclearspeak
1233โ’‹4 period4 puntclearspeak
1234โ’Œ5 period5 puntclearspeak
1235โ’6 period6 puntclearspeak
1236โ’Ž7 period7 puntclearspeak
1237โ’8 period8 puntclearspeak
1238โ’9 period9 puntclearspeak
1239โ’‘10 period10 puntclearspeak
1240โ’’11 period11 puntclearspeak
1241โ’“12 period12 puntclearspeak
1242โ’”13 period13 puntclearspeak
1243โ’•14 period14 puntclearspeak
1244โ’–15 period15 puntclearspeak
1245โ’—16 period16 puntclearspeak
1246โ’˜17 period17 puntclearspeak
1247โ’™18 period18 puntclearspeak
1248โ’š19 period19 puntclearspeak
1249โ’›20 period20 puntclearspeak
1250โ“ฟblack circled 0swart omkringde 0clearspeak
1251โถblack circled 1swart omkringde 1clearspeak
1252โทblack circled 2swart omkringde 2clearspeak
1253โธblack circled 3swart omkringde 3clearspeak
1254โนblack circled 4swart omkringde 4clearspeak
1255โบblack circled 5swart omkringde 5clearspeak
1256โปblack circled 6swart omkringde 6clearspeak
1257โผblack circled 7swart omkringde 7clearspeak
1258โฝblack circled 8swart omkringde 8clearspeak
1259โพblack circled 9swart omkringde 9clearspeak
1260โฟblack circled 10swart omkringde 10clearspeak
1261โ“ซblack circled 11swart omkringde 11clearspeak
1262โ“ฌblack circled 12swart omkringde 12clearspeak
1263โ“ญblack circled 13swart omkringde 13clearspeak
1264โ“ฎblack circled 14swart omkringde 14clearspeak
1265โ“ฏblack circled 15swart omkringde 15clearspeak
1266โ“ฐblack circled 16swart omkringde 16clearspeak
1267โ“ฑblack circled 17swart omkringde 17clearspeak
1268โ“ฒblack circled 18swart omkringde 18clearspeak
1269โ“ณblack circled 19swart omkringde 19clearspeak
1270โ“ดblack circled 20swart omkringde 20clearspeak
1271โ“ตdouble circled 1dubbel omkringde 1clearspeak
1272โ“ถdouble circled 2dubbel omkringde 2clearspeak
1273โ“ทdouble circled 3dubbel omkringde 3clearspeak
1274โ“ธdouble circled 4dubbel omkringde 4clearspeak
1275โ“นdouble circled 5dubbel omkringde 5clearspeak
1276โ“บdouble circled 6dubbel omkringde 6clearspeak
1277โ“ปdouble circled 7dubbel omkringde 7clearspeak
1278โ“ผdouble circled 8dubbel omkringde 8clearspeak
1279โ“ฝdouble circled 9dubbel omkringde 9clearspeak
1280โ“พdouble circled 10dubbel omkringde 10clearspeak
1281๐Ÿ„‹circled sans serif 0omkringde sans serif 0clearspeak
1282โž€circled sans serif 1omkringde sans serif 1clearspeak
1283โžcircled sans serif 2omkringde sans serif 2clearspeak
1284โž‚circled sans serif 3omkringde sans serif 3clearspeak
1285โžƒcircled sans serif 4omkringde sans serif 4clearspeak
1286โž„circled sans serif 5omkringde sans serif 5clearspeak
1287โž…circled sans serif 6omkringde sans serif 6clearspeak
1288โž†circled sans serif 7omkringde sans serif 7clearspeak
1289โž‡circled sans serif 8omkringde sans serif 8clearspeak
1290โžˆcircled sans serif 9omkringde sans serif 9clearspeak
1291โž‰circled sans serif 10omkringde sans serif 10clearspeak
1292๐Ÿ„Œblack circled sans serif 0swart omkringde sans serif 0clearspeak
1293โžŠblack circled sans serif 1swart omkringde sans serif 1clearspeak
1294โž‹black circled sans serif 2swart omkringde sans serif 2clearspeak
1295โžŒblack circled sans serif 3swart omkringde sans serif 3clearspeak
1296โžblack circled sans serif 4swart omkringde sans serif 4clearspeak
1297โžŽblack circled sans serif 5swart omkringde sans serif 5clearspeak
1298โžblack circled sans serif 6swart omkringde sans serif 6clearspeak
1299โžblack circled sans serif 7swart omkringde sans serif 7clearspeak
1300โž‘black circled sans serif 8swart omkringde sans serif 8clearspeak
1301โž’black circled sans serif 9swart omkringde sans serif 9clearspeak
1302โž“black circled sans serif 10swart omkringde sans serif 10clearspeak
1313๐ŸŽbold 0vetgedruk 0clearspeak
1314๐Ÿbold 1vetgedruk 1clearspeak
1315๐Ÿbold 2vetgedruk 2clearspeak
1316๐Ÿ‘bold 3vetgedruk 3clearspeak
1317๐Ÿ’bold 4vetgedruk 4clearspeak
1318๐Ÿ“bold 5vetgedruk 5clearspeak
1319๐Ÿ”bold 6vetgedruk 6clearspeak
1320๐Ÿ•bold 7vetgedruk 7clearspeak
1321๐Ÿ–bold 8vetgedruk 8clearspeak
1322๐Ÿ—bold 9vetgedruk 9clearspeak
1323๐Ÿ˜double struck 00 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1324๐Ÿ™double struck 11 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1325๐Ÿšdouble struck 22 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1326๐Ÿ›double struck 33 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1327๐Ÿœdouble struck 44 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1328๐Ÿdouble struck 55 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1329๐Ÿždouble struck 66 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1330๐ŸŸdouble struck 77 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1331๐Ÿ double struck 88 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1332๐Ÿกdouble struck 99 dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
1333๐Ÿขsans serif 0sans serif 0clearspeak
1334๐Ÿฃsans serif 1sans serif 1clearspeak
1335๐Ÿคsans serif 2sans serif 2clearspeak
1336๐Ÿฅsans serif 3sans serif 3clearspeak
1337๐Ÿฆsans serif 4sans serif 4clearspeak
1338๐Ÿงsans serif 5sans serif 5clearspeak
1339๐Ÿจsans serif 6sans serif 6clearspeak
1340๐Ÿฉsans serif 7sans serif 7clearspeak
1341๐Ÿชsans serif 8sans serif 8clearspeak
1342๐Ÿซsans serif 9sans serif 9clearspeak
1343๐Ÿฌsans serif bold 0sans serif vetgedruk 0clearspeak
1344๐Ÿญsans serif bold 1sans serif vetgedruk 1clearspeak
1345๐Ÿฎsans serif bold 2sans serif vetgedruk 2clearspeak
1346๐Ÿฏsans serif bold 3sans serif vetgedruk 3clearspeak
1347๐Ÿฐsans serif bold 4sans serif vetgedruk 4clearspeak
1348๐Ÿฑsans serif bold 5sans serif vetgedruk 5clearspeak
1349๐Ÿฒsans serif bold 6sans serif vetgedruk 6clearspeak
1350๐Ÿณsans serif bold 7sans serif vetgedruk 7clearspeak
1351๐Ÿดsans serif bold 8sans serif vetgedruk 8clearspeak
1352๐Ÿตsans serif bold 9sans serif vetgedruk 9clearspeak
1353๐Ÿถmonospace 0monospasie 0clearspeak
1354๐Ÿทmonospace 1monospasie 1clearspeak
1355๐Ÿธmonospace 2monospasie 2clearspeak
1356๐Ÿนmonospace 3monospasie 3clearspeak
1357๐Ÿบmonospace 4monospasie 4clearspeak
1358๐Ÿปmonospace 5monospasie 5clearspeak
1359๐Ÿผmonospace 6monospasie 6clearspeak
1360๐Ÿฝmonospace 7monospasie 7clearspeak
1361๐Ÿพmonospace 8monospasie 8clearspeak
1362๐Ÿฟmonospace 9monospasie 9clearspeak
1363๐Ÿ„0 comma0 kommaclearspeak
1364๐Ÿ„‚1 comma1 kommaclearspeak
1365๐Ÿ„ƒ2 comma2 kommaclearspeak
1366๐Ÿ„„3 comma3 kommaclearspeak
1367๐Ÿ„…4 comma4 kommaclearspeak
1368๐Ÿ„†5 comma5 kommaclearspeak
1369๐Ÿ„‡6 comma6 kommaclearspeak
1370๐Ÿ„ˆ7 comma7 kommaclearspeak
1371๐Ÿ„‰8 comma8 kommaclearspeak
1372๐Ÿ„Š9 comma9 kommaclearspeak
1373โ’ถcircled cap Aomkringde hoofletter Aclearspeak
1374โ’ทcircled cap Bomkringde hoofletter Bclearspeak
1375โ’ธcircled cap Comkringde hoofletter Cclearspeak
1376โ’นcircled cap Domkringde hoofletter Dclearspeak
1377โ’บcircled cap Eomkringde hoofletter Eclearspeak
1378โ’ปcircled cap Fomkringde hoofletter Fclearspeak
1379โ’ผcircled cap Gomkringde hoofletter Gclearspeak
1380โ’ฝcircled cap Homkringde hoofletter Hclearspeak
1381โ’พcircled cap Iomkringde hoofletter Iclearspeak
1382โ’ฟcircled cap Jomkringde hoofletter Jclearspeak
1383โ“€circled cap Komkringde hoofletter Kclearspeak
1384โ“circled cap Lomkringde hoofletter Lclearspeak
1385โ“‚circled cap Momkringde hoofletter Mclearspeak
1386โ“ƒcircled cap Nomkringde hoofletter Nclearspeak
1387โ“„circled cap Oomkringde hoofletter Oclearspeak
1388โ“…circled cap Pomkringde hoofletter Pclearspeak
1389โ“†circled cap Qomkringde hoofletter Qclearspeak
1390โ“‡circled cap Romkringde hoofletter Rclearspeak
1391โ“ˆcircled cap Somkringde hoofletter Sclearspeak
1392โ“‰circled cap Tomkringde hoofletter Tclearspeak
1393โ“Šcircled cap Uomkringde hoofletter Uclearspeak
1394โ“‹circled cap Vomkringde hoofletter Vclearspeak
1395โ“Œcircled cap Womkringde hoofletter Wclearspeak
1396โ“circled cap Xomkringde hoofletter Xclearspeak
1397โ“Žcircled cap Yomkringde hoofletter Yclearspeak
1398โ“circled cap Zomkringde hoofletter Zclearspeak
1399โ“circled aomkringde aclearspeak
1400โ“‘circled bomkringde bclearspeak
1401โ“’circled comkringde cclearspeak
1402โ““circled domkringde dclearspeak
1403โ“”circled eomkringde eclearspeak
1404โ“•circled fomkringde fclearspeak
1405โ“–circled gomkringde gclearspeak
1406โ“—circled homkringde hclearspeak
1407โ“˜circled iomkringde iclearspeak
1408โ“™circled jomkringde jclearspeak
1409โ“šcircled komkringde kclearspeak
1410โ“›circled lomkringde lclearspeak
1411โ“œcircled momkringde mclearspeak
1412โ“circled nomkringde nclearspeak
1413โ“žcircled oomkringde oclearspeak
1414โ“Ÿcircled pomkringde pclearspeak
1415โ“ circled qomkringde qclearspeak
1416โ“กcircled romkringde rclearspeak
1417โ“ขcircled somkringde sclearspeak
1418โ“ฃcircled tomkringde tclearspeak
1419โ“คcircled uomkringde uclearspeak
1420โ“ฅcircled vomkringde vclearspeak
1421โ“ฆcircled womkringde wclearspeak
1422โ“งcircled xomkringde xclearspeak
1423โ“จcircled yomkringde yclearspeak
1424โ“ฉcircled zomkringde zclearspeak
1425๐Ÿ„parenthesized cap Ain hakkies hoofletter Aclearspeak
1426๐Ÿ„‘parenthesized cap Bin hakkies hoofletter Bclearspeak
1427๐Ÿ„’parenthesized cap Cin hakkies hoofletter Cclearspeak
1428๐Ÿ„“parenthesized cap Din hakkies hoofletter Dclearspeak
1429๐Ÿ„”parenthesized cap Ein hakkies hoofletter Eclearspeak
1430๐Ÿ„•parenthesized cap Fin hakkies hoofletter Fclearspeak
1431๐Ÿ„–parenthesized cap Gin hakkies hoofletter Gclearspeak
1432๐Ÿ„—parenthesized cap Hin hakkies hoofletter Hclearspeak
1433๐Ÿ„˜parenthesized cap Iin hakkies hoofletter Iclearspeak
1434๐Ÿ„™parenthesized cap Jin hakkies hoofletter Jclearspeak
1435๐Ÿ„šparenthesized cap Kin hakkies hoofletter Kclearspeak
1436๐Ÿ„›parenthesized cap Lin hakkies hoofletter Lclearspeak
1437๐Ÿ„œparenthesized cap Min hakkies hoofletter Mclearspeak
1438๐Ÿ„parenthesized cap Nin hakkies hoofletter Nclearspeak
1439๐Ÿ„žparenthesized cap Oin hakkies hoofletter Oclearspeak
1440๐Ÿ„Ÿparenthesized cap Pin hakkies hoofletter Pclearspeak
1441๐Ÿ„ parenthesized cap Qin hakkies hoofletter Qclearspeak
1442๐Ÿ„กparenthesized cap Rin hakkies hoofletter Rclearspeak
1443๐Ÿ„ขparenthesized cap Sin hakkies hoofletter Sclearspeak
1444๐Ÿ„ฃparenthesized cap Tin hakkies hoofletter Tclearspeak
1445๐Ÿ„คparenthesized cap Uin hakkies hoofletter Uclearspeak
1446๐Ÿ„ฅparenthesized cap Vin hakkies hoofletter Vclearspeak
1447๐Ÿ„ฆparenthesized cap Win hakkies hoofletter Wclearspeak
1448๐Ÿ„งparenthesized cap Xin hakkies hoofletter Xclearspeak
1449๐Ÿ„จparenthesized cap Yin hakkies hoofletter Yclearspeak
1450๐Ÿ„ฉparenthesized cap Zin hakkies hoofletter Zclearspeak
1451โ’œparenthesized ain hakkies aclearspeak
1452โ’parenthesized bin hakkies bclearspeak
1453โ’žparenthesized cin hakkies cclearspeak
1454โ’Ÿparenthesized din hakkies dclearspeak
1455โ’ parenthesized ein hakkies eclearspeak
1456โ’กparenthesized fin hakkies fclearspeak
1457โ’ขparenthesized gin hakkies gclearspeak
1458โ’ฃparenthesized hin hakkies hclearspeak
1459โ’คparenthesized iin hakkies iclearspeak
1460โ’ฅparenthesized jin hakkies jclearspeak
1461โ’ฆparenthesized kin hakkies kclearspeak
1462โ’งparenthesized lin hakkies lclearspeak
1463โ’จparenthesized min hakkies mclearspeak
1464โ’ฉparenthesized nin hakkies nclearspeak
1465โ’ชparenthesized oin hakkies oclearspeak
1466โ’ซparenthesized pin hakkies pclearspeak
1467โ’ฌparenthesized qin hakkies qclearspeak
1468โ’ญparenthesized rin hakkies rclearspeak
1469โ’ฎparenthesized sin hakkies sclearspeak
1470โ’ฏparenthesized tin hakkies tclearspeak
1471โ’ฐparenthesized uin hakkies uclearspeak
1472โ’ฑparenthesized vin hakkies vclearspeak
1473โ’ฒparenthesized win hakkies wclearspeak
1474โ’ณparenthesized xin hakkies xclearspeak
1475โ’ดparenthesized yin hakkies yclearspeak
1476โ’ตparenthesized zin hakkies zclearspeak
1477๐Ÿ„ฐsquared cap Avierkantige hoofletter Aclearspeak
1478๐Ÿ„ฑsquared cap Bvierkantige hoofletter Bclearspeak
1479๐Ÿ„ฒsquared cap Cvierkantige hoofletter Cclearspeak
1480๐Ÿ„ณsquared cap Dvierkantige hoofletter Dclearspeak
1481๐Ÿ„ดsquared cap Evierkantige hoofletter Eclearspeak
1482๐Ÿ„ตsquared cap Fvierkantige hoofletter Fclearspeak
1483๐Ÿ„ถsquared cap Gvierkantige hoofletter Gclearspeak
1484๐Ÿ„ทsquared cap Hvierkantige hoofletter Hclearspeak
1485๐Ÿ„ธsquared cap Ivierkantige hoofletter Iclearspeak
1486๐Ÿ„นsquared cap Jvierkantige hoofletter Jclearspeak
1487๐Ÿ„บsquared cap Kvierkantige hoofletter Kclearspeak
1488๐Ÿ„ปsquared cap Lvierkantige hoofletter Lclearspeak
1489๐Ÿ„ผsquared cap Mvierkantige hoofletter Mclearspeak
1490๐Ÿ„ฝsquared cap Nvierkantige hoofletter Nclearspeak
1491๐Ÿ„พsquared cap Ovierkantige hoofletter Oclearspeak
1492๐Ÿ„ฟsquared cap Pvierkantige hoofletter Pclearspeak
1493๐Ÿ…€squared cap Qvierkantige hoofletter Qclearspeak
1494๐Ÿ…squared cap Rvierkantige hoofletter Rclearspeak
1495๐Ÿ…‚squared cap Svierkantige hoofletter Sclearspeak
1496๐Ÿ…ƒsquared cap Tvierkantige hoofletter Tclearspeak
1497๐Ÿ…„squared cap Uvierkantige hoofletter Uclearspeak
1498๐Ÿ……squared cap Vvierkantige hoofletter Vclearspeak
1499๐Ÿ…†squared cap Wvierkantige hoofletter Wclearspeak
1500๐Ÿ…‡squared cap Xvierkantige hoofletter Xclearspeak
1501๐Ÿ…ˆsquared cap Yvierkantige hoofletter Yclearspeak
1502๐Ÿ…‰squared cap Zvierkantige hoofletter Zclearspeak
1503๐Ÿ…ฐblack squared cap Aswart vierkantige hoofletter Aclearspeak
1504๐Ÿ…ฑblack squared cap Bswart vierkantige hoofletter Bclearspeak
1505๐Ÿ…ฒblack squared cap Cswart vierkantige hoofletter Cclearspeak
1506๐Ÿ…ณblack squared cap Dswart vierkantige hoofletter Dclearspeak
1507๐Ÿ…ดblack squared cap Eswart vierkantige hoofletter Eclearspeak
1508๐Ÿ…ตblack squared cap Fswart vierkantige hoofletter Fclearspeak
1509๐Ÿ…ถblack squared cap Gswart vierkantige hoofletter Gclearspeak
1510๐Ÿ…ทblack squared cap Hswart vierkantige hoofletter Hclearspeak
1511๐Ÿ…ธblack squared cap Iswart vierkantige hoofletter Iclearspeak
1512๐Ÿ…นblack squared cap Jswart vierkantige hoofletter Jclearspeak
1513๐Ÿ…บblack squared cap Kswart vierkantige hoofletter Kclearspeak
1514๐Ÿ…ปblack squared cap Lswart vierkantige hoofletter Lclearspeak
1515๐Ÿ…ผblack squared cap Mswart vierkantige hoofletter Mclearspeak
1516๐Ÿ…ฝblack squared cap Nswart vierkantige hoofletter Nclearspeak
1517๐Ÿ…พblack squared cap Oswart vierkantige hoofletter Oclearspeak
1518๐Ÿ…ฟblack squared cap Pswart vierkantige hoofletter Pclearspeak
1519๐Ÿ†€black squared cap Qswart vierkantige hoofletter Qclearspeak
1520๐Ÿ†black squared cap Rswart vierkantige hoofletter Rclearspeak
1521๐Ÿ†‚black squared cap Sswart vierkantige hoofletter Sclearspeak
1522๐Ÿ†ƒblack squared cap Tswart vierkantige hoofletter Tclearspeak
1523๐Ÿ†„black squared cap Uswart vierkantige hoofletter Uclearspeak
1524๐Ÿ†…black squared cap Vswart vierkantige hoofletter Vclearspeak
1525๐Ÿ††black squared cap Wswart vierkantige hoofletter Wclearspeak
1526๐Ÿ†‡black squared cap Xswart vierkantige hoofletter Xclearspeak
1527๐Ÿ†ˆblack squared cap Yswart vierkantige hoofletter Yclearspeak
1528๐Ÿ†‰black squared cap Zswart vierkantige hoofletter Zclearspeak
1529๐Ÿ…black circled cap Aswart omkringde hoofletter Aclearspeak
1530๐Ÿ…‘black circled cap Bswart omkringde hoofletter Bclearspeak
1531๐Ÿ…’black circled cap Cswart omkringde hoofletter Cclearspeak
1532๐Ÿ…“black circled cap Dswart omkringde hoofletter Dclearspeak
1533๐Ÿ…”black circled cap Eswart omkringde hoofletter Eclearspeak
1534๐Ÿ…•black circled cap Fswart omkringde hoofletter Fclearspeak
1535๐Ÿ…–black circled cap Gswart omkringde hoofletter Gclearspeak
1536๐Ÿ…—black circled cap Hswart omkringde hoofletter Hclearspeak
1537๐Ÿ…˜black circled cap Iswart omkringde hoofletter Iclearspeak
1538๐Ÿ…™black circled cap Jswart omkringde hoofletter Jclearspeak
1539๐Ÿ…šblack circled cap Kswart omkringde hoofletter Kclearspeak
1540๐Ÿ…›black circled cap Lswart omkringde hoofletter Lclearspeak
1541๐Ÿ…œblack circled cap Mswart omkringde hoofletter Mclearspeak
1542๐Ÿ…black circled cap Nswart omkringde hoofletter Nclearspeak
1543๐Ÿ…žblack circled cap Oswart omkringde hoofletter Oclearspeak
1544๐Ÿ…Ÿblack circled cap Pswart omkringde hoofletter Pclearspeak
1545๐Ÿ… black circled cap Qswart omkringde hoofletter Qclearspeak
1546๐Ÿ…กblack circled cap Rswart omkringde hoofletter Rclearspeak
1547๐Ÿ…ขblack circled cap Sswart omkringde hoofletter Sclearspeak
1548๐Ÿ…ฃblack circled cap Tswart omkringde hoofletter Tclearspeak
1549๐Ÿ…คblack circled cap Uswart omkringde hoofletter Uclearspeak
1550๐Ÿ…ฅblack circled cap Vswart omkringde hoofletter Vclearspeak
1551๐Ÿ…ฆblack circled cap Wswart omkringde hoofletter Wclearspeak
1552๐Ÿ…งblack circled cap Xswart omkringde hoofletter Xclearspeak
1553๐Ÿ…จblack circled cap Yswart omkringde hoofletter Yclearspeak
1554๐Ÿ…ฉblack circled cap Zswart omkringde hoofletter Zclearspeak
1555ยผone quartereen kwartclearspeak
1556ยฝone halfeen halfclearspeak
1557ยพthree quartersdrie kwarteclearspeak
1558โ…one seventheen sewendeclearspeak
1559โ…‘one nintheen negendeclearspeak
1560โ…’one tentheen tiendeclearspeak
1561โ…“one thirdeen derdeclearspeak
1562โ…”two thirdstwee derdesclearspeak
1563โ…•one fiftheen vyfdeclearspeak
1564โ…–two fifthstwee vyfdesclearspeak
1565โ…—three fifthsdrie vyfdesclearspeak
1566โ…˜four fifthsvier vyfdesclearspeak
1567โ…™one sixtheen sesdeclearspeak
1568โ…šfive sixthsvyf sesdesclearspeak
1569โ…›one eightheen agsteclearspeak
1570โ…œthree eighthsdrie agstesclearspeak
1571โ…five eighthsvyf agstesclearspeak
1572โ…žseven eighthssewe agstesclearspeak
1573โ…Ÿnumerator oneteller eenclearspeak
1574โ†‰zero thirdsnul derdesclearspeak
1575ใ‰ˆcircled ten on black squareomkringde tien op swart vierkantclearspeak
1576ใ‰‰circled twenty on black squareomkringde twintig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1577ใ‰Šcircled thirty on black squareomkringde dertig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1578ใ‰‹circled forty on black squareomkringde veertig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1579ใ‰Œcircled fifty on black squareomkringde vyftig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1580ใ‰circled sixty on black squareomkringde sestig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1581ใ‰Žcircled seventy on black squareomkringde sewentig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1582ใ‰circled eighty on black squareomkringde tagtig op swart vierkantclearspeak
1583แดฆsmall cap Gammakleinletter Gammaclearspeak
1584แดงsmall cap Lamdakleinletter Lamdaclearspeak
1585แดจsmall cap Pikleinletter Piclearspeak
1586แดฉsmall cap Rhokleinletter Rhoclearspeak
1587แดชsmall cap Psikleinletter Psiclearspeak
1588แตžsuperscript gammaboskrif gammaclearspeak
1589แต superscript phiboskrif phiclearspeak
1590แตฆsubscript betaonderskrif betaclearspeak
1591แตงsubscript gammaonderskrif gammaclearspeak
1592แตจsubscript rhoonderskrif rhoclearspeak
1593แตฉsubscript phionderskrif phiclearspeak
1594แตชsubscript chionderskrif chiclearspeak
1597ฯถreversed epsilonagterstevoor epsilonclearspeak
1598๐ŸŠbold cap Digammavetgedrukte hoofletter Digammaclearspeak
1599๐Ÿ‹bold digammavetgedrukte Digammaclearspeak
1600โ„ตfirst transfinite cardinalfirst transfinite cardinalclearspeak
1601โ„ถsecond transfinite cardinalsecond transfinite cardinalclearspeak
1602โ„ทthird transfinite cardinalthird transfinite cardinalclearspeak
1603โ„ธfourth transfinite cardinalfourth transfinite cardinalclearspeak
1604ว–u double overdot overbaru dubbel bopunt bostaafclearspeak
1605ว˜u double overdot acuteu dubbel bopunt akkuutclearspeak
1606วšu double overdot caronu dubbel bopunt karonclearspeak
1607วœu double overdot graveu dubbel bopunt gravisclearspeak
1608วŸa double overdot overbara dubbel bopunt bostaafclearspeak
1609วกa overdot overbara bopunt bostaafclearspeak
1610วญo ogonek overbaro ogonek bostaafclearspeak
1611วปa ring above acutea ring bokant akkuutclearspeak
1612ศซo double overdot overbaro dubbel bopunt bostaafclearspeak
1613ศญo tilde overbaro tilde bostaafclearspeak
1614ศฑo overdot overbaro bopunt bostaafclearspeak
1615แธ‰c cedilla acutec sidilla akkuutclearspeak
1616แธ•e overbar gravee bostaaf gravisclearspeak
1617แธ—e overbar acutee bostaaf akkuutclearspeak
1618แธe cedilla brevee sidilla asemclearspeak
1619แธฏi double overdot acutei dubbel bopunt akkuutclearspeak
1620แธนl underdot overbarl onderpunt bostaafclearspeak
1621แนo tilde acuteo tilde akkuutclearspeak
1622แนo tilde double overdoto tilde dubbel bopuntclearspeak
1623แน‘o overbar graveo bostaaf gravisclearspeak
1624แน“o overbar acuteo bostaaf akkuutclearspeak
1625แนr underdot overbarr onderpunt bostaafclearspeak
1626แนฅs acute overdots akkuut bopuntclearspeak
1627แนงs caron overdots karon bopuntclearspeak
1628แนฉs underdot overdots onderpunt bopuntclearspeak
1629แนนu tilde acuteu tilde akkuutclearspeak
1630แนปu overbar double overdotu bostaaf dubbel bopuntclearspeak
1631แบฅa hat acutea hoed akkuutclearspeak
1632แบงa hat gravea hoed gravisclearspeak
1633แบฉa hat hook abovea hoed haak bokantclearspeak
1634แบซa hat tildea hoed tildeclearspeak
1635แบญa hat underdota hoed onderpuntclearspeak
1636แบฏa breve acutea brevis akkuutclearspeak
1637แบฑa breve gravea brevis gravisclearspeak
1638แบณa breve hook abovea brevis haak bokantclearspeak
1639แบตa breve tildea brevis tildeclearspeak
1640แบทa breve underdota brevis onderpuntclearspeak
1641แบฟe hat acutee hoed akkuutclearspeak
1642แปe hat gravee hoed gravisclearspeak
1643แปƒe hat hook abovee hoed haak bokantclearspeak
1644แป…e hat tildee hoed tildeclearspeak
1645แป‡e hat underdote hoed onderpuntclearspeak
1646แป‘o hat acuteo hoed akkuutclearspeak
1647แป“o hat graveo hoed gravisclearspeak
1648แป•o hat hook aboveo hoed haak bokantclearspeak
1649แป—o hat tildeo hoed tildeclearspeak
1650แป™o hat underdoto hoed onderpuntclearspeak
1651แป›o acute primeo akkuut priemclearspeak
1652แปo grave primeo gravis priemclearspeak
1653แปŸo hook above primeo haak bokant priemclearspeak
1654แปกo tilde primeo tilde priemclearspeak
1655แปฃo underdot primeo onderpunt priemclearspeak
1656แปฉu acute primeu akkuut priemclearspeak
1657แปซu grave primeu gravis priemclearspeak
1658แปญu hook above primeu haak bokant priemclearspeak
1659แปฏu tilde primeu tilde priemclearspeak
1660แปฑu underdot primeu onderpunt priemclearspeak
1661รธo with strokestreep oclearspeak
1662ฤ‘d with stroked met streepclearspeak
1663ฤงh with strokeh met streepclearspeak
1664ล‚l with strokel met streepclearspeak
1665ลงt with stroket met streepclearspeak
1666ฦ€b with strokeb met streepclearspeak
1667ฦ›lambda with strokelamda met streepclearspeak
1668ฦถz with strokez met streepclearspeak
1669ฦพlatin letter inverted glottal stop with strokelatynse letter omgekeerde glotale stop met streepclearspeak
1670วฅg with strokeg met streepclearspeak
1671วฟo with stroke and acuteo met streep en akuutclearspeak
1672ศผc with strokec met streepclearspeak
1673ษ‡e with strokee met streepclearspeak
1674ษ‰j with strokej met streepclearspeak
1675ษr with stroker met streepclearspeak
1676ษy with strokey met streepclearspeak
1677ษŸdotless j with strokepuntlose j met streepclearspeak
1678ษจi with strokei met streepclearspeak
1679ส„dotless j with stroke and hookpuntlose j met streep en haakclearspeak
1680สกlatin letter glottal stop with strokelatynse letter glotale stop met streepclearspeak
1681สขlatin letter reversed glottal stop with strokelatynse letter agterstevoor glotale stop met streepclearspeak
1682แด“sideways o with strokedwarsgedraaide o met streepclearspeak
1683แตผiota with strokeiota met streepclearspeak
1684แตฝp with strokep met streepclearspeak
1685แตฟupsilon with strokeupsilon met streepclearspeak
1686แบœlong s with diagonal strokelang s met diagonale streepclearspeak
1687แบlong s with high strokelang s met hoรซ streepclearspeak
1688ฦturned deltagedraaide deltaclearspeak
1689แบ›long s with dot abovelang s met punt boclearspeak
1692ลฟlong slang sclearspeak
1693ฦƒb with topbarb met bo staafclearspeak
1694ฦ…tone sixtoon sesclearspeak
1695ฦˆc with hookc met haakclearspeak
1696ฦŒd with topbard met bo staafclearspeak
1697ฦ’f with hookf met haakclearspeak
1699ฦ™k with hookk met haakclearspeak
1700ฦšl with barl met staafclearspeak
1701ฦžn with long right legn met lang regter beenclearspeak
1702ฦกo with horno met horingclearspeak
1704ฦฅp with hookp met haakclearspeak
1705ฦจtone twotoon tweeclearspeak
1706ฦชlatin letter reversed esh looplatin letter reversed esh loopclearspeak
1707ฦซt with palatal hookt met palatale haakclearspeak
1708ฦญt with hookt met haakclearspeak
1709ฦฐu with hornu met horingclearspeak
1710ฦดy with hooky met haakclearspeak
1711ฦนezh reversedezh reversedclearspeak
1712ฦบezh with tailezh with tailclearspeak
1713ฦฝtone fivetoon vyfclearspeak
1714ฦฟlatin letter wynnlatin letter wynnclearspeak
1715ว†dz with carondz with caronclearspeak
1718วฃae with macronae with macronclearspeak
1719วฏezh with caronezh with caronclearspeak
1724ส“ezh with curlezh with curlclearspeak
1725สคdezh digraphdezh digraphclearspeak
1726วturned egedraaide eclearspeak
1727วฝae with acuteae met akuutclearspeak
1728ศกd with curld met krulclearspeak
1730ศฅz with hookz met haakclearspeak
1731ศดl with curll met krulclearspeak
1732ศตn with curln met krulclearspeak
1733ศถt with curlt met krulclearspeak
1734ศธdb digraphdb digraphclearspeak
1735ศนqp digraphqp digraphclearspeak
1736ศฟs with swash tails with swash tailclearspeak
1737ษ€z with swash tailz with swash tailclearspeak
1738ษ‚glottal stopglotale stopclearspeak
1739ษ‹q with hook tailq met haakstertclearspeak
1740ษturned agedraaide aclearspeak
1742ษ’turned alphagedraaide alfaclearspeak
1743ษ“b with hookb met haakclearspeak
1744ษ”open ooop oclearspeak
1745ษ•c with curlc met krulclearspeak
1746ษ–d with taild met stertclearspeak
1747ษ—d with hookd met haakclearspeak
1748ษ˜reversed eagterstevoor dclearspeak
1750ษšschwa with hookshwa met haakclearspeak
1751ษ›open eoop eclearspeak
1752ษœreversed open eagterstevoor oop eclearspeak
1753ษreversed open e with hookagterstevoor oop e met haakclearspeak
1754ษžclosed reversed open etoe agterstevoor oop eclearspeak
1755ษ g with hookg met haakclearspeak
1756ษกscript gscript gclearspeak
1758ษคrams hornramshoringclearspeak
1759ษฅturned hgedraaide hclearspeak
1760ษฆh with hookh met haakclearspeak
1761ษงheng with hookheng met haakclearspeak
1763ษซl with middle tildel met middel tildeclearspeak
1764ษฌl with beltl met gordelclearspeak
1765ษญl with retroflex hookl with retroflex hookclearspeak
1766ษฏturned mgedraaide mclearspeak
1767ษฐturned m with long leggedraaide m met lang beenclearspeak
1768ษฑm with hookm met haakclearspeak
1769ษฒn with left hookn met linker haakclearspeak
1770ษณn with retroflex hookn with retroflex hookclearspeak
1771ษตbarred obarred oclearspeak
1772ษทclosed omegatoe omegaclearspeak
1774ษนturned rgedraaide rclearspeak
1775ษบturned r with long leggedraaide r met lang beenclearspeak
1776ษปturned r with hookgedraaide r met haakclearspeak
1777ษผr with long legr met lang beenclearspeak
1778ษฝr with tailr met stertclearspeak
1779ษพr with fishhookr met vishoekclearspeak
1780ษฟreversed r with fishhookagterstevoor r met vishoekclearspeak
1781ส‚s with hooks met haakclearspeak
1783ส…squat reversed eshsquat reversed eshclearspeak
1784ส†esh with curlesh with curlclearspeak
1785ส‡turned tgedraaide tclearspeak
1786สˆt with retroflex hookt with retroflex hookclearspeak
1787ส‰u baru barclearspeak
1789ส‹v with hookv met haakclearspeak
1790สŒturned vgedraaide vclearspeak
1791สturned wgedraaide wclearspeak
1792สŽturned ygedraaide yclearspeak
1793สz with retroflex hookz with retroflex hookclearspeak
1794ส‘z with curlz met krulclearspeak
1795ส•latin letter pharyngeal voiced fricativelatynse letter farangiale stemhebbende frikatiefclearspeak
1796ส–latin letter inverted glottal stoplatynse letter omgekeerde glotale stopclearspeak
1797ส—latin letter stretched clatynse letter gerekte cclearspeak
1798ส˜latin letter bilabial clicklatynse letter bilabiale klikclearspeak
1799สšclosed open etoe oop eclearspeak
1800สžturned kgedraaide kclearspeak
1801ส q with hookq met haakclearspeak
1802สฃdz digraphdz digraphclearspeak
1803สฅdz digraph with curldz digraph with curlclearspeak
1804สฆts digraphts digraphclearspeak
1805สงtesh digraphtesh digraphclearspeak
1806สจtc digraph with curltc digraph with curlclearspeak
1807สฉfeng digraphfeng digraphclearspeak
1808สชls digraphls digraphclearspeak
1809สซlz digraphlz digraphclearspeak
1810สฌlatin letter bilabial percussivelatynse letter bilabiale perkusiefclearspeak
1811สญlatin letter bidental percussivelatynse letter bidentale perkusiefclearspeak
1812สฎturned h with fishhookgedraaide h met vishoekclearspeak
1813สฏturned h with fishhook and tailgedraaide h met vishoek en stertclearspeak
1814แด‚turned aegedraaide aeclearspeak
1815แดˆturned open egedraaide oop eclearspeak
1816แด‰turned igedraaide iclearspeak
1817แด‘sideways odwars oclearspeak
1818แด’sideways open odwars oop oclearspeak
1819แด”turned oegedraaide oclearspeak
1820แด–top half oboonste halwe oclearspeak
1821แด—bottom half oonderste halwe oclearspeak
1822แดsideways udwars uclearspeak
1823แดžsideways diaeresized usideways diaeresized uclearspeak
1824แดŸsideways turned mdwars geddraaide mclearspeak
1825แดคlatin letter voiced laryngeal spirantlatin letter voiced laryngeal spirantclearspeak
1826แดฅlatin letter ainlatin letter ainclearspeak
1828แตฌb with middle tildeb met middel tildeclearspeak
1829แตญd with middle tilded met middel tildeclearspeak
1830แตฎf with middle tildef met middel tildeclearspeak
1831แตฏm with middle tildem met middel tildeclearspeak
1832แตฐn with middle tilden met middel tildeclearspeak
1833แตฑp with middle tildep met middel tildeclearspeak
1834แตฒr with middle tilder met middel tildeclearspeak
1835แตณr with fishhook and middle tilder met vishoek en middel tildeclearspeak
1836แตดs with middle tildes met middel tildeclearspeak
1837แตตt with middle tildet met middel tildeclearspeak
1838แตถz with middle tildez met middel tildeclearspeak
1839แตทturned ggedraaide gclearspeak
1840แตนinsular ginsular gclearspeak
1841แตบth with strikethroughth with strikethroughclearspeak
1842แถ€b with palatal hookb met palatale haakclearspeak
1843แถd with palatal hookd met palatale haakclearspeak
1844แถ‚f with palatal hookf met palatale haakclearspeak
1845แถƒg with palatal hookg met palatale haakclearspeak
1846แถ„k with palatal hookk met palatale haakclearspeak
1847แถ…l with palatal hookl met palatale haakclearspeak
1848แถ†m with palatal hookm met palatale haakclearspeak
1849แถ‡n with palatal hookn met palatale haakclearspeak
1850แถˆp with palatal hookp met palatale haakclearspeak
1851แถ‰r with palatal hookr met palatale haakclearspeak
1852แถŠs with palatal hooks met palatale haakclearspeak
1853แถ‹esh with palatal hookesh with palatal hookclearspeak
1854แถŒv with palatal hookv met palatale haakclearspeak
1855แถx with palatal hookx met palatale haakclearspeak
1856แถŽz with palatal hookz met palatale haakclearspeak
1857แถa with retroflex hooka with retroflex hookclearspeak
1858แถalpha with retroflex hookalpha with retroflex hookclearspeak
1859แถ‘d with hook and taild met haak en stertclearspeak
1860แถ’e with retroflex hooke with retroflex hookclearspeak
1861แถ“open e with retroflex hookopen e with retroflex hookclearspeak
1862แถ”reversed open e with retroflex hookreversed open e with retroflex hookclearspeak
1863แถ•schwa with retroflex hookschwa with retroflex hookclearspeak
1864แถ–i with retroflex hooki with retroflex hookclearspeak
1865แถ—open o with retroflex hookopen o with retroflex hookclearspeak
1866แถ˜esh with retroflex hookesh with retroflex hookclearspeak
1867แถ™u with retroflex hooku with retroflex hookclearspeak
1868แถšezh with retroflex hookezh with retroflex hookclearspeak
1869ล‰n preceded by apostrophen met afkappingsteken voorafclearspeak
1871ร a gravea gravisclearspeak
1872รกa acutea akkuutclearspeak
1873รขa hata hoedclearspeak
1874รฃa tildea tildeclearspeak
1875รคa double overdota dubbel bopuntclearspeak
1876รฅa ringa ringclearspeak
1877รงc cedillac sidillaclearspeak
1878รจe gravee gravisclearspeak
1879รฉe acutee akkuutclearspeak
1880รชe hatkappie e e hoedclearspeak
1881รซe double overdote dubbel bopuntclearspeak
1882รฌi gravei gravisclearspeak
1883รญi acutei akkuutclearspeak
1884รฎi hati hoedclearspeak
1885รฏi double overdotdeelteken iclearspeak
1886รฑn tilden tildeclearspeak
1887รฒo graveo gravisclearspeak
1888รณo acuteo akkuutclearspeak
1889รดo hatkappie oclearspeak
1890รตo tildeo tildeclearspeak
1891รถo double overdotdeelteken oclearspeak
1892รนu graveu gravisclearspeak
1893รบu acuteakkuut uclearspeak
1894รปu hatkappie uclearspeak
1895รผu double overdotdeelteken uclearspeak
1896รฝy acuteakkuut yclearspeak
1897รฟy double overdotdeelteken yclearspeak
1898ฤa overbara bostaafclearspeak
1899ฤƒa brevea brevisclearspeak
1900ฤ…a ogoneka ogonekclearspeak
1901ฤ‡c acuteakkuut cclearspeak
1902ฤ‰c hatc hoedclearspeak
1903ฤ‹c overdotc bopuntclearspeak
1904ฤc caronc karonclearspeak
1905ฤd carond karonclearspeak
1906ฤ“e overbare bostaafclearspeak
1907ฤ•e brevee brevisclearspeak
1908ฤ—e overdote bopuntclearspeak
1909ฤ™e ogoneke ogonekclearspeak
1910ฤ›e carone karonclearspeak
1911ฤg hatg hoedclearspeak
1912ฤŸg breveg brevisclearspeak
1913ฤกg overdotg bopuntclearspeak
1914ฤฃg cedillag sidillaclearspeak
1915ฤฅh hath hoedclearspeak
1916ฤฉi tildei tildeclearspeak
1917ฤซi overbari bostaafclearspeak
1918ฤญi brevei brevisclearspeak
1919ฤฏi ogoneki ogonekclearspeak
1920ฤฑdotless ipuntlose iclearspeak
1921ฤตj hatj hoedclearspeak
1922ฤทk cedillak sidillaclearspeak
1923ฤบl acutel akkuutclearspeak
1924ฤผl cedillal sidillaclearspeak
1925ฤพl caronl karonclearspeak
1926ล€l middle dotl middel puntclearspeak
1927ล„n acuten akkuutclearspeak
1928ล†n cedillan sidillaclearspeak
1929ลˆn caronn karonclearspeak
1930ลo overbaro bostaafclearspeak
1931ลo breveo brevisclearspeak
1932ล‘o double acuteo dubbel akkuutclearspeak
1933ล•r acuter akkuutclearspeak
1934ล—r cedillar sidillaclearspeak
1935ล™r caronr karonclearspeak
1936ล›s acutes akkuutclearspeak
1937ลs hats hoedclearspeak
1938ลŸs cedillas sidillaclearspeak
1939ลกs carons karonclearspeak
1940ลฃt cedillat sidillaclearspeak
1941ลฅt caront karonclearspeak
1942ลฉu tildeu tildeclearspeak
1943ลซu overbaru bostaafclearspeak
1944ลญu breveu brevisclearspeak
1945ลฏu ringu ringclearspeak
1946ลฑu double acuteu dubbel akkuutclearspeak
1947ลณu ogoneku ogonekclearspeak
1948ลตw hatw hoedclearspeak
1949ลทy haty hoedclearspeak
1950ลบz acutez akkuutclearspeak
1951ลผz overdotz bopuntclearspeak
1952ลพz caronz karonclearspeak
1953วŽa carona karonclearspeak
1954วi caroni karonclearspeak
1955ว’o carono karonclearspeak
1956ว”u caronu karonclearspeak
1957วงg carong karonclearspeak
1958วฉk caronk karonclearspeak
1959วซo ogoneko ogonekclearspeak
1960วฐj caronj karonclearspeak
1961วตg acuteg akkuutclearspeak
1962วนn graven gravisclearspeak
1963ศa double gravea dubbel gravisclearspeak
1964ศƒa inverted brevea tru brevisclearspeak
1965ศ…e double gravee dubbel gravisclearspeak
1966ศ‡e inverted brevee tru brevisclearspeak
1967ศ‰i double gravei dubbel gravisclearspeak
1968ศ‹i inverted brevei tru brevisclearspeak
1969ศo double graveo dubbel gravisclearspeak
1970ศo inverted breveo tru brevisclearspeak
1971ศ‘r double graver dubbel gravisclearspeak
1972ศ“r inverted brever tru brevisclearspeak
1973ศ•u double graveu dubbel gravisclearspeak
1974ศ—u inverted breveu tru brevisclearspeak
1975ศ™s comma belows komma onderclearspeak
1976ศ›t comma belowt komma onderclearspeak
1977ศŸh caronh karonclearspeak
1978ศงa overdota bopuntclearspeak
1979ศฉe cedillae sidillaclearspeak
1980ศฏo overdoto bopuntclearspeak
1981ศณy overbary bostaafclearspeak
1982ศทdotless jpuntlose jclearspeak
1983แธa ring belowa ring onderclearspeak
1984แธƒb overdotb bopuntclearspeak
1985แธ…b underdotb onderpuntclearspeak
1986แธ‡b underbarb onderstaafclearspeak
1987แธ‹d overdotd bopuntclearspeak
1988แธd underdotd onderpuntclearspeak
1989แธd underbard onderstaafclearspeak
1990แธ‘d cedillad sidillaclearspeak
1991แธ“d underhatd onderhoedclearspeak
1992แธ™e underhate onderhoedclearspeak
1993แธ›e tilde belowe tilde onderclearspeak
1994แธŸf overdotf bopuntclearspeak
1995แธกg overbarg bostaafclearspeak
1996แธฃh overdoth bopuntclearspeak
1997แธฅh underdoth onderpuntclearspeak
1998แธงh double overdoth dubbel bopuntclearspeak
1999แธฉh cedillah sidillaclearspeak
2000แธซh breve belowh brevis onderclearspeak
2001แธญi tilde belowi tilde onderclearspeak
2002แธฑk acutek akkuutclearspeak
2003แธณk underdotk onderpuntclearspeak
2004แธตk underbark onderstaafclearspeak
2005แธทl underdotl onderpuntclearspeak
2006แธปl underbarl onderstaafclearspeak
2007แธฝl underhatl onderhoedclearspeak
2008แธฟm acutem akkuutclearspeak
2009แนm overdotm bopuntclearspeak
2010แนƒm underdotm onderpuntclearspeak
2011แน…n overdotn bopuntclearspeak
2012แน‡n underdotn onderpuntclearspeak
2013แน‰n underbarn onderstaafclearspeak
2014แน‹n underhatn onderhoedclearspeak
2015แน•p acutep akkuutclearspeak
2016แน—p overdotp bopuntclearspeak
2017แน™r overdotr bopuntclearspeak
2018แน›r underdotr onderpuntclearspeak
2019แนŸr underbarr onderstaafclearspeak
2020แนกs overdots bopuntclearspeak
2021แนฃs underdots onderpuntclearspeak
2022แนซt overdott bopuntclearspeak
2023แนญt underdott onderpuntclearspeak
2024แนฏt underbart onderstaafclearspeak
2025แนฑt underhatt onderhoedclearspeak
2026แนณu double underdotu dubbel onderpuntclearspeak
2027แนตu tilde belowu tilde onderclearspeak
2028แนทu underhatu onderhoedclearspeak
2029แนฝv tildev tildeclearspeak
2030แนฟv underdotv onderpuntclearspeak
2031แบw gravew gravisclearspeak
2032แบƒw acutew akkuutclearspeak
2033แบ…w double overdotw dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2034แบ‡w overdotw bopuntclearspeak
2035แบ‰w underdotw onderpuntclearspeak
2036แบ‹x overdotx bopuntclearspeak
2037แบx double overdotx dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2038แบy overdoty bopuntclearspeak
2039แบ‘z hatz hoedclearspeak
2040แบ“z underdotz onderpuntclearspeak
2041แบ•z underbarz onderstaafclearspeak
2042แบ–h underbarh onderstaafclearspeak
2043แบ—t double overdott dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2044แบ˜w ringw ringclearspeak
2045แบ™y ringy ringclearspeak
2046แบša right half ringa regs half ringclearspeak
2047แบกa underdota onderpuntclearspeak
2048แบฃa hooka haakclearspeak
2049แบนe underdote onderpuntclearspeak
2050แบปe hooke haakclearspeak
2051แบฝe tildee tildeclearspeak
2052แป‰i hooki haakclearspeak
2053แป‹i underdoti onderpuntclearspeak
2054แปo underdoto onderpuntclearspeak
2055แปo hooko haakclearspeak
2056แปฅu underdotu onderpuntclearspeak
2057แปงu hooku haakclearspeak
2058แปณy gravey gravisclearspeak
2059แปตy underdoty onderpuntclearspeak
2060แปทy hooky haakclearspeak
2061แปนy tildey tildeclearspeak
2062อฃcombining agekombineerde aclearspeak
2063อคcombining egekombineerde eclearspeak
2064อฅcombining igekombineerde iclearspeak
2065อฆcombining ogekombineerde oclearspeak
2066องcombining ugekombineerde uclearspeak
2067อจcombining cgekombineerde cclearspeak
2068อฉcombining dgekombineerde dclearspeak
2069อชcombining hgekombineerde hclearspeak
2070อซcombining mgekombineerde mclearspeak
2071อฌcombining rgekombineerde rclearspeak
2072อญcombining tgekombineerde tclearspeak
2073อฎcombining vgekombineerde vclearspeak
2074อฏcombining xgekombineerde xclearspeak
2075แตขsubscript ionderskrif iclearspeak
2076แตฃsubscript ronderskrif rclearspeak
2077แตคsubscript uonderskrif uclearspeak
2078แตฅsubscript vonderskrif vclearspeak
2079แทŠcombining r belowgekombineerde r onderclearspeak
2080แท“combining flattened open a abovegekombineerde platgedrukte oop a boclearspeak
2081แท”combining aegekombineerde aeclearspeak
2082แท•combining aogekombineerde aoclearspeak
2083แท–combining avgekombineerde avclearspeak
2084แท—combining c cedillagekombineerde c sedillaclearspeak
2085แท˜combining insular dgekombineerde insulรชr dclearspeak
2086แท™combining ethgekombineerde ethclearspeak
2087แทšcombining ggekombineerde gclearspeak
2088แท›combining small cap Ggekombineerde klein hoofletter Gclearspeak
2089แทœcombining kgekombineerde kclearspeak
2090แทcombining lgekombineerde lclearspeak
2091แทžcombining small cap Lgekombineerde klein hoofletter Lclearspeak
2092แทŸcombining small cap Mgekombineerde klein hoofletter Mclearspeak
2093แท combining ngekombineerde nclearspeak
2094แทกcombining small cap Ngekombineerde klein hoofletter Nclearspeak
2095แทขcombining small cap Rgekombineerde klein hoofletter Rclearspeak
2096แทฃcombining r rotundagekombineerde r rotundaclearspeak
2097แทคcombining sgekombineerde sclearspeak
2098แทฅcombining long sgekombineerde lang sclearspeak
2099แทฆcombining zgekombineerde zclearspeak
2100โฑsuperscript iboskrif iclearspeak
2101โฟsuperscript nboskrif nclearspeak
2102โ‚subscript aonderskrif aclearspeak
2103โ‚‘subscript eonderskrif eclearspeak
2104โ‚’subscript oonderskrif oclearspeak
2105โ‚“subscript xonderskrif xclearspeak
2106โ‚”subscript schwaonderskrif schwaclearspeak
2107โ‚•subscript honderskrif hclearspeak
2108โ‚–subscript konderskrif kclearspeak
2109โ‚—subscript londerskrif lclearspeak
2110โ‚˜subscript monderskrif mclearspeak
2111โ‚™subscript nonderskrif nclearspeak
2112โ‚šsubscript ponderskrif pclearspeak
2113โ‚›subscript sonderskrif sclearspeak
2114โ‚œsubscript tonderskrif tclearspeak
2115โฑผsubscript jonderskrif jclearspeak
2116๐Ÿ„ชtortoise shell bracketed cap Sskilpaddop hoofletter S in hakkiesclearspeak
2117๐Ÿ„ซcircled italic cap Comkringde kursief hoofletter Cclearspeak
2118๐Ÿ„ฌcircled italic cap Romkringde kursief hoofletter Rclearspeak
2119๐Ÿ†Šcrossed negative squared cap Pgekruisde negatiewe kwadraat hoofletter Pclearspeak
2120ว•cap U double overdot overbarhoofletter u dubbel bopunt bostaafclearspeak
2121ว—cap U double overdot acutehoofletter u dubbel bopunt akkuutclearspeak
2122ว™cap U double overdot caronhoofletter u dubbel bopunt karonclearspeak
2123ว›cap U double overdot gravehoofletter u dubbel bopunt gravisclearspeak
2124วžcap A double overdot overbarhoofletter a dubbel bopunt bostaafclearspeak
2125ว cap A overdot overbarhoofletter a bopunt bostaafclearspeak
2126วฌcap O ogonek overbarhoofletter o ogonek bostaafclearspeak
2127วบcap A ring acutehoofletter a ring akkuutclearspeak
2128ศชcap O double overdot overbarhoofletter o dubbel bopunt bostaafclearspeak
2129ศฌcap O tilde overbarhoofletter o tilde bostaafclearspeak
2130ศฐcap O overdot overbarhoofletter o bopunt bostaafclearspeak
2131แธˆcap C cedilla acutehoofletter c sidila akkuutclearspeak
2132แธ”cap E overbar gravehoofletter e bostaaf gravisclearspeak
2133แธ–cap E overbar acutehoofletter e bostaaf akkuutclearspeak
2134แธœcap E cedilla brevehoofletter e sidilla brevisclearspeak
2135แธฎcap I double overdot acutehoofletter i dubbel bopunt akkuutclearspeak
2136แธธcap L underdot overbarhoofletter l onderpunt bostaafclearspeak
2137แนŒcap O tilde acutehoofletter o tilde akkuutclearspeak
2138แนŽcap O tilde double overdothoofletter o tilde dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2139แนcap O overbar gravehoofletter o bostaaf gravisclearspeak
2140แน’cap O overbar acutehoofletter o bostaaf akkuutclearspeak
2141แนœcap R overbar underdothoofletter r bostaaf onderpuntclearspeak
2142แนคcap S acute overdothoofletter s akkuut bopuntclearspeak
2143แนฆcap S caron overdothoofletter s karon bopuntclearspeak
2144แนจcap S underdot overdothoofletter s onderpunt bopuntclearspeak
2145แนธcap U tilde acutehoofletter u tilde akkuutclearspeak
2146แนบcap U overbar double overdothoofletter u bostaaf dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2147แบคcap A hat acutehoofletter a hoed akkuutclearspeak
2148แบฆcap A hat gravehoofletter a hoed gravisclearspeak
2149แบจcap A hat hookhoofletter a hoed haakclearspeak
2150แบชcap A hat tildehoofletter a hoed tildeclearspeak
2151แบฌcap A hat underdothoofletter a hoed onderpuntclearspeak
2152แบฎcap A breve acutehoofletter a brevis akkuutclearspeak
2153แบฐcap A breve gravehoofletter a brevis gravisclearspeak
2154แบฒcap A breve hookhoofletter a brevis haakclearspeak
2155แบดcap A breve tildehoofletter a brevis tildeclearspeak
2156แบถcap A breve underdothoofletter a brevis onderpuntclearspeak
2157แบพcap E hat acutehoofletter e hoed akkuutclearspeak
2158แป€cap E hat gravehoofletter e hoed gravisclearspeak
2159แป‚cap E hat hookhoofletter e hoed haakclearspeak
2160แป„cap E hat tildehoofletter e hoed tildeclearspeak
2161แป†cap E hat underdothoofletter e hoed onderpuntclearspeak
2162แปcap O hat acutehoofletter o hoed akkuutclearspeak
2163แป’cap O hat gravehoofletter o hoed gravisclearspeak
2164แป”cap O hat hookhoofletter o hoed haakclearspeak
2165แป–cap O hat tildehoofletter o hoed tildeclearspeak
2166แป˜cap O hat underdothoofletter o hoed onderpuntclearspeak
2167แปšcap O acute primehoofletter o akkuut priemclearspeak
2168แปœcap O grave primehoofletter o gravis priemclearspeak
2169แปžcap O hook primehoofletter o haak priemclearspeak
2170แป cap O tilde primehoofletter o tilde priemclearspeak
2171แปขcap O underdot primehoofletter o onderpunt priemclearspeak
2172แปจcap U acute primehoofletter u akkuut priemclearspeak
2173แปชcap U grave primehoofletter u gravis priemclearspeak
2174แปฌcap U hook primehoofletter u haak priemclearspeak
2175แปฎcap U tilde primehoofletter u tilde priemclearspeak
2176แปฐcap U underdot primehoofletter u onderpunt priemclearspeak
2177ร€cap A gravehoofletter A gravisclearspeak
2178รcap A acutehoofletter A akkuutclearspeak
2179ร‚cap A hathoofletter A hoedclearspeak
2180รƒcap A tildehoofletter A tildeclearspeak
2181ร„cap A double overdothoofletter A dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2182ร…cap A ringhoofletter A ringclearspeak
2183ร‡cap C cedillahoofletter C sidillaclearspeak
2184รˆcap E gravehoofletter E gravisclearspeak
2185ร‰cap E acutehoofletter E akkuutclearspeak
2186รŠcap E hathoofletter E hoedclearspeak
2187ร‹cap E double overdothoofletter deelteken eclearspeak
2188รŒcap I gravehoofletter I gravisclearspeak
2189รcap I acutehoofletter I akkuutclearspeak
2190รŽcap I hathoofletter I hoedclearspeak
2191รcap I double overdothoofletter deelteken iclearspeak
2192ร‘cap N tildehoofletter N tildeclearspeak
2193ร’cap O gravehoofletter O gravisclearspeak
2194ร“cap O acutehoofletter O akkuutclearspeak
2195ร”cap O hathoofletter kappie oclearspeak
2196ร•cap O tildehoofletter O tildeclearspeak
2197ร–cap O double overdothoofletter deelteken oclearspeak
2198ร™cap U gravehoofletter U gravisclearspeak
2199รšcap U acutehoofletter U akkuutclearspeak
2200ร›cap U hathoofletter kappie uclearspeak
2201รœcap U double overdothoofletter deelteken uclearspeak
2202รcap Y acutehoofletter Y akkuutclearspeak
2203ฤ€cap A overbarhoofletter A bostaafclearspeak
2204ฤ‚cap A brevehoofletter A brevisclearspeak
2205ฤ„cap A ogonekhoofletter A ogonekclearspeak
2206ฤ†cap C acutehoofletter C akkuutclearspeak
2207ฤˆcap C hathoofletter C hoedclearspeak
2208ฤŠcap C overdothoofletter C bopuntclearspeak
2209ฤŒcap C caronhoofletter C karonclearspeak
2210ฤŽcap D caronhoofletter D karonclearspeak
2211ฤ’cap E overbarhoofletter E bostaafclearspeak
2212ฤ”cap E brevehoofletter E brevisclearspeak
2213ฤ–cap E overdothoofletter E bopuntclearspeak
2214ฤ˜cap E ogonekhoofletter E ogonekclearspeak
2215ฤšcap E caronhoofletter E karonclearspeak
2216ฤœcap G hathoofletter G hoedclearspeak
2217ฤžcap G brevehoofletter G brevisclearspeak
2218ฤ cap G overdothoofletter G bopuntclearspeak
2219ฤขcap G cedillahoofletter G sidillaclearspeak
2220ฤคcap H hathoofletter H hoedclearspeak
2221ฤจcap I tildehoofletter I tildeclearspeak
2222ฤชcap I overbarhoofletter I bostaafclearspeak
2223ฤฌcap I brevehoofletter I brevisclearspeak
2224ฤฎcap I ogonekhoofletter I ogonekclearspeak
2225ฤฐcap I overdothoofletter I bopuntclearspeak
2226ฤดcap J hathoofletter J hoedclearspeak
2227ฤถcap K cedillahoofletter K sidillaclearspeak
2228ฤนcap L acutehoofletter L akkuutclearspeak
2229ฤปcap L cedillahoofletter L sidillaclearspeak
2230ฤฝcap L caronhoofletter L karonclearspeak
2231ฤฟcap L middle dothoofletter L middel puntclearspeak
2232ลƒcap N acutehoofletter N akkuutclearspeak
2233ล…cap N cedillahoofletter N sidillaclearspeak
2234ล‡cap N caronhoofletter N karonclearspeak
2235ลŒcap O overbarhoofletter O bostaafclearspeak
2236ลŽcap O brevehoofletter O brevisclearspeak
2237ลcap O double acutehoofletter O dubbel akkuutclearspeak
2238ล”cap R acutehoofletter R akkuutclearspeak
2239ล–cap R cedillahoofletter R sidillaclearspeak
2240ล˜cap R caronhoofletter R karonclearspeak
2241ลšcap S acutehoofletter S akkuutclearspeak
2242ลœcap S hathoofletter S hoedclearspeak
2243ลžcap S cedillahoofletter S sidillaclearspeak
2244ล cap S caronhoofletter S karonclearspeak
2245ลขcap T cedillahoofletter T sidillaclearspeak
2246ลคcap T caronhoofletter T karonclearspeak
2247ลจcap U tildehoofletter U tildeclearspeak
2248ลชcap U overbarhoofletter U bostaafclearspeak
2249ลฌcap U brevehoofletter U brevisclearspeak
2250ลฎcap U ringhoofletter U ringclearspeak
2251ลฐcap U double acutehoofletter U dubbel akkuutclearspeak
2252ลฒcap U ogonekhoofletter U ogonekclearspeak
2253ลดcap W hathoofletter W hoedclearspeak
2254ลถcap Y hathoofletter Y hoedclearspeak
2255ลธcap Y double overdothoofletter Y dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2256ลนcap Z acutehoofletter Z akkuutclearspeak
2257ลปcap Z overdothoofletter Z bopuntclearspeak
2258ลฝcap Z caronhoofletter Z karonclearspeak
2259วcap A caronhoofletter A karonclearspeak
2260วcap I caronhoofletter I karonclearspeak
2261ว‘cap O caronhoofletter O karonclearspeak
2262ว“cap U caronhoofletter U karonclearspeak
2263วฆcap G caronhoofletter G karonclearspeak
2264วจcap K caronhoofletter K karonclearspeak
2265วชcap O ogonekhoofletter O ogonekclearspeak
2266วดcap G acutehoofletter G akkuutclearspeak
2267วธcap N gravehoofletter N gravisclearspeak
2268ศ€cap A double gravehoofletter A dubbel gravisclearspeak
2269ศ‚cap A inverted brevehoofletter A tru brevisclearspeak
2270ศ„cap E double gravehoofletter E dubbel gravisclearspeak
2271ศ†cap E inverted brevehoofletter E tru brevisclearspeak
2272ศˆcap I double gravehoofletter I dubbel gravisclearspeak
2273ศŠcap I inverted brevehoofletter I tru brevisclearspeak
2274ศŒcap O double gravehoofletter O dubbel gravisclearspeak
2275ศŽcap O inverted brevehoofletter O tru brevisclearspeak
2276ศcap R double gravehoofletter R dubbel gravisclearspeak
2277ศ’cap R inverted brevehoofletter R tru brevisclearspeak
2278ศ”cap U double gravehoofletter U dubbel gravisclearspeak
2279ศ–cap U inverted brevehoofletter U tru brevisclearspeak
2280ศ˜cap S comma belowhoofletter s komma onderclearspeak
2281ศšcap T comma belowhoofletter t komma onderclearspeak
2282ศžcap H caronhoofletter H karonclearspeak
2283ศฆcap A overdothoofletter A bopuntclearspeak
2284ศจcap E cedillahoofletter E sidillaclearspeak
2285ศฎcap O overdothoofletter O bopuntclearspeak
2286ศฒcap Y overbarhoofletter Y bostaafclearspeak
2287แธ€cap A ring belowhoofletter a ring onderclearspeak
2288แธ‚cap B overdothoofletter B bopuntclearspeak
2289แธ„cap B underdothoofletter B onderpuntclearspeak
2290แธ†cap B underbarhoofletter B onderstaafclearspeak
2291แธŠcap D overdothoofletter D bopuntclearspeak
2292แธŒcap D underdothoofletter D onderpuntclearspeak
2293แธŽcap D underbarhoofletter D onderstaafclearspeak
2294แธcap D cedillahoofletter D sidillaclearspeak
2295แธ’cap D underhathoofletter D onderhoedclearspeak
2296แธ˜cap E underhathoofletter E onderhoedclearspeak
2297แธšcap E tilde belowhoofletter e tilde onderclearspeak
2298แธžcap F overdothoofletter F bopuntclearspeak
2299แธ cap G overbarhoofletter G bostaafclearspeak
2300แธขcap H overdothoofletter H bopuntclearspeak
2301แธคcap H underdothoofletter H onderpuntclearspeak
2302แธฆcap H double overdothoofletter H dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2303แธจcap H cedillahoofletter H sidillaclearspeak
2304แธชcap H breve belowhoofletter H brevis onderclearspeak
2305แธฌcap I tilde belowhoofletter I tilde onderclearspeak
2306แธฐcap K acutehoofletter K akkuutclearspeak
2307แธฒcap K underdothoofletter K onderpuntclearspeak
2308แธดcap K underbarhoofletter K onderstaafclearspeak
2309แธถcap L underdothoofletter L onderpuntclearspeak
2310แธบcap L underbarhoofletter L onderstaafclearspeak
2311แธผcap L underhathoofletter L onderhoedclearspeak
2312แธพcap M acutehoofletter M akkuutclearspeak
2313แน€cap M overdothoofletter M bopuntclearspeak
2314แน‚cap M underdothoofletter M onderpuntclearspeak
2315แน„cap N overdothoofletter N bopuntclearspeak
2316แน†cap N underdothoofletter N onderpuntclearspeak
2317แนˆcap N underbarhoofletter N onderstaafclearspeak
2318แนŠcap N underhathoofletter N onderhoedclearspeak
2319แน”cap P acutehoofletter P akkuutclearspeak
2320แน–cap P overdothoofletter P bopuntclearspeak
2321แน˜cap R overdothoofletter R bopuntclearspeak
2322แนšcap R underdothoofletter R onderpuntclearspeak
2323แนžcap R underbarhoofletter R onderstaafclearspeak
2324แน cap S overdothoofletter S bopuntclearspeak
2325แนขcap S underdothoofletter S onderpuntclearspeak
2326แนชcap T overdothoofletter T bopuntclearspeak
2327แนฌcap T underdothoofletter T onderpuntclearspeak
2328แนฎcap T underbarhoofletter T onderstaafclearspeak
2329แนฐcap T underhathoofletter T onderhoedclearspeak
2330แนฒcap U double underdothoofletter U dubbel onderpuntclearspeak
2331แนดcap U tilde belowhoofletter U tilde onderclearspeak
2332แนถcap U underhathoofletter U onderhoedclearspeak
2333แนผcap V tildehoofletter V tildeclearspeak
2334แนพcap V underdothoofletter V onderpuntclearspeak
2335แบ€cap W gravehoofletter W gravisclearspeak
2336แบ‚cap W acutehoofletter W akkuutclearspeak
2337แบ„cap W double overdothoofletter W dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2338แบ†cap W overdothoofletter W bopuntclearspeak
2339แบˆcap W underdothoofletter W onderpuntclearspeak
2340แบŠcap X overdothoofletter X bopuntclearspeak
2341แบŒcap X double overdothoofletter X dubbel bopuntclearspeak
2342แบŽcap Y overdothoofletter Y bopuntclearspeak
2343แบcap Z circumflexhoofletter kappie zclearspeak
2344แบ’cap Z underdothoofletter Z onderpuntclearspeak
2345แบ”cap Z underbarhoofletter Z onderstaafclearspeak
2346แบ cap A underdothoofletter A onderpuntclearspeak
2347แบขcap A hookhoofletter A haakclearspeak
2348แบธcap E underdothoofletter E onderpuntclearspeak
2349แบบcap E hookhoofletter E haakclearspeak
2350แบผcap E tildehoofletter E tildeclearspeak
2351แปˆcap I hookhoofletter I haakclearspeak
2352แปŠcap I underdothoofletter I onderpuntclearspeak
2353แปŒcap O underdothoofletter O onderpuntclearspeak
2354แปŽcap O hookhoofletter O haakclearspeak
2355แปคcap U underdothoofletter U onderpuntclearspeak
2356แปฆcap U hookhoofletter U haakclearspeak
2357แปฒcap Y gravehoofletter Y gravisclearspeak
2358แปดcap Y underdothoofletter Y onderpuntclearspeak
2359แปถcap Y hookhoofletter Y haakclearspeak
2360แปธcap Y tildehoofletter Y tildeclearspeak
2361โŠพright angle with arcregs hoek met boogclearspeak
2362โผright angle with downwards zigzag arrowregs hoek met afwaartse heen en weer pyltjieclearspeak
2363โŸ€three dimensional angledriedimensionele hoekclearspeak
2364โฆ›measured angle opening leftgemete hoek opening linksclearspeak
2365โฆœright angle variant with squareregs hoek variant met vierkantclearspeak
2366โฆmeasured right angle with dotgemete regs hoek met puntclearspeak
2367โฆžangle with s insidehoek met s binneinclearspeak
2368โฆŸacute angleakkute hoekclearspeak
2369โฆ spherical angle opening leftbolvormige hoek opening linksclearspeak
2370โฆกspherical angle opening upbolvormige hoek opening boontoeclearspeak
2371โฆขturned anglegedraaide hoekclearspeak
2372โฆฃreversed angletru hoekclearspeak
2373โฆคangle with underbarhoek met onderstaafclearspeak
2374โฆฅreversed angle with underbartru hoek met onderstaafclearspeak
2375โฆฆoblique angle opening upskuins hoek opening boontoeclearspeak
2376โฆงoblique angle opening downskuins hoek opening ondertoeclearspeak
2377โฆจmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing up and rightgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat op en regs wysclearspeak
2378โฆฉmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing up and leftgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat op en links wysclearspeak
2379โฆชmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing down and rightgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat af en regs wysclearspeak
2380โฆซmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing down and leftgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat af en links wysclearspeak
2381โฆฌmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing right and upgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat regs en op wysclearspeak
2382โฆญmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing left and upgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat links en op wysclearspeak
2383โฆฎmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing right and downgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat regs en af wysclearspeak
2384โฆฏmeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing left and downgemete hoek met oop arm wat in 'n pyltjie eindig wat links en af wysclearspeak
2385โ†left arrowlinks pyltjieclearspeak
2386โ†‘up arrowop pyltjieclearspeak
2387โ†’right arrowregs pyltjieclearspeak
2388โ†“down arrowaf pyltjieclearspeak
2389โ†”left right arrowlinks regs pyltjieclearspeak
2390โ†•up down arrowop af pyltjieclearspeak
2391โ†–up left arrowop links pyltjieclearspeak
2392โ†—up right arrowop regs pyltjieclearspeak
2393โ†˜down right arrowaf regs pyltjieclearspeak
2394โ†™down left arrowaf links pyltjieclearspeak
2395โ†šleft arrow with strokelinks pyltjie met streepclearspeak
2396โ†›right arrow with strokeregs pyltjie met streepclearspeak
2397โ†œleft wave arrowlinks golfpyltjieclearspeak
2398โ†right wave arrowregs golfpyltjieclearspeak
2399โ†žtwo headed left arrowtweekop links pyltjieclearspeak
2400โ†Ÿtwo headed up arrowtweekop op pyltjieclearspeak
2401โ† two headed right arrowtweekop regs pyltjieclearspeak
2402โ†กtwo headed down arrowtweekop af pyltjieclearspeak
2403โ†ขleft arrow with taillinks pyltjie met stertclearspeak
2404โ†ฃright arrow with tailregs pyltjie met stertclearspeak
2405โ†คleft arrow from barlinks pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2406โ†ฅup arrow from barop pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2407โ†ฆright arrow from barregs pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2408โ†งdown arrow from baraf pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2409โ†จup down arrow with baseop af pyltjie met basisclearspeak
2410โ†ฉleft arrow with hooklinks pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2411โ†ชright arrow with hookregs pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2412โ†ซleft arrow with looplinks pyltjie met lusclearspeak
2413โ†ฌright arrow with loopregs pyltjie met lusclearspeak
2414โ†ญleft right wave arrowlinks regs golfpyltjieclearspeak
2415โ†ฎleft right arrow with strokelinks regs pyltjie met streepclearspeak
2416โ†ฏdown zigzag arrowaf heen en weer pyltjieclearspeak
2417โ†ฐup arrow with tip leftop pyltjie met punt linksclearspeak
2418โ†ฑup arrow with tip rightop pyltjie met punt regsclearspeak
2419โ†ฒdown arrow with tip leftaf pyltjie met punt linksclearspeak
2420โ†ณdown arrow with tip rightaf pyltjie met punt regsclearspeak
2421โ†ดright arrow with corner downregs pyltjie met hoek ondertoeclearspeak
2422โ†ตdown arrow with corner leftaf pyltjie met hoek linksclearspeak
2423โ†ถanticlockwise top semicircle arrowantikloksgewyse boontoe halfsirkel pyltjieclearspeak
2424โ†ทclockwise top semicircle arrowkloksgewyse boontoe halfsirkel pyltjieclearspeak
2425โ†ธup left arrow to long barop links pyltjie na lang staafclearspeak
2426โ†นleft arrow to bar over right arrow to barlinks pyltjie na staaf oor regs pyltjie na staafclearspeak
2427โ†บanticlockwise open circle arrowantikloksgewyse oop sirkel pyltjieclearspeak
2428โ†ปclockwise open circle arrowkloksgewyse oop sirkel pyltjieclearspeak
2429โ‡„right arrow over left arrowregs pyltjie oor links pyltjieclearspeak
2430โ‡…up arrow left of down arrowop pyltjie links van af pyltjieclearspeak
2431โ‡†left arrow over right arrowlinks pyltjie oor regs pyltjieclearspeak
2432โ‡‡left paired arrowslinks gepaarde pyltjiesclearspeak
2433โ‡ˆup paired arrowsop gepaarde pyltjiesclearspeak
2434โ‡‰right paired arrowsregs gepaarde pyltjiesclearspeak
2435โ‡Šdown paired arrowsaf gepaarde pyltjiesclearspeak
2436โ‡left double arrow with strokelinks dubbelpyltjie met streepclearspeak
2437โ‡Žleft right double arrow with strokelinks regs dubbelpyltjie met streepclearspeak
2438โ‡right double arrow with strokeregs dubbelpyltjie met streepclearspeak
2439โ‡left double arrowlinks dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2440โ‡‘up double arrowop dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2441โ‡’right double arrowregs dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2442โ‡“down double arrowaf dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2443โ‡”left right double arrowlinks regs dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2444โ‡•up down double arrowop af dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2445โ‡–up left double arrowop links dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2446โ‡—up right double arrowop regs dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2447โ‡˜down right double arrowaf regs dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2448โ‡™down left double arrowaf links dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2449โ‡šleft triple arrowlinks trippelpyltjieclearspeak
2450โ‡›right triple arrowregs trippelpyltjieclearspeak
2451โ‡œleft squiggle arrowlinks kronkelpyltjieclearspeak
2452โ‡right squiggle arrowregs kronkelpyltjieclearspeak
2453โ‡žup arrow with double strokeop pyltjie met dubbelstreepclearspeak
2454โ‡Ÿdown arrow with double strokeaf pyltjie met dubbelstreepclearspeak
2455โ‡ left dashed arrowlinks koppeltekenpyltjieclearspeak
2456โ‡กup dashed arrowop koppeltekenpyltjieclearspeak
2457โ‡ขright dashed arrowregs koppeltekenpyltjieclearspeak
2458โ‡ฃdown dashed arrowaf koppeltekenpyltjieclearspeak
2459โ‡คleft arrow to barlinks pyltjie na staafclearspeak
2460โ‡ฅright arrow to barregs pyltjie na staafclearspeak
2461โ‡ฆwhite left arrowwit links pyltjieclearspeak
2462โ‡งwhite up arrowwit op pyltjieclearspeak
2463โ‡จwhite right arrowwit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2464โ‡ฉwhite down arrowwit af pyltjieclearspeak
2465โ‡ชwhite up arrow from barwit op pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2466โ‡ซwhite up arrow on pedestalwit op pyltjie op staanderclearspeak
2467โ‡ฌwhite up arrow on pedestal with horizontal barwit op pyltjie op staander met horisontale lynclearspeak
2468โ‡ญwhite up arrow on pedestal with vertical barwit op pyltjie op staander met vertikale lynclearspeak
2469โ‡ฎwhite double up arrowwit dubbel op pyltjieclearspeak
2470โ‡ฏwhite double up arrow on pedestalwit dubbel op pyltjie op staanderclearspeak
2471โ‡ฐwhite right arrow from wallwit regs pyltjie vanaf muurclearspeak
2472โ‡ฑnorth west arrow to cornernoordwes pyltjie na hoekclearspeak
2473โ‡ฒsouth east arrow to cornersuidoos pyltjie na hoekclearspeak
2474โ‡ณup down white arrowop af wit pyltjieclearspeak
2475โ‡ดright arrow with small circleregs pyltjie met klein sirkelclearspeak
2476โ‡ตdown arrow left of up arrowaf pyltjie links van op pyltjieclearspeak
2477โ‡ถthree right arrowsdrie regs pyltjiesclearspeak
2478โ‡ทleft arrow with vertical strokelinks pyltjie met vertikale lynclearspeak
2479โ‡ธright arrow with vertical strokeregs pyltjie met vertikale lynclearspeak
2480โ‡นleft right arrow with vertical strokelinks regs pyltjie met vertikale lynclearspeak
2481โ‡บleft arrow with double vertical strokelinks pyltjie met dubbel vertikale lynclearspeak
2482โ‡ปright arrow with double vertical strokeregs pyltjie met dubbel vertikale lynclearspeak
2483โ‡ผleft right arrow with double vertical strokelinks regs pyltjie met dubbel vertikale lynclearspeak
2484โ‡ฝleft open headed arrowlinks oopkop pyltjieclearspeak
2485โ‡พright open headed arrowregs oopkop pyltjieclearspeak
2486โ‡ฟleft right open headed arrowlinks regs oopkop pyltjieclearspeak
2487โŒelectric arrowelektrisiteit pyltjieclearspeak
2488โŒƒup arrowheadop pylkopclearspeak
2489โŒ„down arrowheadaf pylkopclearspeak
2490โŒคup arrowhead between two horizontal barsop pylkop tussen twee horisontale lyneclearspeak
2491โŽ‹broken circle with northwest arrowgebroke sirkel met noordwes pyltjieclearspeak
2492โž”heavy wide headed right arrowswaar wye regs pyltjie met kopclearspeak
2493โž˜heavy down right arrowswaar af regs pyltjieclearspeak
2494โž™heavy right arrowswaar regs pyltjieclearspeak
2495โžšheavy up right arrowswaar op regs pyltjieclearspeak
2496โž›drafting point right arrowtekenpunt regs pyltjieclearspeak
2497โžœheavy round tipped right arrowswaar rondepunt regs pyltjieclearspeak
2498โžtriangle headed right arrowdriehoek regs pyltjie met kopclearspeak
2499โžžheavy triangle headed right arrowswaar driehoek regs pyltjie met kopclearspeak
2500โžŸdashed triangle headed right arrowkoppelteken driehoek regs pyltjie met kopclearspeak
2501โž heavy dashed triangle headed right arrowswaar koppelteken driehoek regs pyltjie met kopclearspeak
2502โžกblack right arrowswart regs pyltjieclearspeak
2503โžขthree d top lighted right arrowheaddrie d bo verligte pylkopclearspeak
2504โžฃthree d bottom lighted right arrowheaddrie d onderverligte regs pylkopclearspeak
2505โžคblack right arrowheadswart regs pylkopclearspeak
2506โžฅheavy black curved down and right arrowswaar swart gekurwde af en regs pyltjieclearspeak
2507โžฆheavy black curved up and right arrowswaar gekurwde op en regs pyltjieclearspeak
2508โžงsquat black right arrowsaamgedrukte swart regs pyltjieclearspeak
2509โžจheavy concave pointed black right arrowswaar konkaafgepunte regs pyltjieclearspeak
2510โžฉright shaded white right arrowregs geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2511โžชleft shaded white right arrowlinks geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2512โžซback tilted shadowed white right arrowterugleunende geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2513โžฌfront tilted shadowed white right arrowvooroor leunende geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2514โžญheavy lower right shadowed white right arrowswaar laer regs geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2515โžฎheavy upper right shadowed white right arrowswaar boonste regs geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2516โžฏnotched lower right shadowed white right arrowgetande laer regs geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2517โžฑnotched upper right shadowed white right arrowgetande boonste regs geskakeerde wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2518โžฒcircled heavy white right arrowomkringde swaar wit regs pyltjieclearspeak
2519โžณwhite feathered right arrowwit geveerde regs pyltjieclearspeak
2520โžดblack feathered down right arrowswart geveerde af regs pyltjieclearspeak
2521โžตblack feathered right arrowswart geveerde regs pyltjieclearspeak
2522โžถblack feathered up right arrowswart geveerde op regs pyltjieclearspeak
2523โžทheavy black feathered down right arrowswaar swart geveerde af regs pyltjieclearspeak
2524โžธheavy black feathered right arrowswaar swart geveerde regs pyltjieclearspeak
2525โžนheavy black feathered up right arrowswaar swart geveerde op regs pyltjieclearspeak
2526โžบteardrop barbed right arrowtraandruppel stekelrige regs pyltjieclearspeak
2527โžปheavy teardrop shanked right arrowswaar traandruppel geskenkelde regs pyltjieclearspeak
2528โžผwedge tailed right arrowwigstert regs pyltjieclearspeak
2529โžฝheavy wedge tailed right arrowswaar wigstert regs pyltjieclearspeak
2530โžพopen outlined right arrowoop buitelyn regs pyltjieclearspeak
2531โŸฐup quadruple arrowop vierdubbelle pyltjieclearspeak
2532โŸฑdown quadruple arrowaf vierdubbele pyltjieclearspeak
2533โŸฒanticlockwise gapped circle arrowantikloksgewyse sirkel pyltjie met gapingsclearspeak
2534โŸณclockwise gapped circle arrowkloksgewyse sirkel pyltjie met gapingsclearspeak
2535โŸดright arrow with circled plusregs pyltjie met omkringde plusclearspeak
2536โŸตlong left arrowlang links pyltjieclearspeak
2537โŸถlong right arrowlang regs pyltjieclearspeak
2538โŸทlong left right arrowlang links regs pyltjieclearspeak
2539โŸธlong left double arrowlang links dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2540โŸนlong right double arrowlang regs dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2541โŸบlong left right double arrowlang links regs dubbelpyltjieclearspeak
2542โŸปlong left arrow from barlang links pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2543โŸผlong right arrow from barlang regs pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2544โŸฝlong left double arrow from barlang links pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2545โŸพlong right double arrow from barlang regs dubbelpyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2546โŸฟlong right squiggle arrowlang regs kronkelpyltjieclearspeak
2547โค€two headed right arrow with vertical stroketweekoppige regs pyltjie met vertikale streepclearspeak
2548โคtwo headed right arrow with double vertical stroketweekoppige regs pyltjie met dubbel vertikale streepclearspeak
2549โค‚double left arrow with vertical strokedubbel links pyltjie met vertikale streepclearspeak
2550โคƒdouble right arrow with vertical strokedubbel regs pyltjie met vertikale streepclearspeak
2551โค„double left right arrow with vertical strokedubbel links regs pyltjie met vertikale streepclearspeak
2552โค…two headed right arrow from bartweekoppige regs pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2553โค†double left arrow from bardubbel links pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2554โค‡double right arrow from bardubbel regs pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2555โคˆarrow down with horizontal strokeaf pyltjie met horisontale streepclearspeak
2556โค‰up arrow with horizontal strokeop pyltjie met horisontale streepclearspeak
2557โคŠup triple arrowop trippelpyltjieclearspeak
2558โค‹down triple arrowaf trippelpyltjieclearspeak
2559โคŒleft double dash arrowlinks dubbelkoppelteken pyltjieclearspeak
2560โคright double dash arrowregs dubbelkoppelteken pyltjieclearspeak
2561โคŽleft triple dash arrowlinks trippelkoppelteken pyltjieclearspeak
2562โคright triple dash arrowregs trippelkoppelteken pyltjieclearspeak
2563โคright two headed triple dash arrowregs tweekoppige trippelkoppelteken pyltjieclearspeak
2564โค‘right arrow with dotted stemregs pyltjie met kolletjie steelclearspeak
2565โค’up arrow to barop pyltjie na staafclearspeak
2566โค“down arrow to baraf pyltjie na staafclearspeak
2567โค”right arrow with tail with vertical strokeregs pyltjie met stert met vertikale streepclearspeak
2568โค•right arrow with tail with double vertical strokeregs pyltjie met stert met dubbelvertikale streepclearspeak
2569โค–right two headed arrow with tailregs tweekoppige pyltjie met stertclearspeak
2570โค—right two headed arrow with tail with vertical strokeregs tweekoppige pyltjie met stert met vertikale streepclearspeak
2571โค˜right two headed arrow with tail with double vertical strokeregs tweekoppige pyltjie met stert met dubbelvertikale streepclearspeak
2572โค™left arrow taillinks pylstertclearspeak
2573โคšright arrow tailregs pylstertclearspeak
2574โค›left double arrow taillinks dubbel pylstertclearspeak
2575โคœright double arrow tailregs dubbel pylstertclearspeak
2576โคleft arrow to black diamondlinks pyltjie na swart diamandclearspeak
2577โคžright arrow to black diamondregs pyltjie na swart diamandclearspeak
2578โคŸleft arrow from bar to black diamondlinks pyltjie vanaf staaf na swart diamandclearspeak
2579โค right arrow from bar to black diamondregs pyltjie vanaf staaf na swart diamandclearspeak
2580โคกnorth west and south east arrownoordwes en suidoos pyltjieclearspeak
2581โคขnorth east and south west arrownoordoos en suidwes pyltjieclearspeak
2582โคฃnorth west arrow with hooknoordwes pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2583โคคnorth east arrow with hooknoordoos pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2584โคฅsouth east arrow with hooksuidoos pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2585โคฆsouth west arrow with hooksuidwes pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2586โคงnorth west arrow and north east arrownoordwes pyltjie en noordoos pyltjieclearspeak
2587โคจnorth east arrow and south east arrownoordoos pyltjie en suidoos pyltjieclearspeak
2588โคฉsouth east arrow and south west arrowsuidoos pyltjie en suidwes pyltjieclearspeak
2589โคชsouth west arrow and north west arrowsuidwes pyltjie en noordwes pyltjieclearspeak
2590โคญsouth east arrow crossing north east arrowsuidoos pyltjie kruis noordoos pyltjieclearspeak
2591โคฎnorth east arrow crossing south east arrownoordoos pyltjie kruis suidoos pyltjieclearspeak
2592โคฏfalling diagonal crossing north east arrowafwaartse diagonaal kruis noordoos pyltjieclearspeak
2593โคฐrising diagonal crossing south east arrowopwaartse diagonaal kruis suidoos pyltjieclearspeak
2594โคฑnorth east arrow crossing north west arrownoordoos pyltjie kruis noordwes pyltjieclearspeak
2595โคฒnorth west arrow crossing north east arrownoordwes pyltjie kruis noordoos pyltjieclearspeak
2596โคณwave arrow pointing directly rightgolfpyltjie direk na regsclearspeak
2597โคดarrow pointing right then curving uppyltjie na regs en buig opwaartsclearspeak
2598โคตarrow pointing right then curving downpyltjie na regs en buig afclearspeak
2599โคถarrow pointing down then curving leftpyltjie af en buig linksclearspeak
2600โคทarrow pointing down then curving rightpyltjie af en buig regsclearspeak
2601โคธright side arc clockwise arrowregsom boog kloksgewyse pyltjieclearspeak
2602โคนleft side arc anticlockwise arrowlinksom boog antikloksgewyse pyltjieclearspeak
2603โคบtop arc anticlockwise arrowboonste boog antikloksgewyse pyltjieclearspeak
2604โคปbottom arc anticlockwise arrowonderste boog antikloksgewyse pyltjieclearspeak
2605โคผtop arc clockwise arrow with minusboonste boog antikloksgewyse pyltjie met minusclearspeak
2606โคฝtop arc anticlockwise arrow with plusboonste boog antikloksgewyse pyltjie met plusclearspeak
2607โคพdown right semicircular clockwise arrowaf regs semisirkel kloksgewyse pyltjieclearspeak
2608โคฟdown left semicircular anticlockwise arrowaf links semisirkel antikloksgewyse pyltjieclearspeak
2609โฅ€anticlockwise closed circle arrowantikloksgewyse toe sirkel pyltjieclearspeak
2610โฅclockwise closed circle arrowkloksgewyse toe sirkel pyltjieclearspeak
2611โฅ‚right arrow above short left arrowregs pyltjie bokant kort links pyltjieclearspeak
2612โฅƒleft arrow above short right arrowlinks pyltjie bokant kort regs pyltjieclearspeak
2613โฅ„short right arrow above left arrowkort regs pyltjie bokant links pyltjieclearspeak
2614โฅ…right arrow with plus belowregs pyltjie met plus onderclearspeak
2615โฅ†left arrow with plus belowlinks pyltjie met plus onderclearspeak
2616โฅ‡right arrow through xregs pyltjie deur xclearspeak
2617โฅˆleft right arrow through small circlelinks regs pyltjie deur klein sirkelclearspeak
2618โฅ‰up two headed arrow from small circleop tweekoppige pyltjie vanaf klein sirkelclearspeak
2619โฅฐright double arrow with rounded headregs dubbelpyltjie met geronde kopclearspeak
2620โฅฑequals sign above right arrowis gelyk aan bokant regs pyltjieclearspeak
2621โฅฒtilde operator above right arrowtilde bokant regs pyltjieclearspeak
2622โฅณleft arrow above tilde operatorlinks pyltjie bokant tildeclearspeak
2623โฅดright arrow above tilde operatorregs pyltjie bokant tildeclearspeak
2624โฅตright arrow above almost equalsregs pyltjie bokant is amper gelyk aanclearspeak
2625โฅถless than above left arrowkleiner as bokant links pyltjieclearspeak
2626โฅทleft arrow through less thanlinks pyltjie deur kleiner asclearspeak
2627โฅธgreater than above right arrowgroter as bokant regs pyltjieclearspeak
2628โฅนsubset above right arrowdeelversameling bokant regs pyltjieclearspeak
2629โฅบleft arrow through subsetlinks pyltjie deur deelversamelingclearspeak
2630โฅปsuperset above left arrowsuperversameling bokant links pyltjieclearspeak
2631โฆณempty set with right arrow aboveleรซ versameling met regs pyltjie boclearspeak
2632โฆดempty set with left arrow aboveleรซ versameling met links pyltjie boclearspeak
2633โฆฝup arrow through circleop pyltjie deur sirkelclearspeak
2634โงชblack diamond with down arrowswart diamand met af pyltjieclearspeak
2635โงฌwhite circle with down arrowwit sirkel met af pyltjieclearspeak
2636โงญblack circle with down arrowswart sirkel met af pyltjieclearspeak
2637โจ—integral with left arrow with hookintegraal met links pyltjie met haakclearspeak
2638โฌ€north east white arrownoordoos wit pyltjieclearspeak
2639โฌnorth west white arrownoordwes wit pyltjieclearspeak
2640โฌ‚south east white arrowsuidoos wit pyltjieclearspeak
2641โฌƒsouth west white arrowsuidwes wit pyltjieclearspeak
2642โฌ„left right white arrowlinks regs wit pyltjieclearspeak
2643โฌ…left black arrowlinks swart pyltjieclearspeak
2644โฌ†up black arrowop swart pyltjieclearspeak
2645โฌ‡down black arrowaf swart pyltjieclearspeak
2646โฌˆnorth east black arrownoordoos swart pyltjieclearspeak
2647โฌ‰north west black arrownoordwes swart pyltjieclearspeak
2648โฌŠsouth east black arrowsuidoos swart pyltjieclearspeak
2649โฌ‹south west black arrowsuidwes swart pyltjieclearspeak
2650โฌŒleft right black arrowlinks regs swart pyltjieclearspeak
2651โฌup down black arrowop af swart pyltjieclearspeak
2652โฌŽright arrow with tip downregs pyltjie met punt ondertoeclearspeak
2653โฌright arrow with tip upregs pyltjie met punt boontoeclearspeak
2654โฌleft arrow with tip downlinks pyltjie met punt ondertoeclearspeak
2655โฌ‘left arrow with tip uplinks pyltjie met punt boontoeclearspeak
2656โฌฐleft arrow with small circlelinks pyltjie met klein sirkelclearspeak
2657โฌฑthree left arrowsdrie links pyltjiesclearspeak
2658โฌฒleft arrow with circled pluslinks pyltjie met omkringde plusclearspeak
2659โฌณlong left squiggle arrowlang links kronkelpyltjieclearspeak
2660โฌดleft two headed arrow with vertical strokelinks tweekoppige pyltjie met vertikale streepclearspeak
2661โฌตleft two headed arrow with double vertical strokelinks tweekoppige pyltjie met dubbel vertikale streepclearspeak
2662โฌถleft two headed arrow from barlinks tweekoppige pyltjie vanaf staafclearspeak
2663โฌทleft two headed triple dash arrowlinks tweekoppige trippel koppelteken pyltjieclearspeak
2664โฌธleft arrow with dotted stemlinks pyltjie met kolletjie steelclearspeak
2665โฌนleft arrow with tail with vertical strokelinks pyltjie met stert met vertikale streepclearspeak
2666โฌบleft arrow with tail with double vertical strokelinks pyltjie met stert met dubbel vertikale streepclearspeak
2667โฌปleft two headed arrow with taillinks tweekoppige pyltjie met stertclearspeak
2668โฌผleft two headed arrow with tail with vertical strokelinks tweekoppige pyltjie met stert met vertikale streepclearspeak
2669โฌฝleft two headed arrow with tail with double vertical strokelinks tweekoppige pyltjie met stert met dubbel vertikale streepclearspeak
2670โฌพleft arrow through xlinks pyltjie deur xclearspeak
2671โฌฟwave arrow pointing directly leftgolfpyltjie direk na linksclearspeak
2672โญ€equals sign above left arrowis gelyk aan bokant links pyltjieclearspeak
2673โญreverse tilde operator above left arrowtru tilde bokant links pyltjieclearspeak
2674โญ‚left arrow above reverse almost equalslinks pyltjie bokant tru is amper gelyk aanclearspeak
2675โญƒright arrow through greater thanregs pyltjie deur groter asclearspeak
2676โญ„right arrow through supersetregs pyltjie deur superversamelingclearspeak
2677โญ…left quadruple arrowlinks vierdubbele pyltjieclearspeak
2678โญ†right quadruple arrowregs vierdubbele pyltjieclearspeak
2679โญ‡reverse tilde operator above right arrowtru tilde bokant regs pyltjieclearspeak
2680โญˆright arrow above reverse almost equalsregs pyltjie bokant tru is amper gelyk aanclearspeak
2681โญ‰tilde operator above left arrowtilde bokant links pyltjieclearspeak
2682โญŠleft arrow above almost equalslinks pyltjie bokant is amper gelyk aanclearspeak
2683โญ‹left arrow above reverse tilde operatorlinks pyltjie bokant tru tildeclearspeak
2684โญŒright arrow above reverse tilde operatorregs pyltjie bokant tru tildeclearspeak
2685๏ฟฉhalfwidth left arrowhalf wyte links pyltjieclearspeak
2686๏ฟชhalfwidth up arrowhalf wyte op pyltjieclearspeak
2687๏ฟซhalfwidth right arrowhalf wyte regs pyltjieclearspeak
2688๏ฟฌhalfwidth down arrowhalf wyte af pyltjieclearspeak
2689โ„“script lskript lclearspeak
2690โ„˜script cap Pskript hoofletter pclearspeak
2691โ„ผdouble struck pipi dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
2692โ„ฝdouble struck gammagamma dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
2693โ„พdouble struck cap Gammahoofletter gamma dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
2694โ„ฟdouble struck cap Pihoofletter Pi dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
2695โ…€double struck sumsommeer dubbelgeslaanclearspeak
2696โ……double struck italic cap Ddubbelgeslaande kursief hoofletter dclearspeak
2697โ…†double struck italic ddubbelgeslaande kursief dclearspeak
2698โ…‡double struck italic edubbelgeslaande kursief eclearspeak
2699โ…ˆdouble struck italic idubbelgeslaande kursief iclearspeak
2700โ…‰double struck italic jdubbelgeslaande kursief jclearspeak
2701๐šคitalic dotless ikursief puntlose iclearspeak
2702๐šฅitalic dotless jkursief puntlose jclearspeak
2703(open parenlinks hakkieclearspeak
2704)close parenregs hakkieclearspeak
2705[open bracketlinks blokhakkieclearspeak
2706]close bracketregs blokhakkieclearspeak
2707{open bracelinks krulhakkieclearspeak
2708}close braceregs krulhakkieclearspeak
2709โ…left bracket with quilllinks blokhakkie met veerclearspeak
2710โ†right bracket with quillregs blokhakkie met veerclearspeak
2711โŒˆleft ceilinglinks plafonclearspeak
2712โŒ‰right ceilingregs plafonclearspeak
2713โŒŠleft floorlinks vloerclearspeak
2714โŒ‹right floorregs vloerclearspeak
2715โŒŒbottom right cropbottom right cropclearspeak
2716โŒbottom left cropbottom left cropclearspeak
2717โŒŽtop right croptop right cropclearspeak
2718โŒtop left croptop left cropclearspeak
2719โŒœtop left cornerboonste linker hoekclearspeak
2720โŒtop right cornerboonste regter hoekclearspeak
2721โŒžbottom left corneronderste linker hoekclearspeak
2722โŒŸbottom right corneronderste regter hoekclearspeak
2723โŒ top half integralboonste half integraalclearspeak
2724โŒกbottom half integralonderste half integraalclearspeak
2725โŒฉleft pointing angle bracketlinks wysende hoekhakkieclearspeak
2726โŒชright pointing angle bracketregs wysende hoekhakkieclearspeak
2727โŽ›left parenthesis upper hooklinks hakkie boonste haakclearspeak
2728โŽœleft parenthesis extensionlinks hakkie uitbreidingclearspeak
2729โŽleft parenthesis lower hooklinks hakkie onderste haakclearspeak
2730โŽžright parenthesis upper hookregs hakkie boonste haakclearspeak
2731โŽŸright parenthesis extensionregs hakkie uitbreidingclearspeak
2732โŽ right parenthesis lower hookregs hakkie onderste haakclearspeak
2733โŽกleft bracket upper cornerlinks blokhakkie boonste hoekclearspeak
2734โŽขleft bracket extensionlinks blokhakkie uitbreidingclearspeak
2735โŽฃleft bracket lower cornerlinks blokhakkie onderste hoekclearspeak
2736โŽคright bracket upper cornerregs blokhakkie boonste hoekclearspeak
2737โŽฅright bracket extensionregs blokhakkie uitbreidingclearspeak
2738โŽฆright bracket lower cornerregs blokhakkie onderste hoekclearspeak
2739โŽงleft brace upper hooklinks kru lhakkie boonste haakclearspeak
2740โŽจleft brace middle piecelinks krulhakkie middeldeelclearspeak
2741โŽฉleft brace lower hooklinks krulhakkie onderste haakclearspeak
2742โŽชbrace extensionkrulhakkie uitbreidingclearspeak
2743โŽซright brace upper hookregs krulhakkie boonste haakclearspeak
2744โŽฌright brace middle pieceregs krulhakkie middeldeelclearspeak
2745โŽญright brace lower hookregs krulhakkie onderste haakclearspeak
2746โŽฎintegral extensionintegraal uitbreidingclearspeak
2747โŽฏhorizontal line extensionhorisontale lyn uitbreidingclearspeak
2748โŽฐupper left or lower right brace sectionboonste linker of onderste regs krulhakkie seksieclearspeak
2749โŽฑupper right or lower left brace sectionboonste regter of onderste krulhakkie seksieclearspeak
2750โŽฒsummation topsommasie topclearspeak
2751โŽณsummation bottomsommasie onderclearspeak
2752โŽดtop brackettop blokhakkieclearspeak
2753โŽตbottom bracketonder blokhakkieclearspeak
2754โŽถbottom bracket over top bracketonder hakkie oor top hakkieclearspeak
2755โŽทradical symbol bottomradical symbol bottomclearspeak
2756โŽธleft vertical box linelinker vertikale bokslynclearspeak
2757โŽนright vertical box lineregter vertikale bokslynclearspeak
2758โœtop parenthesisbo hakkieclearspeak
2759โbottom parenthesisonder hakkie clearspeak
2760โžtop bracebo krulhakkieclearspeak
2761โŸbottom braceonder krulhakkieclearspeak
2762โ top tortoise shell bracketbo skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2763โกbottom tortoise shell bracketonder skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2764โจmedium left parenthesis ornamentmedium links hakkie ornamentclearspeak
2765โฉmedium right parenthesis ornamentmedium regs hakkie ornamentclearspeak
2766โชmedium flattened left parenthesis ornamentmedium afgeplatte links hakkie ornamentclearspeak
2767โซmedium flattened right parenthesis ornamentmedium afgeplatte regs hakkie ornamentclearspeak
2768โฌmedium left pointing angle bracket ornamentmedium linkswysende hoekhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2769โญmedium right pointing angle bracket ornamentmedium regswysende hoekhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2770โฎheavy left pointing angle quotation mark ornamentswaar linkswysende hoek aanhalingsteken ornamentclearspeak
2771โฏheavy right pointing angle quotation mark ornamentswaar regswysende aanhalingsteken ornamentclearspeak
2772โฐheavy left pointing angle bracket ornamentswaar linkswysende hoekhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2773โฑheavy right pointing angle bracket ornamentswaar regswysende hoekhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2774โฒlight left tortoise shell bracket ornamentligte linker skilpaddop blokhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2775โณlight right tortoise shell bracket ornamentligte regter skilpaddop blokhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2776โดmedium left brace ornamentmedium links krulhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2777โตmedium right brace ornamentmedium regs krulhakkie ornamentclearspeak
2778โŸ…left s shaped bag delimiterlinker s vormige sak verdelerclearspeak
2779โŸ†right s shaped bag delimiterregter s vormige sak verdelerclearspeak
2780โŸฆleft white bracketlinks wit blokhakkieclearspeak
2781โŸงright white bracketregs wit blokhakkieclearspeak
2782โŸจleft angle bracketlinks hoekhakkieclearspeak
2783โŸฉright angle bracketregs hoekhakkieclearspeak
2784โŸชleft double angle bracketlinks dubbelhoekhakkieclearspeak
2785โŸซright double angle bracketregs dubbelhoekhakkieclearspeak
2786โŸฌleft white tortoise shell bracketlinker wit skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2787โŸญright white tortoise shell bracketregter wit skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2788โŸฎflattened left parenthesisafgeplatte links hakkieclearspeak
2789โŸฏflattened right parenthesisafgeplatte regs hakkieclearspeak
2790โฆƒleft white bracelinker wit krulhakkieclearspeak
2791โฆ„right white braceregter wit krulhakkieclearspeak
2792โฆ…white left parenthesiswit links hakkieclearspeak
2793โฆ†white right parenthesiswit regs hakkieclearspeak
2794โฆ‡z notation left image bracketz notation left image bracketclearspeak
2795โฆˆz notation right image bracketz notation right image bracketclearspeak
2796โฆ‰z notation left binding bracketz notation left binding bracketclearspeak
2797โฆŠz notation right binding bracketz notation right binding bracketclearspeak
2798โฆ‹left bracket with underbarlinks blokhakkie met onderstaafclearspeak
2799โฆŒright bracket with underbarregs blokhakkie met onderstaafclearspeak
2800โฆleft bracket with tick in top cornerlinks blokhakkie met merk in boonste hoekclearspeak
2801โฆŽright bracket with tick in bottom cornerregs blokhakkie met merk in onderste hoekclearspeak
2802โฆleft bracket with tick in bottom cornerlinks blokhakkie met merk in onderste hoekclearspeak
2803โฆright bracket with tick in top cornerregs blokhakkie met merk in boonste hoekclearspeak
2804โฆ‘left angle bracket with dotlinks hoekhakkie met puntclearspeak
2805โฆ’right angle bracket with dotregs hoekhakkie met puntclearspeak
2806โฆ“left arc less than bracketlinker boog kleiner as blokhakkieclearspeak
2807โฆ”right arc greater than bracketregter boog grooter as blokhakkieclearspeak
2808โฆ•double left arc greater than bracketdubbel linker boog grooter as blokhakkieclearspeak
2809โฆ–double right arc less than bracketdubbel regter boog kleiner as blokhakkieclearspeak
2810โฆ—left black tortoise shell bracketlinker swart skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2811โฆ˜right black tortoise shell bracketregter swart skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2812โง˜left wiggly fencelinker golwende heiningclearspeak
2813โง™right wiggly fenceregter golwende heiningclearspeak
2814โงšleft double wiggly fencelinker dubbel golwende heiningclearspeak
2815โง›right double wiggly fenceregter dubbel golwende heiningclearspeak
2816โงผleft pointing curved angle bracketlinkswysende gekurwde hoekhakkieclearspeak
2817โงฝright pointing curved angle bracketregswysende gekurwde hoekhakkieclearspeak
2818โธขtop half left bracketbo half links blokhakkieclearspeak
2819โธฃtop half right bracketbo half regs blokhakkieclearspeak
2820โธคbottom half left bracketonder half links blokhakkieclearspeak
2821โธฅbottom half right bracketonder half regs blokhakkieclearspeak
2822โธฆleft sideways U bracketlinker dwars U hakkieclearspeak
2823โธงright sideways U bracketregter dwars U hakkieclearspeak
2824โธจdouble left parenthesisdubbel links hakkieclearspeak
2825โธฉdouble right parenthesisdubbel regs hakkieclearspeak
2826ใ€ˆleft angle bracketlinks hoekhakkieclearspeak
2827ใ€‰right angle bracketregs hoekhakkieclearspeak
2828ใ€Šleft double angle bracketlinks dubbel hoekhakkieclearspeak
2829ใ€‹right double angle bracketregs dubbel hoekhakkieclearspeak
2830ใ€Œleft corner bracketlinks draaihoek hakkieclearspeak
2831ใ€right corner bracketregs draaihoek hakkieclearspeak
2832ใ€Žleft white corner bracketlinks wit draaihoek hakkieclearspeak
2833ใ€right white corner bracketregs wit draaihoek hakkieclearspeak
2834ใ€left black lenticular bracketleft black lenticular bracketclearspeak
2835ใ€‘right black lenticular bracketright black lenticular bracketclearspeak
2836ใ€”left tortoise shell bracketlinker skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2837ใ€•right tortoise shell bracketregs skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2838ใ€–left white lenticular bracketleft white lenticular bracketclearspeak
2839ใ€—right white lenticular bracketright white lenticular bracketclearspeak
2840ใ€˜left white tortoise shell bracketlinker wit skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2841ใ€™right white tortoise shell bracketregter wit skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2842ใ€šleft white bracketlinker wit blokhakkieclearspeak
2843ใ€›right white bracketregter wit blokhakkieclearspeak
2844ใ€reversed double prime quotation marktru dubbelpriem aanhalingstekenclearspeak
2845ใ€ždouble prime quotation markdubbelpriem aanhalingstekenclearspeak
2846ใ€Ÿlow double prime quotation marklae dubbelpriem aanhalingstekenclearspeak
2847๏ดพornate left parenthesisversierde links hakkieclearspeak
2848๏ดฟornate right parenthesisversierde regs hakkieclearspeak
2849๏ธ—presentation form for vertical left white lenticular bracketpresentation form for vertical left white lenticular bracketclearspeak
2850๏ธ˜presentation form for vertical right white lenticular bracketpresentation form for vertical right white lenticular brakcetclearspeak
2851๏ธตpresentation form for vertical left parenthesispresentation form for vertical left parenthesisclearspeak
2852๏ธถpresentation form for vertical right parenthesispresentation form for vertical right parenthesisclearspeak
2853๏ธทpresentation form for vertical left bracepresentation form for vertical left braceclearspeak
2854๏ธธpresentation form for vertical right bracepresentation form for vertical right braceclearspeak
2855๏ธนpresentation form for vertical left tortoise shell bracketpresentation form for vertical left tortoise shell bracketclearspeak
2856๏ธบpresentation form for vertical right tortoise shell bracketpresentation form for vertical right tortoise shell bracketclearspeak
2857๏ธปpresentation form for vertical left black lenticular bracketpresentation form for vertical left black lenticular bracketclearspeak
2858๏ธผpresentation form for vertical right black lenticular bracketpresentation form for vertical right black lenticular bracketclearspeak
2859๏ธฝpresentation form for vertical left double angle bracketpresentation form for vertical left double angle bracketclearspeak
2860๏ธพpresentation form for vertical right double angle bracketpresentation form for vertical right double angle bracketclearspeak
2861๏ธฟpresentation form for vertical left angle bracketpresentation form for vertical left angle bracketclearspeak
2862๏น€presentation form for vertical right angle bracketpresentation form for vertical right angle bracketclearspeak
2863๏นpresentation form for vertical left corner bracketpresentation form for vertical left corner bracketclearspeak
2864๏น‚presentation form for vertical right corner bracketpresentation form for vertical right corner bracketclearspeak
2865๏นƒpresentation form for vertical left white corner bracketpresentation form for vertical left white corner bracketclearspeak
2866๏น„presentation form for vertical right white corner bracketpresentation form for vertical right white corner bracketclearspeak
2867๏น‡presentation form for vertical left bracketpresentation form for vertical left bracketclearspeak
2868๏นˆpresentation form for vertical right bracketpresentation form for vertical right bracketclearspeak
2869๏น™small left parenthesisklein links hakkieclearspeak
2870๏นšsmall right parenthesisklein regs hakkieclearspeak
2871๏น›small left braceklein links krulhakkieclearspeak
2872๏นœsmall right braceklein regs krulhakkieclearspeak
2873๏นsmall left tortoise shell bracketklein linker skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2874๏นžsmall right tortoise shell bracketklein regter skilpaddop blokhakkieclearspeak
2875๏ผˆfullwidth left parenthesisvolwyte links hakkieclearspeak
2876๏ผ‰fullwidth right parenthesisvolwyte regs hakkieclearspeak
2877๏ผปfullwidth left bracketvolwyte links blokhakkieclearspeak
2878๏ผฝfullwidth right bracketvolwyte regs blokhakkieclearspeak
2879๏ฝ›fullwidth left bracevolwyte links krulhakkieclearspeak
2880๏ฝfullwidth right bracevolwyte regs krulhakkieclearspeak
2881๏ฝŸfullwidth white left parenthesisvolwyte wit links hakkieclearspeak
2882๏ฝ fullwidth white right parenthesisvolwyte wit regs hakkieclearspeak
2883๏ฝขhalfwidth left corner brackethalfwyte links draaihoek hakkieclearspeak
2884๏ฝฃhalfwidth right corner brackethalfwyte regs draaihoek hakkieclearspeak
2885โ”€box drawings light horizontalbokstekeninge lig horisontaalclearspeak
2886โ”box drawings heavy horizontalbokstekeninge swaar horisontaalclearspeak
2887โ”‚box drawings light verticalbokstekeninge lig vertikaalclearspeak
2888โ”ƒbox drawings heavy verticalbokstekeninge swaar vertikaalclearspeak
2889โ”„box drawings light triple dash horizontalbokstekeninge lig trippel koppelteken horisontaalclearspeak
2890โ”…box drawings heavy triple dash horizontalbokstekeninge swaar trippel koppelteken horisontaalclearspeak
2891โ”†box drawings light triple dash verticalbokstekeninge lig trippel koppelteken vertikaalclearspeak
2892โ”‡box drawings heavy triple dash verticalbokstekeninge swaar trippel koppelteken vertikaalclearspeak
2893โ”ˆbox drawings light quadruple dash horizontalbokstekeninge lig vierdubbel koppelteken horisontaalclearspeak
2894โ”‰box drawings heavy quadruple dash horizontalbokstekeninge swaar vierdubbel koppelteken horisontaalclearspeak
2895โ”Šbox drawings light quadruple dash verticalbokstekeninge lig vierdubbel koppelteken vertikaalclearspeak
2896โ”‹box drawings heavy quadruple dash verticalbokstekeninge swaar vierdubbel koppelteken vertikaalclearspeak
2897โ”Œbox drawings light down and rightbokstekeninge lig af en regsclearspeak
2898โ”box drawings down light and right heavybokstekeninge af lig en regs swaarclearspeak
2899โ”Žbox drawings down heavy and right lightbokstekeninge af swaar en regs ligclearspeak
2900โ”box drawings heavy down and rightbokstekeninge swaar af en regsclearspeak
2901โ”box drawings light down and leftbokstekeninge lig af en linksclearspeak
2902โ”‘box drawings down light and left heavybokstekeninge af lig en links swaarclearspeak
2903โ”’box drawings down heavy and left lightbokstekeninge af swaar en links ligclearspeak
2904โ”“box drawings heavy down and leftbokstekeninge swaar af en linksclearspeak
2905โ””box drawings light up and rightbokstekeninge lig op en regsclearspeak
2906โ”•box drawings up light and right heavybokstekeninge op lig en regs swaarclearspeak
2907โ”–box drawings up heavy and right lightbokstekeninge op swaar en regs ligclearspeak
2908โ”—box drawings heavy up and rightbokstekeninge swaar op en regsclearspeak
2909โ”˜box drawings light up and leftbokstekeninge lig op en linksclearspeak
2910โ”™box drawings up light and left heavybokstekeninge op lig en links swaarclearspeak
2911โ”šbox drawings up heavy and left lightbokstekeninge op swaar en links ligclearspeak
2912โ”›box drawings heavy up and leftbokstekeninge swaar op en linksclearspeak
2913โ”œbox drawings light vertical and rightbokstekeninge lig vertikaal en regsclearspeak
2914โ”box drawings vertical light and right heavybokstekeninge vertikaal lig en regs swaarclearspeak
2915โ”žbox drawings up heavy and right down lightbokstekeninge op swaar en regs af ligclearspeak
2916โ”Ÿbox drawings down heavy and right up lightbokstekeninge af swaar en regs op ligclearspeak
2917โ” box drawings vertical heavy and right lightbokstekeninge vertikaal swaar en regs ligclearspeak
2918โ”กbox drawings down light and right up heavybokstekeninge af lig en regs op swaarclearspeak
2919โ”ขbox drawings up light and right down heavybokstekeninge op lig en regs af swaarclearspeak
2920โ”ฃbox drawings heavy vertical and rightbokstekeninge swaar vertikaal en regsclearspeak
2921โ”คbox drawings light vertical and leftbokstekeninge lig vertikaal en linksclearspeak
2922โ”ฅbox drawings vertical light and left heavybokstekeninge vertikaal lig en links swaarclearspeak
2923โ”ฆbox drawings up heavy and left down lightbokstekeninge op swaar en links af ligclearspeak
2924โ”งbox drawings down heavy and left up lightbokstekeninge af swaar en links op ligclearspeak
2925โ”จbox drawings vertical heavy and left lightbokstekeninge vertikaal swaar en links ligclearspeak
2926โ”ฉbox drawings down light and left up heavybokstekeninge af lig en links op swaarclearspeak
2927โ”ชbox drawings up light and left down heavybokstekeninge op lig en links af swaarclearspeak
2928โ”ซbox drawings heavy vertical and leftbokstekeninge swaar vertikaal en linksclearspeak
2929โ”ฌbox drawings light down and horizontalbokstekeninge lig af en horisontaalclearspeak
2930โ”ญbox drawings left heavy and right down lightbokstekeninge links swaar en regs af ligclearspeak
2931โ”ฎbox drawings right heavy and left down lightbokstekeninge regs swaar en links af ligclearspeak
2932โ”ฏbox drawings down light and horizontal heavybokstekeninge af lig en horisontaal swaarclearspeak
2933โ”ฐbox drawings down heavy and horizontal lightbokstekeninge af swaar en horisontaal ligclearspeak
2934โ”ฑbox drawings right light and left down heavybokstekeninge regs lig en links af swaarclearspeak
2935โ”ฒbox drawings left light and right down heavybokstekeninge links lig en regs af swaarclearspeak
2936โ”ณbox drawings heavy down and horizontalbokstekeninge swaar af en horisontaalclearspeak
2937โ”ดbox drawings light up and horizontalbokstekeninge lig op en horisontaalclearspeak
2938โ”ตbox drawings left heavy and right up lightbokstekeninge links swaar en regs op ligclearspeak
2939โ”ถbox drawings right heavy and left up lightbokstekeninge regs swaar en links op ligclearspeak
2940โ”ทbox drawings up light and horizontal heavybokstekeninge op lig en horisontaal swaarclearspeak
2941โ”ธbox drawings up heavy and horizontal lightbokstekeninge op swaar en horisontaal ligclearspeak
2942โ”นbox drawings right light and left up heavybokstekeninge regs lig en links op swaarclearspeak
2943โ”บbox drawings left light and right up heavybokstekeninge links lig en regs op swaarclearspeak
2944โ”ปbox drawings heavy up and horizontalbokstekeninge swaar op en horisontaalclearspeak
2945โ”ผbox drawings light vertical and horizontalbokstekeninge lig vertikaal en horisontaalclearspeak
2946โ”ฝbox drawings left heavy and right vertical lightbokstekeninge links swaar en regs vertikaal ligclearspeak
2947โ”พbox drawings right heavy and left vertical lightbokstekeninge regs swaar en links vertikaal ligclearspeak
2948โ”ฟbox drawings vertical light and horizontal heavybokstekeninge vertikaal lig en horisontaal swaarclearspeak
2949โ•€box drawings up heavy and down horizontal lightbokstekeninge op swaar en af horisontaal ligclearspeak
2950โ•box drawings down heavy and up horizontal lightbokstekeninge af swaar en op horisontaal ligclearspeak
2951โ•‚box drawings vertical heavy and horizontal lightbokstekeninge vertikaal swaar en horisontaal ligclearspeak
2952โ•ƒbox drawings left up heavy and right down lightbokstekeninge links op swaar en regs af ligclearspeak
2953โ•„box drawings right up heavy and left down lightbokstekeninge regs op swaar en links af ligclearspeak
2954โ•…box drawings left down heavy and right up lightbokstekeninge links af swaar en regs op ligclearspeak
2955โ•†box drawings right down heavy and left up lightbokstekeninge regs af swaar en links op ligclearspeak
2956โ•‡box drawings down light and up horizontal heavybokstekeninge af lig en op horisontaal swaarclearspeak
2957โ•ˆbox drawings up light and down horizontal heavybokstekeninge op lig en af horisontaal swaarclearspeak
2958โ•‰box drawings right light and left vertical heavybokstekeninge regs lig en links vertikaal swaarclearspeak
2959โ•Šbox drawings left light and right vertical heavybokstekeninge links lig en regs vertikaal swaarclearspeak
2960โ•‹box drawings heavy vertical and horizontalbokstekeninge swaar vertikaal en horisontaalclearspeak
2961โ•Œbox drawings light double dash horizontalbokstekeninge lig dubbel koppelteken horisontaalclearspeak
2962โ•box drawings heavy double dash horizontalbokstekeninge swaar dubbel koppelteken horisontaalclearspeak
2963โ•Žbox drawings light double dash verticalbokstekeninge lig dubbel koppelteken vertikaalclearspeak
2964โ•box drawings heavy double dash verticalbokstekeninge swaar dubbel koppelteken vertikaalclearspeak
2965โ•box drawings double horizontalbokstekeninge dubbel horisontaalclearspeak
2966โ•‘box drawings double verticalbokstekeninge dubbel vertikaalclearspeak
2967โ•’box drawings down single and right doublebokstekeninge af enkel en regs dubbelclearspeak
2968โ•“box drawings down double and right singlebokstekeninge af dubbel en regs enkelclearspeak
2969โ•”box drawings double down and rightbokstekeninge dubbel af en regsclearspeak
2970โ••box drawings down single and left doublebokstekeninge af enkel en links dubbelclearspeak
2971โ•–box drawings down double and left singlebokstekeninge af dubbel en links enkelclearspeak
2972โ•—box drawings double down and leftbokstekeninge dubbel af en linksclearspeak
2973โ•˜box drawings up single and right doublebokstekeninge op enkel en regs dubbelclearspeak
2974โ•™box drawings up double and right singlebokstekeninge op dubbel en regs enkelclearspeak
2975โ•šbox drawings double up and rightbokstekeninge dubbel op en regsclearspeak
2976โ•›box drawings up single and left doublebokstekeninge op enkel en links dubbelclearspeak
2977โ•œbox drawings up double and left singlebokstekeninge op dubbel en links enkelclearspeak
2978โ•box drawings double up and leftbokstekeninge dubbel op en linksclearspeak
2979โ•žbox drawings vertical single and right doublebokstekeninge vertikaal enkel en regs dubbelclearspeak
2980โ•Ÿbox drawings vertical double and right singlebokstekeninge vertikaal dubbel en regs enkelclearspeak
2981โ• box drawings double vertical and rightbokstekeninge dubbel vertikaal en regsclearspeak
2982โ•กbox drawings vertical single and left doublebokstekeninge vertikaal enkel en links dubbelclearspeak
2983โ•ขbox drawings vertical double and left singlebokstekeninge vertikaal dubbel en links enkelclearspeak
2984โ•ฃbox drawings double vertical and leftbokstekeninge dubbel vertikaal en linksclearspeak
2985โ•คbox drawings down single and horizontal doublebokstekeninge af enkel en horisontaal dubbelclearspeak
2986โ•ฅbox drawings down double and horizontal singlebokstekeninge af dubbel en horisontaal enkelclearspeak
2987โ•ฆbox drawings double down and horizontalbokstekeninge dubbel af en horisontaalclearspeak
2988โ•งbox drawings up single and horizontal doublebokstekeninge op enkel en horisontaal dubbelclearspeak
2989โ•จbox drawings up double and horizontal singlebokstekeninge op dubbel en horisontaal enkelclearspeak
2990โ•ฉbox drawings double up and horizontalbokstekeninge dubbel op en horisontaalclearspeak
2991โ•ชbox drawings vertical single and horizontal doublebokstekeninge vertikaal enkel en horisontaal dubbelclearspeak
2992โ•ซbox drawings vertical double and horizontal singlebokstekeninge vertikaal dubbel en horisontaal enkelclearspeak
2993โ•ฌbox drawings double vertical and horizontalbokstekeninge dubbel vertikaal en horisontaalclearspeak
2994โ•ญbox drawings light arc down and rightbokstekeninge lig boog af en regsclearspeak
2995โ•ฎbox drawings light arc down and leftbokstekeninge lig boog af en linksclearspeak
2996โ•ฏbox drawings light arc up and leftbokstekeninge lig boog op en linksclearspeak
2997โ•ฐbox drawings light arc up and rightbokstekeninge lig boog op en regsclearspeak
2998โ•ฑbox drawings light diagonal upper right to lower leftbokstekeninge lig diagonaal bo regs na onder linksclearspeak
2999โ•ฒbox drawings light diagonal upper left to lower rightbokstekeninge lig diagonaal bo links na onder regsclearspeak
3000โ•ณbox drawings light diagonal crossbokstekeninge lig diagonale kruisclearspeak
3001โ•ดbox drawings light leftbokstekeninge lig linksclearspeak
3002โ•ตbox drawings light upbokstekeninge lig opclearspeak
3003โ•ถbox drawings light rightbokstekeninge lig regsclearspeak
3004โ•ทbox drawings light downbokstekeninge lig afclearspeak
3005โ•ธbox drawings heavy leftbokstekeninge swaar linksclearspeak
3006โ•นbox drawings heavy upbokstekeninge swaar opclearspeak
3007โ•บbox drawings heavy rightbokstekeninge swaar regsclearspeak
3008โ•ปbox drawings heavy downbokstekeninge swaar afclearspeak
3009โ•ผbox drawings light left and heavy rightbokstekeninge lig links en swaar regsclearspeak
3010โ•ฝbox drawings light up and heavy downbokstekeninge lig op en swaar afclearspeak
3011โ•พbox drawings heavy left and light rightbokstekeninge swaar links en lig regsclearspeak
3012โ•ฟbox drawings heavy up and light downbokstekeninge swaar op en lig afclearspeak
3013โ–€upper half blockboonste half blokclearspeak
3014โ–lower one eighth blockonderste een agtste blokclearspeak
3015โ–‚lower one quarter blockonderste een kwart blokclearspeak
3016โ–ƒlower three eighths blockonderste drie agtstes blokclearspeak
3017โ–„lower half blockonderste half blokclearspeak
3018โ–…lower five eighths blockonderste vyf agtstes blokclearspeak
3019โ–†lower three quarters blockonderste driekwart blokclearspeak
3020โ–‡lower seven eighths blockonderste sewe agtstes blokclearspeak
3021โ–ˆfull blockvol blokclearspeak
3022โ–‰left seven eighths blocklinker sewe agtstes blokclearspeak
3023โ–Šleft three quarters blocklinker driekwart blokclearspeak
3024โ–‹left five eighths blocklinker vyf agtstes blokclearspeak
3025โ–Œleft half blocklinker half blokclearspeak
3026โ–left three eighths blocklinker drie agtstes blokclearspeak
3027โ–Žleft one quarter blocklinker een kwart blokclearspeak
3028โ–left one eighth blocklinker een agtste blokclearspeak
3029โ–right half blockregter half blokclearspeak
3030โ–‘light shadeligte skakeringclearspeak
3031โ–’medium shademedium skakeringclearspeak
3032โ–“dark shadedonker skakeringclearspeak
3033โ–”upper one eighth blockboonste een agtste blokclearspeak
3034โ–•right one eighth blockregter een agtste blokclearspeak
3035โ––quadrant lower leftkwadrant onder linksclearspeak
3036โ–—quadrant lower rightkwadrant onder regsclearspeak
3037โ–˜quadrant upper leftkwadrant bo linksclearspeak
3038โ–™quadrant upper left and lower left and lower rightkwadrant bo links en onder links en onder regsclearspeak
3039โ–šquadrant upper left and lower rightkwadrant bo links en onder regsclearspeak
3040โ–›quadrant upper left and upper right and lower leftkwadrant bo links en bo regs en onder linksclearspeak
3041โ–œquadrant upper left and upper right and lower rightkwadrant bo links en bo regs en onder regsclearspeak
3042โ–quadrant upper rightkwadrant bo regsclearspeak
3043โ–žquadrant upper right and lower leftkwadrant bo regs en onder linksclearspeak
3044โ–Ÿquadrant upper right and lower left and lower rightkwadrant bo regs en onder links en onder regsclearspeak
3045โ– black squareswart vierkantclearspeak
3046โ–กwhite squarewit vierkantclearspeak
3047โ–ขwhite square with rounded cornerswit vierkant met geronde hoekeclearspeak
3048โ–ฃwhite square containing black small squarewit vierkant wat klein swart vierkant bevatclearspeak
3049โ–คsquare with horizontal fillvierkant met horisontale vulclearspeak
3050โ–ฅsquare with vertical fillvierkant met vertikale vulclearspeak
3051โ–ฆsquare with orthogonal crosshatch fillvierkant met ortogonale kruisarsie vulclearspeak
3052โ–งsquare with upper left to lower right fillvierkant met bo links na onder regs vulclearspeak
3053โ–จsquare with upper right to lower left fillvierkant met bo regs na onder links vulclearspeak
3054โ–ฉsquare with diagonal crosshatch fillvierkant met diagonale kruisarsie vulclearspeak
3055โ–ชblack small squareswart klein vierkantclearspeak
3056โ–ซwhite small squarewit klein vierkantclearspeak
3057โ–ฌblack rectangleswart reghoekclearspeak
3058โ–ญwhite rectanglewit reghoekclearspeak
3059โ–ฎblack vertical rectangleswart vertikale reghoekclearspeak
3060โ–ฏwhite vertical rectanglewit vertikale reghoekclearspeak
3061โ–ฐblack parallelogramswart paralelogramclearspeak
3062โ–ฑwhite parallelogramwit paralelogramclearspeak
3063โ–ฒblack up pointing triangleswart driehoek wat boontoe wysclearspeak
3064โ–ณwhite up pointing trianglewit driehoek wat boontoe wysclearspeak
3065โ–ดblack up pointing small triangleswart klein driehoek wat boontoe wysclearspeak
3066โ–ตwhite up pointing small trianglewit klein driehoek wat boontoe wysclearspeak
3067โ–ถblack right pointing triangleswart driehoek wat regs wysclearspeak
3068โ–ทwhite right pointing trianglewit driehoek wat regs wysclearspeak
3069โ–ธblack right pointing small triangleswart klein driehoek wat regs wysclearspeak
3070โ–นwhite right pointing small trianglewit klein driehoek wat regs wysclearspeak
3071โ–บblack right pointing pointerswart wyser na regsclearspeak
3072โ–ปwhite right pointing pointerwit wyser na regsclearspeak
3073โ–ผblack down pointing triangleswart driehoek wat ondertoe wysclearspeak
3074โ–ฝwhite down pointing trianglewit driehoek wat ondertoe wysclearspeak
3075โ–พblack down pointing small triangleswart klein driehoek wat ondertoe wysclearspeak
3076โ–ฟwhite down pointing small trianglewit klein driehoek wat ondertoe wysclearspeak
3077โ—€black left pointing triangleswart driehoek wat links wysclearspeak
3078โ—white left pointing trianglewit driehoek wat links wysclearspeak
3079โ—‚black left pointing small triangleswart klein driehoek wat links wysclearspeak
3080โ—ƒwhite left pointing small trianglewit klein driehoek wat links wysclearspeak
3081โ—„black left pointing pointerswart wyser na linksclearspeak
3082โ—…white left pointing pointerwit wyser na linksclearspeak
3083โ—†black diamondswart diamantclearspeak
3084โ—‡white diamondwit diamantclearspeak
3085โ—ˆwhite diamond containing black small diamondwit diamant met klein swart diamant inclearspeak
3088โ—‹white circlewit sirkelclearspeak
3089โ—Œdotted circlekolletjies sirkelclearspeak
3090โ—circle with vertical fillsirkel met vertikale vulclearspeak
3092โ—black circleswart sirkelclearspeak
3093โ—circle with left half blacksirkel met linker helfte swartclearspeak
3094โ—‘circle with right half blacksirkel met regter helfte swartclearspeak
3095โ—’circle with lower half blacksirkel met onderste helfte swartclearspeak
3096โ—“circle with upper half blacksirkel met boonste helfte swartclearspeak
3097โ—”circle with upper right quadrant blacksirkel met boonste regter kwadrant swartclearspeak
3098โ—•circle with all but upper left quadrant blacksirkel met almal behalwe boonste linker kwadrant swartclearspeak
3099โ—–left half black circlelinker half swart sirkelclearspeak
3100โ——right half black circleregter half swart sirkelclearspeak
3101โ—˜inverse bulletomgekeerde koeรซlclearspeak
3102โ—™inverse white circleomgekeerde wit sirkelclearspeak
3103โ—šupper half inverse white circleboonste helfte omgekeerde wit sirkelclearspeak
3104โ—›lower half inverse white circleonderste helfte omgekeerde wit sirkelclearspeak
3105โ—œupper left quadrant circular arcboonste linker kwadrant sirkelvormige boogclearspeak
3106โ—upper right quadrant circular arcboonste regter kwadrant sirkelvormige boogclearspeak
3107โ—žlower right quadrant circular arconderste regter kwadrant sirkelvormige boogclearspeak
3108โ—Ÿlower left quadrant circular arconderste linker kwadrant sirkelvormige boogclearspeak
3109โ— upper half circleboonste half sirkelclearspeak
3110โ—กlower half circleonderste half sirkelclearspeak
3111โ—ขblack lower right triangleswart onderste regs driehoekclearspeak
3112โ—ฃblack lower left triangleswart onderste links driehoekclearspeak
3113โ—คblack upper left triangleswart boonste links driehoekclearspeak
3114โ—ฅblack upper right triangleswart boonste regs driehoekclearspeak
3115โ—ฆwhite bulletwit koeรซlclearspeak
3116โ—งsquare with left half blackvierkant met linker helfte swartclearspeak
3117โ—จsquare with right half blackvierkant met regter helfte swartclearspeak
3118โ—ฉsquare with upper left diagonal half blackvierkant met boonste linker diagonaal helfte swartclearspeak
3119โ—ชsquare with lower right diagonal half blackvierkant met onderste regter diagonaal helfte swartclearspeak
3120โ—ซwhite square with vertical bisecting linewit vierkant met vertikale halveer lynclearspeak
3121โ—ฌwhite up pointing triangle with dotwit driehoek wat boontoe wys met puntclearspeak
3122โ—ญup pointing triangle with left half blackdriehoek wat boontoe wys met linker helfte swartclearspeak
3123โ—ฎup pointing triangle with right half blackdriehoek wat boontoe wys met regter helfte swartclearspeak
3124โ—ฏlarge circlegroot sirkelclearspeak
3125โ—ฐwhite square with upper left quadrantwit vierkant met linker boonste kwadrantclearspeak
3126โ—ฑwhite square with lower left quadrantwit vierkant met linker onderste kwadrantclearspeak
3127โ—ฒwhite square with lower right quadrantwit vierkant met regter onderste kwadrantclearspeak
3128โ—ณwhite square with upper right quadrantwit vierkant met regter boonste kwadrantclearspeak
3129โ—ดwhite circle with upper left quadrantwit sirkel met boonste linker kwadrantclearspeak
3130โ—ตwhite circle with lower left quadrantwit sirkel met onderste linker kwadrantclearspeak
3131โ—ถwhite circle with lower right quadrantwit sirkel met onderste regter kwadrantclearspeak
3132โ—ทwhite circle with upper right quadrantwit sirkel met boonste regter kwadrantclearspeak
3133โ—ธupper left triangleboonste linker driehoekclearspeak
3134โ—นupper right triangleboonste regter driehoekclearspeak
3135โ—บlower left triangleonderste links driehoekclearspeak
3136โ—ปwhite medium squarewit medium vierkantclearspeak
3137โ—ผblack medium squareswart medium vierkantclearspeak
3138โ—ฝwhite medium small squarewit medium klein vierkantclearspeak
3139โ—พblack medium small squareswart medium klein vierkantclearspeak
3140โ—ฟlower right triangleonderste regs driehoekclearspeak
3141โฌ’square with top half blackvierkant met boonste helfte swartclearspeak
3142โฌ“square with bottom half blackvierkant met onderste helfte swartclearspeak
3143โฌ”square with upper right diagonal half blackvierkant met boonste regter diagonaal helfte swartclearspeak
3144โฌ•square with lower left diagonal half blackvierkant met onderste linker diagonaal helfte swartclearspeak
3145โฌ–diamond with left half blackdiamant met linker helfte swartclearspeak
3146โฌ—diamond with right half blackdiamant met regter helfte swartclearspeak
3147โฌ˜diamond with top half blackdiamant met boonste helfte swartclearspeak
3148โฌ™diamond with bottom half blackdiamant met onderste helfte swartclearspeak
3149โฌšdotted squarekolletjies vierkantclearspeak
3150โฌ›black large squareswart groot vierkantclearspeak
3151โฌœwhite large squarewit groot vierkantclearspeak
3152โฌblack very small squareswart baie klein vierkantclearspeak
3153โฌžwhite very small squarewit baie klein vierkantclearspeak
3154โฌŸblack pentagonswart pentagonclearspeak
3155โฌ white pentagonwit pentagonclearspeak
3156โฌกwhite hexagonwit heksagonclearspeak
3157โฌขblack hexagonswart heksagonclearspeak
3158โฌฃhorizontal black hexagonhorisontale swart heksagonclearspeak
3159โฌคblack large circleswart groot sirkelclearspeak
3160โฌฅblack medium diamondswart medium diamantclearspeak
3161โฌฆwhite medium diamondwit medium diamantclearspeak
3162โฌงblack medium lozengeswart medium lozengeclearspeak
3163โฌจwhite medium lozengewit medium lozengeclearspeak
3164โฌฉblack small diamondswart klein diamantclearspeak
3165โฌชblack small lozengeswart klein lozengeclearspeak
3166โฌซwhite small lozengewit klein lozengeclearspeak
3167โฌฌblack horizontal ellipseswart horisontale elipsclearspeak
3168โฌญwhite horizontal ellipsewit horisontale elipsclearspeak
3169โฌฎblack vertical ellipseswart vertikale elipsclearspeak
3170โฌฏwhite vertical ellipsewit vertikale elipsclearspeak
3171โญwhite medium starwit medium sterclearspeak
3172โญ‘black small starswart klein sterclearspeak
3173โญ’white small starwit klein sterclearspeak
3174โญ“black right pointing pentagonswart pentagon na regsclearspeak
3175โญ”white right pointing pentagonwit pentagon na regsclearspeak
3176โญ•heavy large circleswaar groot sirkelclearspeak
3177โญ–heavy oval with oval insideswaar ovaal met ovaal binne inclearspeak
3178โญ—heavy circle with circle insideswaar sirkel met sirkel binne inclearspeak
3179โญ˜heavy circleswaar sirkelclearspeak
3180โญ™heavy circled saltireswaar omkringde X kruisclearspeak
3181โ†ผleft harpoon with barb uplinks harpoen met stekel boontoeclearspeak
3182โ†ฝleft harpoon with barb downlinks harpoen met stekel ondertoeclearspeak
3183โ†พup harpoon with barb rightup harpoen met stekel regsclearspeak
3184โ†ฟup harpoon with barb leftop harpoen met stekel linksclearspeak
3185โ‡€right harpoon with barb upregs harpoen met stekel boontoeclearspeak
3186โ‡right harpoon with barb downregs harpoen met stekel ondertoeclearspeak
3187โ‡‚down harpoon with barb rightaf harpoen met stekel regsclearspeak
3188โ‡ƒdown harpoon with barb leftaf harpoen met stekel linksclearspeak
3189โ‡‹left harpoon over right harpoonlinks harpoen oor regs harpoenclearspeak
3190โ‡Œright harpoon over left harpoonregs harpoen oor links harpoenclearspeak
3191โฅŠleft barb up right barb down harpoonlinks stekel up regs stekel af harpoenclearspeak
3192โฅ‹left barb down right barb up harpoonlinks stekel af regs stekel op harpoenclearspeak
3193โฅŒup barb right down barb left harpoonop stekel regs af stekel links harpoenclearspeak
3194โฅup barb left down barb right harpoonop stekel links af stekel regs harpoenclearspeak
3195โฅŽleft barb up right barb up harpoonlinks stekel op regs stekel op harpoenclearspeak
3196โฅup barb right down barb right harpoonop stekel regs af stekel regs harpoenclearspeak
3197โฅleft barb down right barb down harpoonlinks stekel af regs stekel af harpoenclearspeak
3198โฅ‘up barb left down barb left harpoonop stekel links af stekel links harpoenclearspeak
3199โฅ’left harpoon with barb up to barlinks harpoen met stekel boontoe na staafclearspeak
3200โฅ“right harpoon with barb up to barregs harpoen met stekel boontoe na staafclearspeak
3201โฅ”up harpoon with barb right to barop harpoen met stekel regs na staafclearspeak
3202โฅ•down harpoon with barb right to baraf harpoen met stekel regs na staafclearspeak
3203โฅ–left harpoon with barb down to barlinks harpoen met stekel af na staafclearspeak
3204โฅ—right harpoon with barb down to barregs harpoen met stekel af na staafclearspeak
3205โฅ˜up harpoon with barb left to barop harpoen met stekel links na staafclearspeak
3206โฅ™down harpoon with barb left to baraf harpoen met stekel links na staafclearspeak
3207โฅšleft harpoon with barb up from barlinks harpoen met stekel op vanaf staafclearspeak
3208โฅ›right harpoon with barb up from barregs harpoen met stekel op vanaf staafclearspeak
3209โฅœup harpoon with barb right from barop harpoen met stekel regs vanaf staafclearspeak
3210โฅdown harpoon with barb right from baraf harpoen met stekel regs vanaf staafclearspeak
3211โฅžleft harpoon with barb down from barlinks harpoen met stekel af vanaf staafclearspeak
3212โฅŸright harpoon with barb down from barregs harpoen met stekel af vanaf staafclearspeak
3213โฅ up harpoon with barb left from barop harpoen met stekel links vanaf staafclearspeak
3214โฅกdown harpoon with barb left from baraf harpoen met stekel links vanaf staafclearspeak
3215โฅขleft harpoon with barb up above left harpoon with barb downlinks harpoen met stekel bokant links harpoen met stekel afclearspeak
3216โฅฃup harpoon with barb left beside up harpoon with barb rightop harpoen met stekel links langsaan op harpoen met stekel regsclearspeak
3217โฅคright harpoon with barb up above right harpoon with barb downregs harpoen met stekel op bokant regs harpoen met stekel afclearspeak
3218โฅฅdown harpoon with barb left beside down harpoon with barb rightaf harpoen met stekel links langsaan af harpoen met stekel regsclearspeak
3219โฅฆleft harpoon with barb up above right harpoon with barb uplinks harpoen met stekel op bokant regs harpoen met stekel opclearspeak
3220โฅงleft harpoon with barb down above right harpoon with barb downlinks harpoen met stekel af bokant regs harpoen met stekel afclearspeak
3221โฅจright harpoon with barb up above left harpoon with barb upregs harpoen met stekel op bokant links harpoen met stekel opclearspeak
3222โฅฉright harpoon with barb down above left harpoon with barb downregs harpoen met stekel af bokant links harpoen met stekel afclearspeak
3223โฅชleft harpoon with barb up above long dashlinks harpoen met stekel op bokant lang koppeltekenclearspeak
3224โฅซleft harpoon with barb down below long dashlinks harpoen met stekel af onder lang koppeltekenclearspeak
3225โฅฌright harpoon with barb up above long dashregs harpoen met stekel op bokant lang koppeltekenclearspeak
3226โฅญright harpoon with barb down below long dashregs harpoen met stekel af onder lang koppeltekenclearspeak
3227โฅฎup harpoon with barb left beside down harpoon with barb rightop harpoen met stekel links langsaan af harpoen met stekel regsclearspeak
3228โฅฏdown harpoon with barb left beside up harpoon with barb rightaf harpoen met stekel links langsaan op harpoen met stekel regsclearspeak
3229โฅผleft fish taillinks visstertclearspeak
3230โฅฝright fish tailregs visstertclearspeak
3231โฅพup fish tailop visstertclearspeak
3232โฅฟdown fish tailaf visstertclearspeak
3233โ„italic h over two pikursief h oor twee piclearspeak
3234โ„”l b barl b staafclearspeak
3236โ„—sound recording copyrightklankopname kopieregclearspeak
3237โ„žprescription takevoorskrif neemclearspeak
3239โ„ service markdiensmerkclearspeak
3240โ„กtelephone signtelefoontekenclearspeak
3241โ„ขtrade markhandelsmerkclearspeak
3245โ„งinverted ohmomgekeerde ohmclearspeak
3249โ„ฒturned cap Fdwars hoofletter fclearspeak
3250โ„นinformation sourceinligtingsbronclearspeak
3251โ„บrotated cap Qroeteerde hoofletter qclearspeak
3252โ„ปfacsimile signfaksimilietekenclearspeak
3253โ…turned sans serif cap Gdwars sansskrif hoofletter gclearspeak
3254โ…‚turned sans serif cap Ldwars sansskrif hoofletter lclearspeak
3255โ…ƒreversed sans serif cap Lagterstevoor sanskrif hoofletter lclearspeak
3256โ…„turned sans serif cap Ydwars sansskrif hoofletter yclearspeak
3257!exclamation markuitroepclearspeak
3258"quotation markhaal aanclearspeak
3259#number signhutsclearspeak
3260$dollar signdollarclearspeak
3261%percent signpersentclearspeak
3272<is less thankleiner asclearspeak
3273=equalsis gelyk aanclearspeak
3274>is greater thangroter asclearspeak
3275?question markvraagtekenclearspeak
3277\backslashtru streepclearspeak
3280|vertical barafstreepclearspeak
3282ยกinverted exclamation markomgekeerde uitroeptekenclearspeak
3283ยขcent signsent tekenclearspeak
3284ยฃpound signpondclearspeak
3285ยคcurrency signgeldeenheid tekenclearspeak
3286ยฅyen signjenclearspeak
3287ยฆbroken vertical bargebroke afstreepclearspeak
3288ยงsection signseksie tekenclearspeak
3289ยจtwo dotstwee punteclearspeak
3290ยฉcopyright signkopieregtekenclearspeak
3291ยชfeminine ordinal indicatorvroulike ordinaal aanwyserclearspeak
3292ยซleft pointing guillemetlinks wysende guillemetclearspeak
3293ยฌnot signnie tekenclearspeak
3294ยฎtrade mark signgeregistreer tekenclearspeak
3297ยฑplus or minusplus of minusclearspeak
3299ยตmicro signmikroclearspeak
3300ยถparagraph signparagraaftekenclearspeak
3303ยบmasculine ordinal indicatormanlike ordinaal aanwyserclearspeak
3304ยปright pointing guillemetregswysende guillemetclearspeak
3305ยฟinverted question markomgekeerde vraagtekenclearspeak
3307รทdivision signgedeel deurclearspeak
3308ห˜brevehaal asemclearspeak
3310สบdouble primedubbelpriemclearspeak
3311ห™dot abovepunt bokantclearspeak
3312หšring abovering bokantclearspeak
3315หdouble acutedubbel akuutclearspeak
3317โ€‘non breaking hyphennie breek koppeltekenclearspeak
3318โ€’figure dashfiguurkoppeltekenclearspeak
3319โ€“en dashen koppeltekenclearspeak
3320โ€”em dashem koppeltekenclearspeak
3321โ€•horizontal barhorisontale streepclearspeak
3322โ€–double vertical bardubbel vertikale streepclearspeak
3323โ€—double underlinedubbel onderlynclearspeak
3324โ€˜left single quotation marklinker enkel aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3325โ€™right single quotation markregter enkel aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3326โ€šlow right single quotation marklae regter enkel aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3327โ€›left reversed single quotation marklinker tru enkel aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3328โ€œleft double quotation marklinker aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3329โ€right double quotation markregter aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3330โ€žlow right double quotation marklae regter aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3331โ€Ÿleft reversed double quotation marklinker tru aanhalingstekenclearspeak
3332โ€ daggermesclearspeak
3333โ€กdouble daggerdubbel mesclearspeak
3335โ€ฃtriangular bulletdriehoek koeรซlclearspeak
3336โ€คone dot leadereen punt leierclearspeak
3337โ€ฅtwo dot leadertwee punt leierclearspeak
3338โ€ฆdot dot dotellipsisclearspeak
3339โ€งhyphenation pointkoppelteken puntclearspeak
3340โ€ฐper milleper mylclearspeak
3341โ€ฑper ten thousandper tienduisendclearspeak
3343โ€ณdouble primedubbelpriemclearspeak
3344โ€ดtriple primetrippelpriemclearspeak
3345โ€ตreversed primeomgekeerde priemclearspeak
3346โ€ถreversed double primeomgekeerde dubbelpriemclearspeak
3347โ€ทreversed triple primeomgekeerde trippelpriemclearspeak
3349โ€นleft pointing single guillemetlinkswysende enkel guillemetclearspeak
3350โ€บright pointing single guillemetregswysende enkel guillemetclearspeak
3351โ€ปreference markverwysingsmerkclearspeak
3352โ€ผdouble exclamation markdubbel uitroeptekenclearspeak
3356โ€character tiekarakter bindclearspeak
3357โcaret insertion pointkarret invoegingspuntclearspeak
3359โƒhyphen bulletkoppelkoeรซlclearspeak
3360โ„fraction slashbreuk skuinsstreepclearspeak
3361โ‡double question markdubbel vraagtekenclearspeak
3362โˆquestion exclamation markvraag en uitroeptekenclearspeak
3363โ‰exclamation question markuitroep en vraagtekenclearspeak
3364โ‹reversed pilcrowtru pilkroclearspeak
3365โŒblack leftwards bulletswart linkswaartse koeรซlclearspeak
3366โblack rightwards bulletswart regswaartse koeรซlclearspeak
3367โŽlow asterisklae sterclearspeak
3368โreversed semicolontru kommapuntclearspeak
3369โclose upvan nabyclearspeak
3370โ‘two asterisks aligned verticallytwee sterre vertikaalclearspeak
3371โ’commercial minuskommersiรซle minusclearspeak
3372โ“swung dashgedraaide koppeltekenclearspeak
3373โ”inverted undertieomgekeerde onder verbindingclearspeak
3374โ•flower punctuation markblom leestekenclearspeak
3375โ–three dot punctuationdrie punt leestekenclearspeak
3376โ—quadruple primevierdubbele priemclearspeak
3377โ˜four dot punctuationvier punt leestekenclearspeak
3378โ™five dot punctuationvyf punt leestekenclearspeak
3379โštwo dot punctuationtwee punt leestekenclearspeak
3380โ›four dot markvier punt merkclearspeak
3381โœdotted crosskruis met kolletjiesclearspeak
3383โžvertical four dotsvier punte vertikaalclearspeak
3384โบsuperscript plusboskrif plusclearspeak
3385โปsuperscript minusboskrif minusclearspeak
3386โผsuperscript equalsboskrif is gelyk aanclearspeak
3387โฝsuperscript left parenthesisboskrif links hakkieclearspeak
3388โพsuperscript right parenthesisboskrif regs hakkieclearspeak
3389โ‚Šsubscript plusonderskrif plusclearspeak
3390โ‚‹subscript minusonderskrif minusclearspeak
3391โ‚Œsubscript equalsonderskrif is gelyk aanclearspeak
3392โ‚subscript left parenthesisonderskrif links hakkieclearspeak
3393โ‚Žsubscript right parenthesisonderskrif regs hakkieclearspeak
3394โ…Šproperty lineeienskaplyn clearspeak
3395โ…‹turned ampersandgedraaide ampersandclearspeak
3398โ…Žturned small fgedraaide klein fclearspeak
3399โˆ€for allvir alleclearspeak
3401โˆƒthere existsdaar bestaanclearspeak
3402โˆ„there does not existdaar bestaan nieclearspeak
3403โˆ…empty setleรซ versamelingclearspeak
3405โˆˆis a member ofelement vanclearspeak
3406โˆ‰is not a member ofnie 'n element vanclearspeak
3407โˆŠis a member ofelement vanclearspeak
3408โˆ‹contains as memberbevat as lidclearspeak
3409โˆŒdoes not contain as memberbevat nie as lidclearspeak
3410โˆcontains as memberbevat as lidclearspeak
3411โˆŽend of proofeinde van bewysclearspeak
3416โˆ“minus or plusminus of plusclearspeak
3417โˆ”dot plusdot plusclearspeak
3418โˆ•division slashgedeel deur skuinsstreepclearspeak
3419โˆ–set minusversameling minusclearspeak
3421โˆ˜composed withringclearspeak
3423โˆšsquare rootvierkantswortelclearspeak
3424โˆ›cube rootderdemagswortelclearspeak
3425โˆœfourth rootvierdemagswortelclearspeak
3426โˆproportional toeweredig aanclearspeak
3428โˆŸright angleregs hoekclearspeak
3429โˆ anglehoekclearspeak
3430โˆกmeasured anglegemeete hoekclearspeak
3431โˆขspherical anglesweriese hoekclearspeak
3432โˆฃvertical barafstreepclearspeak
3433โˆคdoes not dividedeel nieclearspeak
3434โˆฅparallel toparalel aanclearspeak
3435โˆฆnot parallel tonie paralel aanclearspeak
3441โˆฌdouble integraldubbel integraalclearspeak
3442โˆญtriple integraltrippel integraalclearspeak
3443โˆฎcontour integralkontoer integraalclearspeak
3444โˆฏsurface integraloppervlak integraalclearspeak
3445โˆฐvolume integralvolume integraalclearspeak
3446โˆฑclockwise integralkloksgewyse integraalclearspeak
3447โˆฒclockwise contour integralkloksgewyse kontoer integraalclearspeak
3448โˆณanticlockwise contour integralantikloksgewyse kontoer integraalclearspeak
3453โˆธdot minuspunt minusclearspeak
3455โˆบgeometric proportiongiometriese verhoudingclearspeak
3458โˆฝreversed tildetru tildeclearspeak
3459โˆพinverted lazy somgekeerde lui sclearspeak
3460โˆฟsine wavesinusgolfclearspeak
3461โ‰€wreath productkransprodukclearspeak
3462โ‰not tildenie tildeclearspeak
3463โ‰‚minus tildeminus tildeclearspeak
3464โ‰ƒasymptotically equalsassimtoties gelyk aanclearspeak
3465โ‰„not asymptotically equalsnie asimtoties gelyk aanclearspeak
3466โ‰…approximately equalsongeveer gelyk aanclearspeak
3467โ‰†approximately but not actually equalsongeveer, maar nie werklik gelyk aanclearspeak
3468โ‰‡neither approximately nor actually equalsnie ongeveer of werklik gelyk aanclearspeak
3469โ‰ˆalmost equalsis amper gelyk aanclearspeak
3470โ‰‰not almost equalsis nie amper gelyk aanclearspeak
3471โ‰Šalmost equal or equalsamper gelyk aan of gelyk aanclearspeak
3472โ‰‹triple tildetrippel tildeclearspeak
3473โ‰Œall equalsalmal gelyk aanclearspeak
3474โ‰equivalent tosoortgelyk aanclearspeak
3475โ‰Žgeometrically equivalent togiometries soortgelyk aanclearspeak
3476โ‰difference betweenverskil tussenclearspeak
3477โ‰approaches the limitnader die limietclearspeak
3478โ‰‘geometrically equalsgiometries gelyk aanclearspeak
3479โ‰’approximately equals or the image ofongeveer gelyk aan of die beeld vanclearspeak
3480โ‰“image of or approximately equalsdie beeld van of ongeveer gelyk aanclearspeak
3481โ‰”colon equalsdubbelpunt is gelyk aanclearspeak
3482โ‰•equals colonis gelyk aan dubbelpuntclearspeak
3483โ‰–ring in equalsring in is gelyk aanclearspeak
3484โ‰—ring equalsring is gelyk aanclearspeak
3485โ‰˜corresponds tostem ooreen metclearspeak
3487โ‰šis equiangular toewehoekig aanclearspeak
3488โ‰›star equalsster is gelyk aanclearspeak
3489โ‰œdelta equalsdelta is gelyk aanclearspeak
3490โ‰is defined to beis gelyk aan volgens definisieclearspeak
3491โ‰žis measured bygemeet byclearspeak
3492โ‰Ÿquestioned equalsbevraagtekend gelyk aanclearspeak
3493โ‰ is not equal tois nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3494โ‰กis identical toidenties aanclearspeak
3495โ‰ขis not identical tonie identies aanclearspeak
3496โ‰ฃis strictly equivalent tostreng ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3497โ‰คis less than or equal tokleiner of gelyk aanclearspeak
3498โ‰ฅis greater than or equal togroter of gelyk aanclearspeak
3499โ‰ฆis less than over equalskleiner as oor is gelyk aanclearspeak
3500โ‰งis greater than over equalsgroter as oor is gelyk aanclearspeak
3501โ‰จis less than but not equal tokleiner maar nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3502โ‰ฉis greater than but not equal togroter as, maar nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3503โ‰ชis much less thanbaie kleiner asclearspeak
3504โ‰ซis much greater thanbaie groter asclearspeak
3506โ‰ญis not equivalent tonie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3507โ‰ฎis not less thannie kleiner asclearspeak
3508โ‰ฏis not greater thannie groter asclearspeak
3509โ‰ฐis neither less than nor equal tonie kleiner as, ook nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3510โ‰ฑis neither greater than nor equal tonie groter as, ook nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3511โ‰ฒis less than or equivalent tokleiner as of ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3512โ‰ณis greater than or equivalent togroter as of ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3513โ‰ดis neither less than nor equivalent tonie kleiner as, ook nie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3514โ‰ตis neither greater than nor equivalent tonie groter as, ook nie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3515โ‰ถis less than or greater thankleiner as of groter asclearspeak
3516โ‰ทis greater than or less thangroter as of kleiner asclearspeak
3517โ‰ธis neither less than nor greater thannie kleiner as, ook nie groter asclearspeak
3518โ‰นis neither greater than nor less thannie groter as, ook nie kleiner asclearspeak
3519โ‰บprecedeskom voorclearspeak
3520โ‰ปsucceedskom naclearspeak
3521โ‰ผprecedes or equal tokom voor of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3522โ‰ฝsucceeds or equal tokom na of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3523โ‰พprecedes or equivalent tokom voor of is ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3524โ‰ฟsucceeds or equivalent tokom na of is ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3525โŠ€does not precedekom nie voorclearspeak
3526โŠdoes not succeedkom nie naclearspeak
3527โŠ‚subset ofdeelversameling vanclearspeak
3528โŠƒsuperset ofsuperversameling vanclearspeak
3529โŠ„not a subset ofnie 'n deelversameling vanclearspeak
3530โŠ…not a superset ofnie 'n superversameling vanclearspeak
3531โŠ†subset of or equal todeelversameling van, of gelyk aanclearspeak
3532โŠ‡superset of or equal tosuperversameling van, of gelyk aanclearspeak
3533โŠˆneither a subset of nor equal tonie 'n deelversameling van, ook nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3534โŠ‰neither a superset of nor equal tonie 'n superversameling van, ook nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3535โŠŠsubset of or not equalsdeelversameling van, of nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3536โŠ‹superset of or not equalssuperversameling van, of nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3538โŠmultiset multiplicationmultiversameling vermenigvuldigingclearspeak
3539โŠŽmultiset unionmultiversameling eenheidclearspeak
3540โŠsquare image ofkwadraat beeld vanclearspeak
3541โŠsquare original ofkwadraat oorspronklike vanclearspeak
3542โŠ‘square image of or equal tokwadraat beeld van of gelyk aanclearspeak
3543โŠ’square original of or equal tokwadraat oorspronklike van, of gelyk aanclearspeak
3544โŠ“square capsquare capclearspeak
3545โŠ”square cupsquare cupclearspeak
3546โŠ•circled plusomkringde plusclearspeak
3547โŠ–circled minusomkringde minusclearspeak
3548โŠ—circled timesomkringde maalclearspeak
3549โŠ˜circled division slashomkringde gedeel deur skuinsstreepclearspeak
3550โŠ™circled dotomkringde puntclearspeak
3551โŠšcircled ringomkringde ringclearspeak
3552โŠ›circled asteriskomkringde sterclearspeak
3553โŠœcircled equalsomkringde is gelyk aanclearspeak
3554โŠcircled dashomkringde koppeltekenclearspeak
3555โŠžsquared plusplus in 'n vierkantclearspeak
3556โŠŸsquared minusminus in 'n vierkantclearspeak
3557โŠ squared timesmaal in 'n vierkantclearspeak
3558โŠกsquared dotpunt in 'n vierkantclearspeak
3559โŠขright tackregter spykerclearspeak
3560โŠฃleft tacklinker spykerclearspeak
3561โŠคdown tackaf spykerclearspeak
3562โŠฅup tackop spykerclearspeak
3567โŠชtriple vertical bar right turnstiletrippel afstreep regs draaihekclearspeak
3568โŠซdouble vertical bar double right turnstiledubbel afstreep dubbel regter draaihekclearspeak
3569โŠฌdoes not provebewys nie datclearspeak
3570โŠญnot truenie waar nieclearspeak
3571โŠฎdoes not forcevorseer nieclearspeak
3572โŠฏnegated double vertical bar double right turnstilegenegeerde dubbel afstreep dubbel regter draaihekclearspeak
3573โŠฐprecedes under relationvooraf gegaan onder verhoudingclearspeak
3574โŠฑsucceeds under relationgevolg onder verhoudingclearspeak
3575โŠฒnormal subgroup ofnormale subgroep vanclearspeak
3576โŠณcontains as normal subgroupbevat as normale subgroepclearspeak
3577โŠดnormal subgroup of or equal tonormale subgroep van of gelyk aanclearspeak
3578โŠตcontains as normal subgroup or equal tobevat as normale subgroep of gelyk aanclearspeak
3579โŠถoriginal ofoorspronklike vanclearspeak
3580โŠทimage ofbeeld vanclearspeak
3582โŠนhermitian conjugate matrixhermitian conjugate matrixclearspeak
3587โŠฟright triangleregs driehoekclearspeak
3588โ‹€n ary andn ary andclearspeak
3589โ‹n ary orn ary orclearspeak
3590โ‹‚n ary intersectionn ary intersectionclearspeak
3591โ‹ƒn ary unionn ary unionclearspeak
3595โ‹‡division timesgedeel deur maalclearspeak
3597โ‹‰left normal factor semidirect productlinker normaal faktor semidirekte produkclearspeak
3598โ‹Šright normal factor semidirect productregter normaal faktor semidirekte produkclearspeak
3599โ‹‹left semidirect productlinker semidirekte produkclearspeak
3600โ‹Œright semidirect productregter semidirekte produkclearspeak
3601โ‹reversed tilde equalstru tilde is gelyk aanclearspeak
3602โ‹Žcurly orgekrulde ofclearspeak
3603โ‹curly andgekrulde enclearspeak
3604โ‹double subsetdubbel deelversamelingclearspeak
3605โ‹‘double supersetdubbel superversamelingclearspeak
3606โ‹’double intersectiondubel interseksieclearspeak
3607โ‹“double uniondubbel eenheidclearspeak
3609โ‹•is equal and parallel togelyk aan en paralel aanclearspeak
3610โ‹–is less than dotkleiner as puntclearspeak
3611โ‹—is greater than dotgroter as puntclearspeak
3612โ‹˜is very much less thanbaie kleiner asclearspeak
3613โ‹™is very much greater thanbaie groter asclearspeak
3614โ‹šis less than equal to or greater thankleiner gelyk aan of groter asclearspeak
3615โ‹›is greater than equal to or less thangroter gelyk aan of kleiner asclearspeak
3616โ‹œis equal to or less thangelyk aan of kleiner asclearspeak
3617โ‹is equal to or greater thangelyk aan of groter asclearspeak
3618โ‹žis equal to or precedesgelyk aan of gaan voorafclearspeak
3619โ‹Ÿis equal to or succeedsgelyk aan of volg opclearspeak
3620โ‹ does not precede or equalgaan nie vooraf of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3621โ‹กdoes not succeed or equalvolg nie op of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3622โ‹ขis not square image of or equal tonot square image of or equalsclearspeak
3623โ‹ฃis not square original of or equal tonot square original of or equalsclearspeak
3624โ‹คis square image of or not equal tosquare image of or not equalsclearspeak
3625โ‹ฅis square original of or not equal tosquare original of or not equalsclearspeak
3626โ‹ฆis less than but not equivalent tokleiner as, maar nie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3627โ‹งis greater than but not equivalent togroter as, maar nie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3628โ‹จprecedes but not equivalent togaan vooraf, maar nie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3629โ‹ฉsucceeds but not equivalent tovolg op, maar nie ekwivalent aanclearspeak
3630โ‹ชis not normal subgroup ofnie normale subgroep vanclearspeak
3631โ‹ซdoes not contain as normal subgroupbevat nie as normale subgroepclearspeak
3632โ‹ฌis not normal subgroup of or equal tonie normale subgroep van of gelyk aanclearspeak
3633โ‹ญdoes not contain as normal subgroup or equalbevat nie as normale subgroep of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3634โ‹ฎvertical ellipsisvertikale elipsesclearspeak
3635โ‹ฏdot dot dotmiddellyn horisontale elipsesclearspeak
3636โ‹ฐup right diagonal ellipsisop regs diagonale elipsesclearspeak
3637โ‹ฑdown right diagonal ellipsisaf regs diagonale elipsesclearspeak
3638โ‹ฒelement of with long horizontal strokeelement van met lang horisontale streepclearspeak
3639โ‹ณelement of with vertical bar at end of horizontal strokeelement van met vertikale streep aan die einde van horisontale streepclearspeak
3640โ‹ดelement of with vertical bar at end of horizontal strokeelement van met vertikale streep aan die einde van horisontale streepclearspeak
3641โ‹ตelement of with dot aboveelement van met punt bokantclearspeak
3642โ‹ถelement of with overbarelement of with overbarclearspeak
3643โ‹ทelement of with overbarelement of with overbarclearspeak
3644โ‹ธelement of with underbarelement of with underbarclearspeak
3645โ‹นelement of with two horizontal strokeselement van met twee horisontale strepeclearspeak
3646โ‹บcontains with long horizontal strokebevat met lang horisontale streepclearspeak
3647โ‹ปcontains with vertical bar at end of horizontal strokebevat met vertikale streep aan die einde van horisontale streepclearspeak
3648โ‹ผcontains with vertical bar at end of horizontal strokebevat met vertikale streep aan die einde van horisontale streepclearspeak
3649โ‹ฝcontains with overbarcontains with overbarclearspeak
3650โ‹พcontains with overbarcontains with overbarclearspeak
3651โ‹ฟz notation bag membershipz notation bag membershipclearspeak
3652โŒ€diameter signdeursneetekenclearspeak
3656โŒ‡wavy linegolwende lynclearspeak
3657โŒreversed nottru nieclearspeak
3658โŒ‘square lozengesquare lozengeclearspeak
3662โž•bold plusvetgedrukte plusclearspeak
3663โž–bold minusvetgedrukte minusclearspeak
3664โž—bold divisionvetgedrukte gedeel deurclearspeak
3665โžฐcurly loopkrullerige lusclearspeak
3666โžฟdouble curly loopdubbel krullerige lusclearspeak
3667โŸwhite triangle containing small white trianglewit driehoek wat klein wit driehoek bevatclearspeak
3669โŸƒopen subsetoop deelversamelingclearspeak
3670โŸ„open supersetoop superversamelingclearspeak
3671โŸ‡or with dot insideof met punt binne inclearspeak
3672โŸˆbackslash preceding subsettrustreep wat deelversameling vooraf gaanclearspeak
3673โŸ‰superset preceding solidussuperset preceding solidusclearspeak
3674โŸŠvertical bar with horizontal strokevertikale lyn met horisontale streepclearspeak
3675โŸ‹rising diagonalstygende diagonaalclearspeak
3676โŸŒlong divisionlang deelclearspeak
3677โŸfalling diagonaldalende diagonaalclearspeak
3678โŸŽsquared andsquared andclearspeak
3679โŸsquared orsquared orclearspeak
3680โŸwhite diamond with centered dotwit diamand met gesentreerde puntclearspeak
3681โŸ‘and with doten met puntclearspeak
3682โŸ’element of opening upwardselement van opening boontoeclearspeak
3683โŸ“lower right corner with dotonderste regter hoek met puntclearspeak
3684โŸ”upper left corner with dotboonste linker hoek met puntclearspeak
3685โŸ•left outer joinleft outer joinclearspeak
3686โŸ–right outer joinright outer joinclearspeak
3687โŸ—full outer joinfull outer joinclearspeak
3688โŸ˜large up tackgroot op spykerclearspeak
3689โŸ™large down tackgroot af spykerclearspeak
3690โŸšleft and right double turnstilelinks en regs dubbel draaihekclearspeak
3691โŸ›left and right tacklinks en regs spykerclearspeak
3692โŸœleft multimaplinker multikaartclearspeak
3693โŸlong right tacklang regs spykerclearspeak
3694โŸžlong left tacklang links spykerclearspeak
3695โŸŸup tack with circle aboveop spyker met sirkel bokantclearspeak
3696โŸ lozenge divided by horizontal rulelozenge divided by horizontal ruleclearspeak
3697โŸกwhite concave sided diamondwit konkawe dwars diamandclearspeak
3698โŸขwhite concave sided diamond with leftwards tickwit konkawe dwars diamand met linkswaartse merkclearspeak
3699โŸฃwhite concave sided diamond with rightwards tickwit konkawe dwars diamand met regswaartse merkclearspeak
3700โŸคwhite square with leftwards tickwit vierkant met linkswaartse merkclearspeak
3701โŸฅwhite square with rightwards tickwit vierkant met regswaartse merkclearspeak
3702โคซrising diagonal crossing falling diagonalstygende diagonaal wat dalende diagonaal kruisclearspeak
3703โคฌfalling diagonal crossing rising diagonaldalende diagonaal wat stygende diagonaal kruisclearspeak
3704โฆ€triple vertical bartrippel afstreepclearspeak
3705โฆz notation spotz notation spotclearspeak
3706โฆ‚z notation type colonz notation type colonclearspeak
3707โฆ™dotted fencekolletjies heiningclearspeak
3708โฆšvertical zigzag linevertikale heen en weer lynclearspeak
3709โฆฐreversed empty settru leรซ versamelingclearspeak
3710โฆฑempty set with overbarleรซ versameling met bostaafclearspeak
3711โฆฒempty set with small circle aboveleรซ versameling met klein sirkel bokantclearspeak
3712โฆตcircle with horizontal barsirkel met horisontale streepclearspeak
3713โฆถcircled vertical baromkringde afstreepclearspeak
3714โฆทcircled parallelomkringde paralelclearspeak
3715โฆธcircled backslashomkringde trustreepclearspeak
3716โฆนcircled perpendicularomkringde loodregclearspeak
3717โฆบcircle divided by horizontal bar and top half divided by vertical barsirkel gedeel deur horisontale lyn en boonste helfte gedeel deur vertikale streepclearspeak
3718โฆปcircle with superimposed xsirkel met x bo opclearspeak
3719โฆผcircled anticlockwise rotated divisionomkringde antikloksgewyse geroeteerde gedeel deur tekenclearspeak
3720โฆพcircled white bulletomkringde wit koeรซlclearspeak
3721โฆฟcircled bulletomkringde koeรซlclearspeak
3722โง€circled less thanomkringde kleiner asclearspeak
3723โงcircled greater thanomkringde groter asclearspeak
3724โง‚circle with small circle to the rightsirkel met klein sirkel na regsclearspeak
3725โงƒcircle with two horizontal strokes to the rightsirkel met twee horisontale strepe aan die regter kantclearspeak
3726โง„squared rising diagonal slashsquared rising diagonal slashclearspeak
3727โง…squared falling diagonal slashsquared falling diagonal slashclearspeak
3728โง†squared asterisksquared asteriskclearspeak
3729โง‡squared small circlesquared small circleclearspeak
3730โงˆsquared squaresquared squareclearspeak
3731โง‰two joined squarestwee saamgevoegde vierkanteclearspeak
3732โงŠtriangle with dot abovedriehoek met punt boclearspeak
3733โง‹triangle with underbardriehoek met onderstaafclearspeak
3734โงŒs in triangles in driehoekclearspeak
3735โงtriangle with serifs at bottomdriehoek met serifs onder aanclearspeak
3736โงŽright triangle above left triangleregs driehoek bokant links driehoekclearspeak
3737โงleft triangle beside vertical barlinks driehoek langsaan afstreepclearspeak
3738โงvertical bar beside right triangleafstreep langsaan regs driehoekclearspeak
3739โง‘bowtie with left half blackstrikdas met linker helfde swartclearspeak
3740โง’bowtie with right half blackstrikdas met regter helfde swartclearspeak
3741โง“black bowtieswart strikdasclearspeak
3742โง”times with left half blackmaalteken met linker helfde swartclearspeak
3743โง•times with right half blackmaalteken met regter helfde swartclearspeak
3744โง–white hourglasswit uurglasclearspeak
3745โง—black hourglassswart uurglasclearspeak
3746โงœincomplete infinityonvolledige oneindigclearspeak
3747โงtie over infinitydas oor oneindigclearspeak
3748โงžinfinity negated with vertical baroneindig genegeer met afstreepclearspeak
3749โงŸdouble ended multimapdubbelend multikaartclearspeak
3750โง square with contoured outlinevierkant met gekontoerde buitelynclearspeak
3751โงกincreases asvermeerder asclearspeak
3752โงขshuffle productgemengde produkclearspeak
3753โงฃequals and slanted parallelis gelyk aan en skuins paralelclearspeak
3754โงคequals and slanted parallel with tilde aboveis gelyk aan en skuins paralel met tilde bokantclearspeak
3755โงฅidentical to and slanted parallelidenties aan en skuins paralelclearspeak
3756โงฆgleich starkewe sterkclearspeak
3758โงจdown pointing triangle with left half blackdriehoek wat ondertoe wys met linker helfde swartclearspeak
3759โงฉdown pointing triangle with right half blackdriehoek wat ondertoe wys met regter helfde swartclearspeak
3760โงซblack lozengeblack lozengeclearspeak
3761โงฎerror barred white squareerror barred white squareclearspeak
3762โงฏerror barred black squareerror barred black squareclearspeak
3763โงฐerror barred white diamonderror barred white diamondclearspeak
3764โงฑerror barred black diamonderror barred black diamondclearspeak
3765โงฒerror barred white circleerror barred white circleclearspeak
3766โงณerror barred black circleerror barred black circleclearspeak
3767โงดrule delayedreel uitgestelclearspeak
3769โงถsolidus with overbarsolidus with overbarclearspeak
3770โงทbackslash with horizontal stroketrustreep met horisontale streepclearspeak
3771โงธbig solidusbig solidusclearspeak
3772โงนbig backslashgroot trustreepclearspeak
3773โงบdouble plusdubbelplusclearspeak
3774โงปtriple plustrippelplusclearspeak
3777โจ€n ary circled dotn ary circled dotclearspeak
3778โจn ary circled plusn ary circled plusclearspeak
3779โจ‚n ary circled timesn ary circled timesclearspeak
3780โจƒn ary union with dotn ary union with dotclearspeak
3781โจ„n ary union operator with plusn ary union operator with plusclearspeak
3782โจ…n ary square intersectionn ary square intersectionclearspeak
3783โจ†n ary square unionn ary square unionclearspeak
3784โจ‡two andtwee enclearspeak
3785โจˆtwo ortwee ofclearspeak
3786โจ‰n ary timesn ary timesclearspeak
3787โจŠmodulo two summodules twee somclearspeak
3788โจ‹summation with integralsommering met integraalclearspeak
3789โจŒquadruple integralvierdubbele integraalclearspeak
3790โจfinite part integralfinite part integralclearspeak
3791โจŽintegral with double strokeintegraal met dubbelstreepclearspeak
3792โจintegral average with slashintegraal gemiddelde met skuinsstreepclearspeak
3793โจcirculation functionsirkulasie funksieclearspeak
3794โจ‘anticlockwise integrationantikloksgewyse integrasieclearspeak
3795โจ’line integration with rectangular path around polelyn integrasie met reghoekige pad rondom paalclearspeak
3796โจ“line integration with semicircular path around polelyn integrasie met semisirkulรชre pad rondom paalclearspeak
3797โจ”line integration not including the polelyn integrasie wat nie die paal insluit nieclearspeak
3798โจ•integral around a pointintegraal om 'n puntclearspeak
3799โจ–quaternion integralquaternion integralclearspeak
3800โจ˜integral with timesintegraal met maaltekenclearspeak
3801โจ™integral with intersectionintegraal met interseksieclearspeak
3802โจšintegral with unionintegraal met einheidclearspeak
3803โจ›integral with overbarintegraal met bostaafclearspeak
3804โจœintegral with underbarintegraal met onderstaafclearspeak
3806โจžlarge left trianglegroot links driehoekclearspeak
3807โจŸz notation schema compositionz notation schema compositionclearspeak
3808โจ z notation schema pipingz notation schema pipingclearspeak
3809โจกz notation schema projectionz notation schema projectionclearspeak
3810โจขplus with circle aboveplus met sirkel bokantclearspeak
3811โจฃplus hatplus hoedclearspeak
3812โจคplus tildeplus tildeclearspeak
3813โจฅplus underdotplus onder puntclearspeak
3814โจฆplus sign with tilde belowplus met tilde onderclearspeak
3815โจงplus sign with subscript twoplus met onderskrif tweeclearspeak
3816โจจplus sign with black triangleplus met swart driehoekclearspeak
3817โจฉminus sign with comma aboveminus met komma bokantclearspeak
3818โจชminus sign with dot belowminus met punt onderclearspeak
3819โจซminus sign with falling dotsminus met dalende punteclearspeak
3820โจฌminus sign with rising dotsminus met stygende punteclearspeak
3821โจญplus sign in left half circleplus in linker half sirkelclearspeak
3822โจฎplus sign in right half circleplus in regs half sirkelclearspeak
3823โจฏvector or cross productvektor of kruisprodukclearspeak
3824โจฐmultiplication sign with dot abovemaalteken met punt boclearspeak
3825โจฑmultiplication sign with underbarmaalteken met onderstaafclearspeak
3826โจฒsemidirect product with bottom closedsemidirekte produk met toe onderkantclearspeak
3827โจณsmash productsmash productclearspeak
3828โจดmultiplication sign in left half circlemaalteken in links half sirkelclearspeak
3829โจตmultiplication sign in right half circlemaalteken in regs half sirkelclearspeak
3830โจถcircled multiplication sign with circumflex accentomkringde maalteken met kappie aksentclearspeak
3831โจทmultiplication sign in double circlemaalteken in dubbelsirkelclearspeak
3832โจธcircled divisionomkringde gedeel deur tekenclearspeak
3833โจนplus sign in triangleplus in driehoekclearspeak
3834โจบminus sign in triangleminus in driehoekclearspeak
3835โจปmultiplication sign in trianglemaalteken in driehoekclearspeak
3836โจผinterior productbinneste produkclearspeak
3837โจฝrighthand interior productregter binneste produkclearspeak
3838โจพz notation relational compositionz notation relational compositionclearspeak
3839โจฟamalgamation or coproductamalgimering of ko-produkclearspeak
3840โฉ€intersection with dotinterseksie met puntclearspeak
3841โฉunion with minuseinheid met minusclearspeak
3842โฉ‚union with overbareenheid met bostaafclearspeak
3843โฉƒintersection with overbarinterseksie met bostaafclearspeak
3844โฉ„intersection with andinterseksie met enclearspeak
3845โฉ…union with oreinheid met ofclearspeak
3846โฉ†union above intersectioneenheid bokant interseksieclearspeak
3847โฉ‡intersection above unioninterseksie bokant eenheidclearspeak
3848โฉˆunion above bar above intersectioneenheid bokant staaf bokant interseksieclearspeak
3849โฉ‰intersection above bar above unioninterseksie bokant staaf bokant eenheidclearspeak
3850โฉŠunion beside and joined with unioneenheid langsaan en verenig met eenheidclearspeak
3851โฉ‹intersection beside and joined with intersectioninterseksie langsaan en verenig met interseksieclearspeak
3852โฉŒclosed union with serifsgeslote eenheid met serifsclearspeak
3853โฉclosed intersection with serifsgeslote interseksie met serifsclearspeak
3854โฉŽdouble square intersectiondouble square intersectionclearspeak
3855โฉdouble square uniondouble square unionclearspeak
3856โฉclosed union with serifs and smash productclosed union with serifs and smash productclearspeak
3857โฉ‘and with dot aboveen met punt boclearspeak
3858โฉ’or with dot aboveof met punt boclearspeak
3859โฉ“double anddubbel enclearspeak
3860โฉ”double ordubbel ofclearspeak
3861โฉ•two intersecting andtwee oorvleuelende en tekensclearspeak
3862โฉ–two intersecting ortwee oorvleuelende of tekensclearspeak
3863โฉ—sloping large orskuins groot ofclearspeak
3864โฉ˜sloping large andskuins groot enclearspeak
3865โฉ™or overlapping andof wat met en oorvleuelclearspeak
3866โฉšand with middle stemen met middelsteelclearspeak
3867โฉ›or with middle stemof met middelsteelclearspeak
3868โฉœand with horizontal dashen met horisontale koppeltekenclearspeak
3869โฉor with horizontal dashof met horisontale koppeltekenclearspeak
3870โฉžand with double overbaren met dubbel bostaafclearspeak
3871โฉŸand with underbaren met onderstaafclearspeak
3872โฉ and with double underbaren met dubbel onderstaafclearspeak
3873โฉกsmall vee with underbarklein v met onderstaafclearspeak
3874โฉขor with double overbarof met dubbel bostaafclearspeak
3875โฉฃor with double underbarof met dubbel onderstaafclearspeak
3876โฉคz notation domain antirestrictionz notation domain antirestrictionclearspeak
3877โฉฅz notation range antirestrictionz notation range antirestrictionclearspeak
3878โฉฆequals sign with dot belowis gelyk aan met punt onderclearspeak
3879โฉงidentical with dot aboveidenties met punt bokantclearspeak
3880โฉจtriple horizontal bar with double vertical stroketrippel horisontale streep met dubbel afstreepclearspeak
3881โฉฉtriple horizontal bar with triple vertical stroketrippel horisontale streep met trippel afstreepclearspeak
3882โฉชtilde with dot abovetilde met punt boclearspeak
3883โฉซtilde with rising dotstilde met stygende punteclearspeak
3884โฉฌsimilar minus similareenders minus eendersclearspeak
3885โฉญcongruent with dot abovecongruent with dot aboveclearspeak
3886โฉฎequals with asteriskis gelyk aan met sterclearspeak
3887โฉฏalmost equal hatamper gelyk aan hoedclearspeak
3888โฉฐapproximately equal or equal toongeveer gelyk aan of gelyk aanclearspeak
3889โฉฑequals above plusis gelyk aan bokant plusclearspeak
3890โฉฒplus above equalsplus bokant is gelyk aanclearspeak
3891โฉณequals above tildeis gelyk aan bokant tildeclearspeak
3892โฉดdouble colon equaldubbel dubbelpunt is gelyk aanclearspeak
3893โฉตtwo consecutive equalstwee opeenvolgende is gelyk aansclearspeak
3894โฉถthree consecutive equalsdrie opeenvolgende is gelyk aansclearspeak
3895โฉทequals sign with two dots above and two dots belowis gelyk aan met twee punte bo en twee punte onderclearspeak
3896โฉธequivalent with four dots aboveekwivalent met vier punte boclearspeak
3897โฉนless than with circle insidekleiner as met sirkel binne inclearspeak
3898โฉบgreater than with circle insidegroter as met sirkel binne inclearspeak
3899โฉปless than with question mark abovekleiner as met vraagteken bokantclearspeak
3900โฉผgreater than with question mark abovegroter as met vraagteken bokantclearspeak
3901โฉฝless than or slanted equalskleiner as of skuins is gelyk aanclearspeak
3902โฉพgreater than or slanted equalsgroter as of skuins is gelyk aanclearspeak
3903โฉฟless than or slanted equals with dot insidekleiner as of skuins is gelyk aan met punt binne inclearspeak
3904โช€greater than or slanted equals with dot insidegroter as of skuins is gelyk aan met punt binne inclearspeak
3905โชless than or slanted equals with dot abovekleiner as of skuins is gelyk aan met punt boclearspeak
3906โช‚greater than or slanted equals with dot abovegroter as of skuins is gelyk aan met punt boclearspeak
3907โชƒless than or slanted equals with dot above rightkleiner as of skuins is gelyk aan met punt bokant regsclearspeak
3908โช„greater than or slanted equals with dot above leftgroter as of skuins is gelyk aan met punt bo regsclearspeak
3909โช…less than or approximatekleiner as of ongeveerclearspeak
3910โช†greater than or approximategroter as of ongeveerclearspeak
3911โช‡less than and single line not equalskleiner as en enkel lyn nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3912โชˆgreater than and single line not equalsgroter as en enkel lyn nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3913โช‰less than and not approximatekleiner as en nie ongeveerclearspeak
3914โชŠgreater than and not approximategroter as en nie ongeveerclearspeak
3915โช‹less than above double line equal above greater thankleiner as bokant dubbellyn is gelyk aan bokant groter asclearspeak
3916โชŒgreater than above double line equal above less thangroter as bokant dubbellyn is gelyk aan bokant kleiner asclearspeak
3917โชless than above similar or equalkleiner as bokant eenders of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3918โชŽgreater than above similar or equalgroter as bokant eenders of gelyk aanclearspeak
3919โชless than above similar above greater thankleiner as bokant eenders bokant groter asclearspeak
3920โชgreater than above similar above less thangroter as bokant eenders bokant kleiner asclearspeak
3921โช‘less than above greater than above double line equalkleiner as bokant groter as bokant dubbellyn is gelyk aanclearspeak
3922โช’greater than above less than above double line equalgroter as bokant kleiner as bokant dubbellyn is gelyk aanclearspeak
3923โช“less than above slanted equal above greater than above slanted equalkleiner as bokant skuins is gelyk aan bokant groter as bokant skuins is gelyk aanclearspeak
3924โช”greater than above slanted equal above less than above slanted equalgroter as bokant skuins is gelyk aan bokant kleiner as bokant skuins is gelyk aanclearspeak
3925โช•slanted equals or less thanskuins is gelyk aan of kleiner asclearspeak
3926โช–slanted equals or greater thanskuins is gelyk aan of groter asclearspeak
3927โช—slanted equals or less than with dot insideskuins is gelyk aan of kleiner as met punt binne inclearspeak
3928โช˜slanted equals or greater than with dot insideskuins is gelyk aan of groter as met punt binne inclearspeak
3929โช™double line equals or less thandubbellyn is gelyk aan of kleiner asclearspeak
3930โชšdouble line equals or greater thandubbellyn is gelyk aan of groter asclearspeak
3931โช›double line slanted equals or less thandubbellyn skuins is gelyk aan of kleiner asclearspeak
3932โชœdouble line slanted equals or greater thandubbellyn skuins is gelyk aan of groter asclearspeak
3933โชsimilar or less thaneenders of kleiner asclearspeak
3934โชžsimilar or greater thaneenders of groter asclearspeak
3935โชŸsimilar above less than above equals signeenders bokant kleiner as bokant is gelyk aanclearspeak
3936โช similar above greater than above equals signeenders bokant groter as bokant is gelyk aanclearspeak
3937โชกdouble nested less thandubbelgeneste kleiner asclearspeak
3938โชขdouble nested greater thandubbelgeneste groter asclearspeak
3939โชฃdouble nested less than with underbardubbelgeneste kleiner as met onderstaafclearspeak
3940โชคgreater than overlapping less thangroter as oorvleuel met kleiner asclearspeak
3941โชฅgreater than beside less thangroter as langsaan kleiner asclearspeak
3942โชฆless than closed by curvekleiner as toegemaak met kurweclearspeak
3943โชงgreater than closed by curvegroter as toegemaak met kurweclearspeak
3944โชจless than closed by curve above slanted equalkleiner as toegemaak met kurwe bokant skuins is gelyk aanclearspeak
3945โชฉgreater than closed by curve above slanted equalgroter as toegemaak met kurwe bokant skuins is gelyk aanclearspeak
3946โชชis smaller thankleiner asclearspeak
3947โชซis larger thangroter asclearspeak
3948โชฌis smaller than or equal tokleiner as of gelyk aanclearspeak
3949โชญis larger than or equal togroter as of gelyk aanclearspeak
3950โชฎequals with bumpy aboveequals with bumpy aboveclearspeak
3951โชฏprecedes above single line equals signprecedes above single line equals signclearspeak
3952โชฐsucceeds above single line equals signsucceeds above single line equals signclearspeak
3953โชฑprecedes above single line not equalsprecedes above single line not equalsclearspeak
3954โชฒsucceeds above single line not equalssucceeds above single line not equalsclearspeak
3955โชณprecedes above equalsprecedes above equalsclearspeak
3956โชดsucceeds above equalssucceeds above equalsclearspeak
3957โชตprecedes above not equalsprecedes above not equalsclearspeak
3958โชถsucceeds above not equalssucceeds above not equalsclearspeak
3959โชทprecedes above almost equalsprecedes above almost equalsclearspeak
3960โชธsucceeds above almost equalssucceeds above almost equalsclearspeak
3961โชนprecedes above not almost equalsprecedes above not almost equalsclearspeak
3962โชบsucceeds above not almost equalssucceeds above not almost equalsclearspeak
3963โชปdouble precedesdouble precedesclearspeak
3964โชผdouble succeedsdouble succeedsclearspeak
3965โชฝsubset with dotdeelversameling met puntclearspeak
3966โชพsuperset with dotsuperversameling met puntclearspeak
3967โชฟsubset with plus sign belowdeelversameling met plus onderclearspeak
3968โซ€superset with plus sign belowsuperversameling met plus onderclearspeak
3969โซsubset with multiplication sign belowdeelversameling met maalteken onderclearspeak
3970โซ‚superset with multiplication sign belowsuperversameling met maalteken onderclearspeak
3971โซƒsubset of or equals with dot abovedeelversameling van of is gelyk aan met punt boclearspeak
3972โซ„superset of or equals with dot abovesuperversameling van of is gelyk aan met punt boclearspeak
3973โซ…subset of above equals signdeelversameling van bokant is gelyk aanclearspeak
3974โซ†superset of above equals signsuperversameling van bokant is gelyk aanclearspeak
3975โซ‡subset of above tildedeelversameling van bokant tildeclearspeak
3976โซˆsuperset of above tildesuperversameling van bokant tildeclearspeak
3977โซ‰subset of above almost equalsdeelversameling van bokant amper gelyk aanclearspeak
3978โซŠsuperset of above almost equalssuperversameling van bokant amper gelyk aanclearspeak
3979โซ‹subset of above not equalsdeelversameling van bokant nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3980โซŒsuperset of above not equalssuperversameling van bokant nie gelyk aanclearspeak
3981โซsquare left open boxvierkantige linker oop boksclearspeak
3982โซŽsquare right open boxvierkantige regter oop boksclearspeak
3983โซclosed subsetgeslote deelversamelingclearspeak
3984โซclosed supersetgeslote superversamelingclearspeak
3985โซ‘closed subset or equalsgeslote deelversameling of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3986โซ’closed superset or equalsgeslote superversameling of is gelyk aanclearspeak
3987โซ“subset above supersetdeelversameling bokant superversamelingclearspeak
3988โซ”superset above subsetsuperversameling bokant deelversamelingclearspeak
3989โซ•subset above subsetdeelversameling bokant deelversamelingclearspeak
3990โซ–superset above supersetsuperversameling bokant superversamelingclearspeak
3991โซ—superset beside subsetsuperversameling langsaan deelversamelingclearspeak
3992โซ˜superset beside and joined by dash with subsetsuperversameling langsaan en verenig met koppelteken met deelversamelingclearspeak
3993โซ™element of opening downwardselement van, opening ondertoeclearspeak
3994โซšpitchfork with tee toptuinvurk met t bokantclearspeak
3995โซ›transversal intersectiontransversale interseksieclearspeak
3996โซœforkingwat vurkclearspeak
3997โซnonforkingwat nie vurk nieclearspeak
3998โซžshort left tackkort links spykerclearspeak
3999โซŸshort down tackkort af spykerclearspeak
4000โซ short up tackkort op spykerclearspeak
4001โซกperpendicular with sloodreg met sclearspeak
4002โซขvertical bar triple right turnstileafstreep trippel regs draaihekclearspeak
4003โซฃdouble vertical bar left turnstiledubbel afstreep linker draaihekclearspeak
4004โซคvertical bar double left turnstileafstreep dubbel linker draaihekclearspeak
4005โซฅdouble vertical bar double left turnstiledubbel afstreep dubbel linker draaihekclearspeak
4006โซฆlong dash from left member of double verticallang koppelteken vanaf linker been van dubbel afstreepclearspeak
4007โซงshort down tack with overbarkort af spyker met bostaafclearspeak
4008โซจshort up tack with underbarkort op spyker met onderstaafclearspeak
4009โซฉshort up tack above short down tackkort op spyker bokant kort af spykerclearspeak
4010โซชdouble down tackdubbel af spykerclearspeak
4011โซซdouble up tackdubbel op spykerclearspeak
4012โซฌdouble stroke not signdubbelslag nie tekenclearspeak
4013โซญreversed double stroke not signtru dubbelslag nie tekenclearspeak
4014โซฎdoes not divide with reversed negation slashdeel nie deur, met tru negeringclearspeak
4015โซฏvertical line with circle aboveafstreep met sirkel bokantclearspeak
4016โซฐvertical line with circle belowafstreep met sirkel onder aanclearspeak
4017โซฑdown tack with circle belowaf spyker met sirkel onderaanclearspeak
4018โซฒparallel with horizontal strokeparalel met horisontale streepclearspeak
4019โซณparallel with tildeparalel met tildeclearspeak
4020โซดtriple vertical bartrippel afstreepclearspeak
4021โซตtriple vertical bar with horizontal stroketrippel afstreep met horisontale streepclearspeak
4022โซถtriple colontrippel dubbelpuntclearspeak
4023โซทtriple nested less thantrippel geneste kleiner asclearspeak
4024โซธtriple nested greater thantrippel geneste groter asclearspeak
4025โซนdouble line slanted less than or equalsdubbellyn skuins kleiner of gelykaanclearspeak
4026โซบdouble line slanted greater than or equalsdubbellyn skuins groter of gelyk aanclearspeak
4027โซปtriple solidustriple solidusclearspeak
4028โซผlarge triple vertical bargroot trippel afstreepclearspeak
4029โซฝdouble solidusdubbel solidusclearspeak
4030โซพwhite vertical barwit afstreepclearspeak
4031โซฟn ary white vertical barn ary white vertical barclearspeak
4032ใ€œwave dashgolfkoppeltekenclearspeak
4033๏ธpresentation form for vertical commavoorstellingsvorm vir vertikale kommaclearspeak
4034๏ธ“presentation form for vertical colonvoorstellingsvorm vir vertikale dubbelpuntclearspeak
4035๏ธ”presentation form for vertical semicolonvoorstellingsvorm vir vertikale kommapuntclearspeak
4036๏ธ•presentation form for vertical exclamation markvoorstellingsvorm vir vertikale uitroeptekenclearspeak
4037๏ธ–presentation form for vertical question markvoorstellingsvorm vir vertikale vraagtekenclearspeak
4038๏ธ™presentation form for vertical horizontal ellipsisvoorstellingsvorm vir vertikale horisontale elipsesclearspeak
4039๏ธฐglyph for vertical two dot leaderglyf vir vertikale tweepunt leierclearspeak
4040๏ธฑglyph for vertical em dashglyf vir vertikale m koppeltekenclearspeak
4041๏ธฒglyph for vertical en dashglyf vir vertikale n koppeltekenclearspeak
4042๏ธณglyph for vertical underlineglyf vir vertikale onderstreepclearspeak
4043๏ธดglyph for vertical wavy underlineglyf vir vertikale golwende onderstreepclearspeak
4044๏น…sesame dotsesame dotclearspeak
4045๏น†white sesame dotwit sesame dotclearspeak
4046๏น‰dashed overlinedashed overlineclearspeak
4047๏นŠdash dot overlinedash dot overlineclearspeak
4048๏น‹wavy overlinegolwende oorstreepclearspeak
4049๏นŒdouble wavy overlinedubbel golwende oorstreepclearspeak
4050๏นdashed underlinedashed underlineclearspeak
4051๏นŽdash dot underlinedash dot underlineclearspeak
4052๏นwavy underlinegolwende onderstreepclearspeak
4053๏นsmall commaklein kommaclearspeak
4054๏น’small periodklein puntclearspeak
4055๏น”small semicolonklein kommapuntclearspeak
4056๏น•small colonklein dubbelpuntclearspeak
4057๏น–small question markklein vraagtekenclearspeak
4058๏น—small exclamation markklein uitroeptekenclearspeak
4059๏น˜small em dashklein m koppeltekenclearspeak
4060๏นŸsmall number signklein hutsclearspeak
4061๏น small ampersandklein ampersandclearspeak
4062๏นกsmall asteriskklein sterclearspeak
4063๏นขsmall plus signklein plusclearspeak
4064๏นฃsmall hyphen minusklein koppelteken minusclearspeak
4065๏นคsmall less than signklein kleiner asclearspeak
4066๏นฅsmall greater than signklein groter asclearspeak
4067๏นฆsmall equalsklein is gelyk aanclearspeak
4068๏นจsmall backslashklein trustreepclearspeak
4069๏นฉsmall dollar signklein dollerclearspeak
4070๏นชsmall percent signklein persentclearspeak
4071๏นซsmall commercial atklein komersiele teenclearspeak
4072๏ผexclamation markuitroeptekenclearspeak
4073๏ผ‚quotation markaanhalingstekenclearspeak
4074๏ผƒnumber signhutsclearspeak
4075๏ผ„dollar signdollerclearspeak
4076๏ผ…percent signpersentclearspeak
4080๏ผ‹plus signplustekenclearspeak
4082๏ผhyphen minuskoppelteken minusclearspeak
4087๏ผœless thankleiner asclearspeak
4088๏ผequalsis gelyk aanclearspeak
4089๏ผžgreater thangroter asclearspeak
4090๏ผŸquestion markvraagtekenclearspeak
4091๏ผ commercial atkomersiele teenclearspeak
4096๏ฝœvertical barafstreepclearspeak
4098๏ฟ cent signsent tekenclearspeak
4099๏ฟกpound signpond tekenclearspeak
4100๏ฟขnot signnie tekenclearspeak
4102๏ฟคbroken vertical bargebroke afstreepclearspeak
4103๏ฟฅyen signjen tekenclearspeak
4104๏ฟฆwon signwon tekenclearspeak
4105๏ฟจhalfwidth forms light verticalhalfwidth forms light verticalclearspeak
4106๏ฟญhalfwidth black squarehalf wydte swart vierkantclearspeak
4107๏ฟฎhalfwidth white circlehalf wydte wit sirkelclearspeak
4108 spacespasieclearspeak
4109ย no break spacegeen breek spasieclearspeak
4110ยญsoft hyphensagte koppeltekenclearspeak
4111โ€€en quaden quadclearspeak
4112โ€em quadem quadclearspeak
4113โ€‚en spaceen spasieclearspeak
4114โ€ƒem spaceem spasieclearspeak
4115โ€„three per em spacedrie per em spasieclearspeak
4116โ€…four per em spacevier per em spasieclearspeak
4117โ€†six per em spaceses per em spasieclearspeak
4118โ€‡figure spacefiguurspasieclearspeak
4119โ€ˆpunctuation spaceleestekenspasieclearspeak
4120โ€‰thin spacedun spasieclearspeak
4121โ€Šhair spacehaar spasieclearspeak
4122โ€‹zero width spacenul wyt spasieclearspeak
4123โ€Œzero width non joinernul wyte nie lasserclearspeak
4124โ€zero width joinernul wyte lasserclearspeak
4125โ€Žleft to right marklinks na regs tekenclearspeak
4126โ€right to left markregs na links tekenclearspeak
4127โ€จline separatorlynverdelerclearspeak
4128โ€ฉparagraph separatorparagraaf verdelerclearspeak
4129โ€ชleft to right embeddinglinks na regs ingebedclearspeak
4130โ€ซright to left embeddingregs na links ingebedclearspeak
4131โ€ฌpop directional formattingpop rigtinggewende formateringclearspeak
4132โ€ญleft to right overridelinks na regs oorskryfclearspeak
4133โ€ฎright to left overrideregs na links oorskryfclearspeak
4134โ€ฏnarrow no break spacenou geenbreekspasieclearspeak
4135โŸmedium mathematical spacemedium wiskundige spasieclearspeak
4136โ word joinerwoordlasserclearspeak
4141โชinhibit symmetric swappinginhibeer simmetriese omruilingclearspeak
4142โซactivate symmetric swappingaktifeer simmetriese omruilingclearspeak
4143โฎnational digit shapesnasionale syfervormsclearspeak
4144โฏnominal digit shapesnominale syfervormsclearspeak
4145๏ปฟzero width no break spacenul wyte geenbreek spasieclearspeak
4146๏ฟนinterlinear annotation anchorinterliniรซre nota ankerclearspeak
4147๏ฟบinterlinear annotation separatorinterliniรซre notaverdelerclearspeak
4148๏ฟปinterlinear annotation terminatorinterliniรซre notastopclearspeak
4149โจdecimal exponent symboldesimale eksponentclearspeak
4150โ˜…black starswart sterclearspeak
4151โ˜†white starwit sterclearspeak
4152โšชwhite circlewit sirkelclearspeak
4153โšซblack circleswart sirkelclearspeak
4154โœ…white check markwit reg merkclearspeak
4155โœ“check markreg merkclearspeak
4156โœ”heavy check markswaar reg merkclearspeak
4157โœ•multiplication xmaal xclearspeak
4158โœ–heavy multiplication xswaar maal xclearspeak
4159โœ—ballot xballot xclearspeak
4160โœ˜heavy ballot xheavy ballot xclearspeak
4161โœ›open center crossoop middelkruisclearspeak
4162โœœheavy open center crossswaar oop middelkruisclearspeak
4163โœ maltese crossmaltese kruisclearspeak
4164โœกstar of davidster van Dawidclearspeak
4165โœขfour teardrop spoked asteriskvier traandruppel gespeekte asteriskclearspeak
4166โœฃfour balloon spoked asteriskvier ballon gespeekte asteriskclearspeak
4167โœคheavy four balloon spoked asteriskswaar vier ballon gespeekte asteriskclearspeak
4168โœฅfour club spoked asteriskvier klawer gespeekte asteriskclearspeak
4169โœฆblack four pointed starswart vierpuntige sterclearspeak
4170โœงwhite four pointed starwit vierpuntige sterclearspeak
4172โœฉstress outlined white starstres buitelyn wit sterclearspeak
4173โœชcircled white staromkringde wit sterclearspeak
4174โœซopen center black staroop middel swart sterclearspeak
4175โœฌblack center white starswart middel, wit sterclearspeak
4176โœญoutlined black starbuitelyn swart sterclearspeak
4177โœฎheavy outlined black starswaar buitelyn swart sterclearspeak
4178โœฏpinwheel starbolletjie sterclearspeak
4179โœฐshadowed white stargeskakeerde wit sterclearspeak
4180โœฑheavy asteriskswaar asteriskclearspeak
4181โœฒopen center asteriskoop middel asteriskclearspeak
4182โœณeight spoked asteriskagtspekige asteriskclearspeak
4183โœดeight pointed black staragtpuntige swart sterclearspeak
4184โœตeight pointed pinwheel staragtpuntige bolletjie sterclearspeak
4185โœถsix pointed black starsespuntige swart sterclearspeak
4186โœนtwelve pointed black startwaalfpuntige swart sterclearspeak
4187โœบsixteen pointed asterisksestienpuntige asteriskclearspeak
4188โœปteardrop spoked asterisktraandruppel gespeekte sterclearspeak
4189โœผopen center teardrop spoked asteriskoop middel traandruppel gespeekte sterclearspeak
4190โœฝheavy teardrop spoked asteriskswaar traandruppel gespeekte sterclearspeak
4191โœพsix petalled black and white florettesesblarige swart en wit floretclearspeak
4192โœฟblack floretteswart floretclearspeak
4193โ€white florettewit floretclearspeak
4194โeight petalled outlined black floretteagtblarige buitelyn swart floretclearspeak
4195โ‚circled open center eight pointed staromkringde agtpuntige ster met lee middelclearspeak
4196โƒheavy teardrop spoked pinwheel asteriskswaar traandruppel gespeekte bolletjiesterclearspeak
4198โ…tight trifoliate snowflakekompakte drieblarige sneeuflokkieclearspeak
4199โ†heavy chevron snowflakeswaar chevron sneeuflokkieclearspeak
4201โˆheavy sparkleswaar vonkelclearspeak
4202โ‰balloon spoked asteriskballon gespeekte sterclearspeak
4203โŠeight teardrop spoked propeller asteriskagt traandruppel gespeekte propeller sterclearspeak
4204โ‹heavy eight teardrop spoked propeller asteriskswaar agt traandruppel gespeekte propeller sterclearspeak
4205โŒcross markkruismerkclearspeak
4206โshadowed white circlegeskakeerde wit sirkelclearspeak

Afrikaans Clearspeak Function tests. Locale: af, Style: Verbose.

14lnl nl nclearspeak
15lglog base 10logaritme met grondtal 10clearspeak
31lim infliminfliminfclearspeak
33lim suplimsuplimsupclearspeak
41injlimcolimitdirekte limietclearspeak
42inj limcolimitdirekte limietclearspeak
43projlimprojective limitinverse limietclearspeak
44proj limprojective limitinverse limietclearspeak
47coshhyperbolic cosinehiperboliese kosinusclearspeak
48cothhyperbolic cotangenthiperboliese kotangensclearspeak
49cschhyperbolic cosecanthiperboliese kosekansclearspeak
50sechhyperbolic secanthiperboliese sekansclearspeak
51sinhhyperbolic sinehiperboliese sinusclearspeak
52tanhhyperbolic tangenthiperboliese tangensclearspeak
53arcosharea hyperbolic cosinebooh hiperboliese kosinusclearspeak
54arccosharea hyperbolic cosinebooh hiperboliese kosinusclearspeak
55arcotharea hyperbolic cotangentboog hiperboliese kotangensclearspeak
56arccotharea hyperbolic cotangentboog hiperboliese kotangensclearspeak
57arcscharea hyperbolic cosecantboog hiperboliese kosekansclearspeak
58arccscharea hyperbolic cosecantboog hiperboliese kosekansclearspeak
59arsecharea hyperbolic secantboog hiperboliese sekansclearspeak
60arcsecharea hyperbolic secantboog hiperboliese sekansclearspeak
61arsinharea hyperbolic sineboog hiperboliese sinusclearspeak
62arcsinharea hyperbolic sineboog hiperboliese sinusclearspeak
63artanharea hyperbolic tangentboog hiperboliese tangensclearspeak
64arctanharea hyperbolic tangentboog hiperboliese tangensclearspeak
73arccosarc cosineboog kosinusclearspeak
74arccotarc cotangentboog kotangensclearspeak
75arccscarc cosecantboog kosekansclearspeak
76arcsecarc secantboog sekansclearspeak
77arcsinarc sineboog sinusclearspeak
78arctanarc tangentboog tangensclearspeak